A Complete Guide to PVC Wall Panels

PVC wall panels are the latest addition to the interior decor of homes. It is a good replacement for wall finishes such as wallpapers, paint, and tile cladding. PVC wall panels are light in weight and do not add much load to the structure of the house. These days, it is one of the most popular wall decors and is in high demand.

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There is a huge variety of designs, colours, and sizes of PVC wall panels from which buyers can choose. While there are lots of advantages of PVC panels, it comes with many disadvantages as well. Hence, it is better to understand their pros and cons before buying them for your house.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features a complete guide to PVC wall panels.


Types of PVC Wall Panels


Different patterns and types of PVC panels displayed in one frame


There are different types of wallpapers available in the markets, and some of the themes are as follows.


PVC Foam Board

It is one of the most widely used PVC wall panel designs for bedrooms. It is made using PVC foaming and pressed with add-ons. Their thickness ranges from 1mm to 20mm. The one that is used most commonly is of 4mm thickness.

Moreover, their sizes range from 1.22m to 2.05m in breadth and their length ranges from 2.44m and 3.05m in length. PVC foam board is available in various hues, such as white, off-white, black, blue etc.

Boards that have a thickness of more than 6mm are suitable for use as external wall cladding. They provide an additional layer of protection to the walls.

In addition, they are useful in the sense that they provide insulation to the structure, making the interior heat and soundproof.


PVC Sheets

PVC sheets are placed between the longitudinal network of PVC within them. The network of PVC grids provides strength to the sheets and makes them lightweight, which is why they are also called lightweight panels.

Another interesting characteristic of PVC sheets is that their edges have an interlocking system, which means that they are waterproof. Some of the sheets come with grooves. Upon one glance, it is difficult to point at the joint of such panels as they blend well with grooves.

PVC sheets are available in the following patterns.

  • Wooden Pattern
  • Golden Stripes
  • Solid Pattern
  • Marble Pattern


3D PVC Wall Panels Design

These panels are one of the most stylish ones. They provide an embossing effect in PVC, and are called 3d panels as they create 3d effects in the walls by creating light depth in the walls.

Besides, they provide insulation to the structure while maintaining the modern, stylish ambience of the interior. PVC 3D wall panels in Pakistan are also really famous.

Now that we have discussed different types of PVC wall panels, let’s talk about their pros and cons.


Pros and Cons


a wall decorated with patterned PVC wall panel


They are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is used to make lots of plastic stuff throughout the world. Their popularity is being raised with each passing day.

It is essential to know their advantages and disadvantages before making any decision. Some of those are mentioned below.


Pros of PVC Wall Panels

Here are some of the advantages of PVC wall panels.

  • It comes in handy to resist dampness in the walls effectively.
  • It is an eco-friendly substance, hence food packaging and medical equipment, packaging is made using this material.
  • The surface of PVC panels has no pores which prevent the growth of bacteria. Its surface has a layer of polyurethane which gives it a shiny and smooth look.
  • Their smooth surface makes it easier to clean them, which makes them suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls.
  • They are highly rust-resistant and can be used easily for the outside walls of the house.
  • The installation process is much easier as compared to any other type of wall decoration.
  • Many of the panels come with interlocking tongue and groove systems, which enables builders to fix them easily. Also, this helps to replace them with ease in case of damage.
  • It provides good insulation to the interior of the structure. Insulated PVC wall panels help reduce the use of energy.
  • The best part about PVC wall panels is that they can be upcycled.
  • You can choose from a variety of different colours, designs, and shapes, so homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from.
  • They do not require extra finishing, like paint polish.

Cons of PVC Wall Panels

Following are some of the disadvantages of PVC wall panels.

  • It has a plastic look.
  • One of the disadvantages that come with using PVC wall panels is that they give off a plastic look.
  • The joints between each panel are visible, which reduces the neatness.
  • Since PVC panels are made using plastic, they are less resistant to high temperatures. This makes them prone to heat, and they might get damaged when in contact with heat/ fire.
  • You can not use heat emitting bulbs for your walls and ceiling with PVC panels, so the only option you have is LED lights.
  • During their manufacturing, chlorine gas is used. These panels might release some leftover glass into the air, which can be harmful to residents.
  • PVC can prove to be extremely toxic when it burns so it is better to avoid using it in areas where there is a high chance of catching fire, such as kitchens, and fireplaces.
  • It is highly prone to scratches. As it is light in weight and are not as dense as concrete, or glass, its surfaces can get scratched easily. For houses with young kids, these panels are not recommended.
  • It can be broken easily with any sharp object such as knives and cutters.


Its Application


pvc composite wall panels pasted underneath the staircase of a house


The main purpose of them is the decoration and enhancement of the interiors. Sometimes, people use these panels to enhance the beauty of their false ceilings.

They are not only used in residential properties but also in commercial properties such as buildings, offices, and shops. In addition, people also use these panels to decorate their house’s exteriors, lawns, garages and basements.


PVC Wall Panels Price in Pakistan


brick effect pvc wall panel pasted on living room wall


Just like all over the world, Pakistan has also seen a rise in demand for PVC panels. Its price varies based on design, quality, and size. However, as of May 2022, its price ranges from Rs.499 to Rs.600 in Pakistan.

You can also check the PVC wall panel rates in Rawalpindi or any other city individually on the internet. Many different websites are available that will let you know the rates.

For example, Bukhari PVC panels and Zebra.pk are one of the topmost stores that provide their services for the installation of PVC wall panels in Lahore. You can visit their websites to check their rates and stuff.

Likewise, you can find stores like thinkPVC, Made for Interior, and MG works, which are one of the leading PVC wall panels shops in Karachi.


PVC wall panels are some of the most popular contemporary wall decor items. They enhance the beauty of the interior of houses. It is essential to get to know all the necessary information about them before purchasing.

For more information, visit Graana blog.



Here are some FAQs related to PVC wall panels


What are PVC wall panels made of?

PVC panels are made of polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic material known for its durability and versatility.


Are PVC panels waterproof?

Yes, PVC wall panels are waterproof, making them suitable for use in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


How are PVC panels installed?

PVC panels can be installed using various methods, including adhesive bonding, nailing, or interlocking systems, depending on the product type.


Are PVC panels easy to clean?

Yes, PVC panels are easy to clean. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually sufficient to remove dirt and stains.


Can PVC wall panels be used for both residential and commercial purposes?

Yes, PVC panels are versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial settings for interior wall cladding.


Are PVC wall panels eco-friendly?

PVC panels may not be considered fully eco-friendly as they are made from plastic. However, some manufacturers offer eco-conscious options with recycled materials.


Do PVC wall panels require regular maintenance?

PVC panels are low maintenance and do not require frequent upkeep. Occasional cleaning is sufficient to keep them looking good.


Are PVC wall panels available in different designs and colors?

Yes, PVC panels come in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns, allowing for various aesthetic choices.


Can PVC wall panels be used to cover uneven walls?

Yes, PVC panels can be used to cover minor wall imperfections and uneven surfaces due to their flexible nature.


Are PVC panels fire-resistant?

PVC panels have inherent fire-resistant properties, but their fire rating may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

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