Places to Find Offices in Islamabad

The federal capital of the country – Islamabad is known for its picturesque localities and awe-inspiring scenery. However, natural beauty is not the only thing the city is known for, as it also serves as a major economic hub for the country. The city’s GDP in the previous fiscal year amounted to almost $2.86 Billion, showcasing the city’s immense potential for entrepreneurship.

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Being one of the safest cities in the country, Islamabad attracts millions in terms of real estate investment every year as businessmen and entrepreneurs flock to the city for a successful business. However, before starting a business in the city, the first step is finding a suitable office space that reflects your businesses’ values and ideals. To help you find the right office space, we shall provide an in-depth analysis of the best places to find offices in Islamabad.

What Makes an Office Space Good?

Finding an office space is a simple task; however, the actual predicament is finding one that offers all the essentials required to turn it into a functioning business. Some may lack basic facilities, while others may ask for exorbitant prices. Finding the right balance between simplicity and luxury is key. The following are some of the must-have features for any good office space.

Structurally Sound – An office building should be structurally sound as office spaces tend to accommodate a large number of people, along with inventory. Ensuring that the building is well-built and offers safety in terms of structure is of utmost importance.

Utilities – An office space should have functional amenities such as a water supply, central heating system, working elevators, restrooms, parking areas, and emergency alarms. An office space without these services will only bring dissatisfaction and discomfort among employees.

Security – An office space should be located in a secure environment where employees feel safe while working. Moreover, the office itself should have security systems such as CCTV cameras and smart locks to ensure important data and hardware remain safe. 

Best Places for Offices in Islamabad

The city is not short of excellent office spaces. However, to find an office for rent in Islamabad, the key is looking for office spaces in the city’s largest commercial hubs, as these areas already have an abundance of commercial properties available. There are several business hubs already present while a few more are still underway. With such a wide variety of corporate offices available, we have listed down some of the best areas to help you make the right decision.

Blue Area

The city’s largest business district – Blue Area is a 5-kilometer strip located in the center of the city, housing all sorts of businesses ranging from corporate offices and hospitals to restaurants and cafes. The business hub is said to be a major contributor to Islamabad’s overall GDP. Several prominent towers such as Centaurus, Saudi-Pak Tower, Telecom Tower, and Islamabad Stock Exchange define the skyline in the area.

Finding an office in Blue Area is sure to bring success to your business since the whole area generates immense traction throughout the day. The area offers several services which benefit offices extensively. Several Metro Bus stations run across Blue Area, with Stock Exchange, PIMS, and 7th Avenue Metro Bus stations directly in the middle of the business enclave. This provides workers with decent public transport options, easing their work commute. Moreover, a food street runs right through Blue Area, offering an area for relaxation during lunch hours. 

With the city catching up to innovative ideas, several coworking spaces are also available in the business enclave. A co-working space is perfect for new start-ups and freelance workers that require an office space but cannot afford to rent a whole office.

Blue Area has seen continuous development, with new office buildings underway and old ones being renovated, making the possibilities of finding an excellent office space endless. As the New Blue Area is under construction, ample opportunities for finding offices for sale in Islamabad are available, meaning you can choose the right office space for your business based on your needs and capital with ease.

DHA Islamabad

Defined by luxury and elegance – DHA Islamabad is one of the city’s most upscale localities, well-known for its serene environment and extensive commercial activities. The housing scheme is home to several commercial projects such as the Giga Mall and Florence Galleria. 

DHA is divided into several phases, and phases 1 and 2 are the most popular ones in terms of commercial activity. The Central Park in Phase 2 is dotted with several restaurants and cafes while the surrounding area hosts other types of commercial activities. 

Due to society’s immensely developed infrastructure, businesses attract millions in terms of investment allowing them to flourish with ease. Moreover, DHA’s ideal location on Islamabad Expressway gives it an edge as it connects the society with the rest of the city. The area offers several types of corporate office spaces that you can avail of based on your needs and capital, ranging from high-rise buildings to megamalls. With an office space in a locality such as DHA, your business is sure to be a success.

Bahria Town Islamabad

One of the city’s oldest gated communities – Bahria Town Islamabad serves as an embodiment of luxury living in the city. The housing society is known for its upscale living standards and high-end amenities. However, along with these profuse services, Bahria Town offers a thriving business district where businesses reach new heights. A few prominent commercial projects that are currently underway are the Mall of Islamabad and V8 Mall, set to redefine the business district of the society.

With an ideal location on the Islamabad Expressway, the society is easily accessible by residents in other parts of the city. Moreover, several public transport options are also available on this route that makes commuting easier for workers.

The society’s designated commercial areas offer luxury office spaces that are lain with intricate interiors and contemporary infrastructure, truly befitting for your business. Most of the corporate offices Islamabad offered in Bahria Town are situated in high-rise buildings and business plazas that are dotted throughout the society’s designated commercial areas. With an office in such an extravagant locality, your business is sure to boom.

Gulberg Islamabad

A city within a city – Gulberg Islamabad is one of the city’s most sought-after projects, constantly setting the benchmark for comfortable living. With its serene environment and opulence-filled services, the society has much to offer, and its business district is set to become one of the city’s largest economic hubs.

With recent infrastructure developments and the completion of the Gulberg underpass on the Islamabad Expressway, accessing the locality has now become easier than ever. The society is further divided into Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens, both providing designated commercial areas dotted with several corporate offices. 

Several commercial projects are situated in the society while more are underway such as Mall of Gulberg Islamabad, The Magnus Mall, and Gulberg Arena Mall. These projects feature commercial properties and offices for rent in Islamabad. Office spaces in these commercial projects are sure to make your business flourish. 

How to Find and Book Offices

Now that you know the best places to find office spaces in the capital, the next step is knowing how to find these offices and book them for your business. To ease your predicament, Pakistan’s first online real estate market – is here. Through the Graana App, you can look through several commercial properties in Islamabad and find the perfect match for your business. For more information, visit

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