Shogran Valley – A Complete Tour Guide

Pakistan’s Northern Areas are crowned with the best natural jewels of landscapes and mountains. Shogran Valley is one such jewel of a place! It has vast lush green meadows that will look unreal to your eye, with pools of silvery water puddled in the dipping hills. As if someone poured a cup of the melted moon on a carpet made of grass!

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Looking to escape from the busy hustle of life?

Shogran Valley is the perfect place to go. Its tall mountains will bar you away from worldly life and the green grass will calm the mind buzzing with materialistic worries. Cool refreshing winds will revive your spirit and soul.

And guess what, Shogran is much nearer than other Northern Areas in Pakistan. You’ll find the reflection of fairy meadows in the expanse of Siri Paye. The charm of Naran in its landscape. The beauty of Skardu in its snow-capped mountains.  In other words, it’s a shortcut to exploring Pakistan’s Northern magnificence.

Here are some information and guidelines regarding Shogran Valley that you must go through before visiting.

Shogran Valley Location


The Beautiful Shogran Valley


Shogran Valley is located in the famous Kaghan Valley located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan. Shogran’s height is around 7,749 feet above sea level.

Shogran Valley’s total distance from Islamabad is around 229.6 km and from Balakot it is 34 km. The distance from Shogran to Naran is 67 km approximately and from Shogran to Hunza is around 220 km.


Shogran Valley Weather


A Majestic View of Shogran Valley in Winters


Shogran Valley in winter reaches the epitome of cold temperatures with frigid winds and heavy snow. In fact, the valley is mostly open to visitors during the peak summer months, especially June, July, and August.

During the daytime in summers, the weather is pleasant and sunny, ranging around 20 degrees. However, at night, the weather drops down and you’d feel the need to wrap around a shawl.

No matter when you plan to visit, always check the weather forecast in detail.

How to Get There


The Road to Shogran Valley


As always, the best option is your own private vehicle when travelling to the North. We cannot say the same for the driver though! The limitation of going with a travel agency car is that it is time-bound. Another option is the bus ride to Balakot and arranging a private car to Shogran upon reaching there.

Total travel time from Islamabad is almost 4 hours and from Lahore, around 8 hours. You will first stop at Kiwai, book your jeep, and within half an hour, you’ll reach Shogran.

There on, within a one-hour bumpy ride, you will reach the renowned Siri Paye via jeep. If you love hiking, then on foot, it would take you around 3-4 hours.


How expensive can a Shogran Valley Trip


It all depends on your preferences for comfort and experience. If you go in a group, the per-head cost will decrease. If you stay in a posh hotel or rest house, it’s likely for your costs to go up.

With a good hotel, petrol cost, and jeep packages, your cost can range between 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per head easily. If you want to bring down this cost, go with a group, camp instead of staying in a hotel, travel via a coaster or bus, or pack up your own lunch!


Siri Paye – The Gem of Shogran


Shogran Valley: Siri Paye


Among the various Shogran attractions, Siri Paye Meadows have to be at the top of the list. They are present at a further altitude of 2,895 meters.

The word “Paye” is derived from Hindko which denotes “a ground that brushes up high”. The dip and rise of the green slope characterize the meadows. Occasional horses dressed in colourful saddles and tussles stand here and there. You can also spot the Makra Peak clearly from Siri Paye.

The Thrill of Horse Riding in Siri Paye


Horse riding in Siri Paye should be a must-to-do on your itinerary. Within Rs. 500 – Rs.1000, you’ll get a sturdy horse to ride. The slap of cool winds as the horse runs up the hill will leave you utterly fresh. The rise in your heartbeat with the rhythm of the horses’ hooves will grant you an adrenaline rush.

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on the swing at the top. Back and forth, swinging in the air, with the expanse of a magnificent valley before you. Wouldn’t that be the best ever to get away from daily life?!


The Bumpy Ride to Siri Paye


But here’s the catch. The bumpy road up the hill to the Siri Paye station is a dangerous one. Heavy boulders and irregular dents mark the entire road. You’ll definitely shake like a rack of glass in a truck on the way up. However, the main thrill is the ride.

You’ll have to pay for the ride tickets as only jeeps can take you to the top. The same jeep will be responsible to bring you back. You’ll have to grip the rubber handles hanging from the jeep roof and while you do that, you’ll probably have a good laugh with your friends at the frequent bumps.

