Top Kitchen Island Designs

A kitchen island plays the role of a focal point in a kitchen, meaning everything else revolves around it. It is best for preparing meals, family meetings, and bringing in additional storage possibilities. Moreover, a kitchen island is an amazing inclusion to your kitchen if you have enough space.

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This element makes a modern yet pragmatic social pivot for your kitchen, but it’s essential to think over a variety of factors, including hazards, before selecting your design.

If you wish to build a kitchen island and are looking for ideas on how to design one, you are at the right place., Pakistan’s smartest property portal has come up with the top kitchen island designs, expert tips, and planning advice.


What are the Main Functions of a Kitchen Island?

There are three basic purposes of a kitchen island, which are as follows:

  • Storage
  • Food Preparation
  • Dining

Before you initiate the process, it is essential to understand which of the above-mentioned factors should be the primary focus of your kitchen island, so that it helps you in your day to day life.

Kitchen islands come in various designs and sizes. They serve multiple functions such as preparation of meals and breakfast bar, however, if your kitchen area is not big enough, you should avoid pursuing this design.


Kitchen Island Design Materials

Kitchen islands are made using various materials, which you can choose from depending upon your choice, the overall theme of the kitchen, and affordability. Following are some of the most commonly used materials for making kitchen islands that are a part of latest home decor trends.

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal


Top Kitchen Island Designs

Following are some of the best island kitchen designs in Pakistan that you can take inspiration from and customise your own design.

  1. Marble Kitchen Islands
  2. Wooden Kitchen Islands
  3. Metal/Steel Kitchen Islands
  4. Rectangular Kitchen Islands
  5. Curved Kitchen Island
  6. Island With Circular Edges
  7. A Simple Small Sized-Island
  8. L-Shaped Kitchen Designs With Islands
  9. Large Kitchen Island Designs
  10. Wooden Cabinets and Marble Countertop
  11. A Classic White and Black Island
  12. Pop The Colour
  13. Islands WIth Sinks

Marble Kitchen Islands


a marble kitchen island design


One thing that is common in today’s modern kitchens is marbled islands. The unique charm and elegance of marble adds to the beauty of kitchen islands. People sometimes use marble for their entire kitchen island. However, you can use marble slabs only for the surface as well.


Wooden Kitchen Islands


wooden kitchen island designs with stove


Wood is one of those building materials that never go out of fashion. Since ancient times, people have been using wood in the construction of their houses. In modern times, it has been one of the most frequently used building materials.

Wooden flooring, furniture and doors are common, however, wood can also be used to build kitchen islands. Wood finishes always carry a natural and warm vibe which is one of its most appealing points.


Metal/Steel Kitchen Islands


a steel island table kitchen design


Besides marble and wood, another material that is used for making kitchen islands is metals, most commonly steel or brass. You can clad your island with unlacquered brass/steel and for the top surface, you can use marble. A lot of people prefer to go for this hybrid kitchen island instead of using just one material.


Rectangular Kitchen Islands


a rectangular kitchen island design with seating


Talking about traditional kitchen designs with islands, a rectangular shape is one of the most commonly used ones.. The reason is that it goes well with the shape of the kitchen.


Curved Kitchen Island


a curved best kitchen island design


If you don’t want to go for the traditional rectangular design, you have the option to switch things up. A slightly curved shape can make your island stand out. However, one thing that you need to take care of is that the shape of your island does not disturb your kitchen’s overall flow.


Round Kitchen Island Designs


a round kitchen island design with seating for 4


Another unique shape of kitchen islands is a circular design. If you want to sustain the rectangular shape but give it a smoother look, the best thing you can do is make its edges circular. The smooth circular edges of the island will give a more welcoming and softer look to the kitchen as compared to sharp rectangular edges.


A Simple Small Sized-Island


a small kitchen island design with seating


Usually, small-sized kitchens do not use fancy ornaments or modern exteriors. However, you can still make a kitchen island in them. For such kitchens, a simple and small-sized kitchen island would be the best choice.


L-Shaped Kitchen Design With Islands


a black and white kitchen island | l shaped kitchen designs with island


Another unique addition to kitchen island designs is the L-shaped island. An L-shaped island will not only increase the breakfast area but will let you utilise the area in a more effective manner. The increased space will allow you to spend more time with family in the kitchen, making it a sociable cooking area. This shape for kitchen islands is perfect for big families.


Large Kitchen Island Designs


a kitchen island which is one of the large kitchen island designs


If you have a big kitchen with enough space, don’t hesitate to go for a larger kitchen island design. A large kitchen island is not only more functional as it comes with more cabinets/storage space, but also offers a grandeur feel.

Moreover, a bigger dining area can be an amazing alternative to a dining table. This can be one of the best kitchen island designs with seating.


Wooden Cabinets and Marble Countertop

A kitchen island with a marble countertop and wooden cabinets would make another amazing kitchen island design. If wood is dominating the overall decor of your house, it is better to blend things a little bit by using a hybrid of wood and marble. This way, you can sustain the wood of the house and as create a beautiful contrast. Strong veining marbles are quite popular among interior designers and home decor enthusiasts.


A Classic White and Black Island


a black and white kitchen island designs with seating


Along with being functional, your kitchen island can also be stylish. A classic black and white kitchen island will bring to your kitchen that due charm and style. If you have used neutral tones for the rest of your kitchen decor, going for a black and white colour theme for your island would be a great idea. This will allow you to convert it into a focal point of your kitchen.


Pop The Colour

In contrast to using white and black colours, you can also go for popping ones. A bright coloured island would look particularly good when the rest of the kitchen has a white theme. For example, you can go for sea green, navy blue or any other colour that you like. It will make your island the focal point of your kitchen.


Island Table Kitchen Design With Sinks


a rectangular kitchen island design


The primary purpose of an island is to create more storage space as well as creating a breakfast bar in the kitchen. However, there is no hard and fast rule about kitchen island designs. You can make changes as per feasibility and your requirement, for instance, you can add a sink to your island. This will add to the functionality of your island, along with making it more convenient.


Kitchen islands not only add to the storage space of your kitchen but also offer a luxurious and modern touch to the interior of your kitchen. Browse through this list and find some of the top kitchen island designs that will kick up your kitchen decor.
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