Reaching there, you can sit by the Siri Paye Lake that doubles Shogran’s beauty with an apple in your hand or lie down on soft grass and look at the wondrous sky.


The People of Shogran


The people of Shogran have a welcoming attitude towards visitors. They are ever so hospitable and warm-hearted to make the travellers feel at home. Their friendly manner complements the beautiful aura of the valley.

Here, one must mention the Forest Rest House which is always occupied by local and travelling people. The lawns are vast with groups of people huddled around with cups of warm tea. The entire valley spread before the lawn gives a heartwarming view.


The Best Shogran Valley Hotels


A holistic view of a rest house in Shogran Valley


Feeling the chill of Northern Areas and not having a delicious cup of green tea or the aromatic kerhai? Not possible! That’s why we have provided a list of hotels and motels with affordable rates to enhance your experience.

If you’re in for a fancy dinner then you can go to the rest houses there with the majestic view of the main attractions of Shogran – Siri Paye and Musa ka Musala Peak. Here are some great Shogran Valley hotels where you can crash;

  • Pine Park Hotel
  • Hotel Serenity
  • Arcadian Riverside
  • Green Park Hotel Shogran
  • Lalazar Hotel
  • Hill Top Hotel

You can book these hotels online through platforms like and to make your visit even more hassle-free!


Things to Do in Shogran Valley


Jeeps Needed to Ride Up Shogran Valley


  • Horse Riding in Siri Paye
  • Short Hikes to Makra Peak or halfway up to Siri Paye
  • Take the bumpy jeep ride up the hill – you’ll remember the rough jumps for the rest of your life!
  • Swinging at Shogran Top
  • Sit by the lake and enjoy the sound of winds and rippling water
  • Arrange a camp in the Siri Paye and talk to the stars at night
  • Sit with a group of friends around a bonfire and narrate haunting stories
  • Take pictures with arms open wide – because that feeling of escape demands it
  • Munch on warm pakoras and roasted corn with cold fingers in the chilly winds
  • Interact with the local people and hotel staff to know more about their lives


Things to Ensure Before Heading Out to Shogran


Before you eagerly set out for Shogran, there are certain things you must keep in mind;


Weather Check

It is always important to check the weather forecast before heading out, as heavy rainfall or snow can turn a trip around in a minute. Furthermore, you need to know how many layers of clothes you must pack. It is always safe to pack in an extra pair of socks and liners!

Belongings Checklist

Make a list on your phone or on a piece of paper of the things that you have packed in so as not to forget any stuff at the last minute! From first aid kits to snacks to extra clothes, you need to be attentive!


You should pack in some painkillers because the endless walk can tire your legs out. The bumpy ride to Siri Paye can give you sore muscles! And trust me, you really need to numb that pain. You should also pack in anti-allergic and anti-nausea medicine because motion sickness is often an unannounced guest.

Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling from abroad, you might want to secure travel insurance. In this regard, you can go to and customize your travel insurance package offered by various travel insurance companies in Pakistan!

More Great Places in Northern Pakistan


Other Majestic Places Like Shogran Valley


Once you have check-marked Shogran Valley on your to-visit list, you must go further into the North. Here’s a list of places you must visit after going to Shogran;

  • Hunza Valley (Hosseini Bridge, Passu Cones, Attabad Lake)
  • Skardu (Fairy Meadows)
  • Swat (Mahodand Lake)

Shogran is the closest to visit but you must not end your travelling thirst there! Keep exploring Northern Pakistan and cover your travel stories on social media. This helps boost tourism in Pakistan and unveils its beauty to the world!


Goodbye Shogran


Your mental ride to Shogran ends here. However, here’s what you must ensure before you actually wave goodbye to Shogran;

  • Think about the progress of your life
  • Learn to prioritize your relationship with nature
  • Aim to beautify the areas where you live with more natural beauty by planting trees
  • Raise your voice for cleanliness and maintenance in your area
  • Explore the ethics of travelling to northern areas such as respecting their culture, praising their cuisine, avoiding litter, and ensuring your best attitude!
  • Motivate people around you to visit northern areas so that others get to work on their mental health too!

With this, we hope your travel to Shogran becomes exemplary, your information more worthwhile, and your travel plan livelier!

For more interesting blogs, don’t forget to visit Graana blog.

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