How to Get to Fairy Meadows? A Complete Guide

The exotic beauty of Pakistan; Fairy Meadows is located at the foot of Nanga Parbat at the western edge of the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan’s northern region. The road to Fairy Meadows is a picturesque and quite dangerously high mountain track.

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If you plan to travel to Pakistan, you must have Fairy Meadows on your bucket list. For more detailed info on travel guides of Pakistan, you can visit the blog page of, where you can find various blogs on related topics.

In this blog you will find a complete guide to Fairy Meadows, so let’s start this virtual journey.


Some Interesting Facts About Fairy Meadows Pakistan


Fairy Meadows height from sea level3300m
Height of Nanga Parbat8125m
Temperature Highest 26 degrees C in July & Lowest 4 degree C in January


History Behind the Name

Back in 1953, Australian climber Hermann Bhul gave the name Märchenwiese which means, “Fairy Tale Meadows’ ‘, to this place because of its eye-catching beauty.

He became the first person to climb the peak of the Nanga Parbat. The local name of Fairy Meadows is “Joot”. In 1995 the government of Pakistan declared the place as a national park.


Road to Fairy Meadows

The road to Fairy Meadows is not an easy and simple one. You need to get there by passing through a few stages. First of all, you will have to go to Gilgit which is a city located in the North of Pakistan. From there you go to the Raikot Bridge, then there is a jeep ride and finally, a 2 hrs hike to the destination. 


Steps to Reach Fairy Meadows:

Follow these steps to reach Fairy Meadows.


Step 1: Go To Gilgit

Now there are a few options you have to reach Gilgit. The first one is to Fly to the city via Islamabad International Airport. Per day there are 3 flights to Gilgit from Islamabad. Fares are also quite affordable, however, during the summer season the prices go high.

The other option you have is taking a bus from Islamabad to Gilgit. It will be an 18 hour road trip on Karakoram Highway. It will cost you less as compared to the previous option; usually around Rs 2500. This bus will drop you off directly at the Raikot Bridge.


Via bus 18hrs
Via Aeroplane1hr, 15min


If you want to avoid traveling through the Karakoram Highway, flying is probably a better option for you. Traveling on the Karakoram highway is enjoyable, yet very frustrating at the same time.

Landsliding is very common on this route, and the passage can be blocked for hours and sometimes even for days, so this unpredictability can be a bit overwhelming for travelers.


Step 2: Go to Raikot Bridge


fairy meadows a complete guide


80km south of Gilgit we have the Raikot Bridge. It is a 2 hours drive to reach there. You can either take a taxi or hitchhike your way to the bridge. The taxi fare is a bit high, it’s around Rs 1000. Also, there is this NACTO bus terminal, you can get into a bus from there that will head towards Chillas.


Step 3: Scariest Jeep Ride

After you have reached the Raikot Bridge, the next destination is Fairy Meadows. There is only one way to reach Fairy Meadows, and that is taking an adventurous jeep ride. It’s a 2 hours drive.

Unlike regular, bumpy mountain rides, this one is going to be crazy. However, recently the road was widened after there were a few accidents. So now the road is not as dangerous. The drivers are also experts so there is nothing much to worry about.

Fares are again a little bit higher; Rs 8000 for one jeep. However, if 3 or 4 people share the jeep they can split the fare among themselves.

In case you are thinking about it, don’t try to skip the Jeep ride, unless you have no choice but to walk. Police will stop you midway so it’s not worth giving a try.

This ride alone would be one memorable experience for you. This adventure is all worth it because the end destination is the mesmerizing beauty of Fairy Meadows.


Step 4: Hike

The jeeps will pick you up from the Raikot Bridge, and drop you off at the village of Tattu. From there onwards, there is a 2-hour hike to Fairy Meadows. Before leaving the jeep, make sure you tell the driver your departure time and day.

You can also arrange horse porters if you want to. They are usually used for carrying the luggage, the rate is Rs 150/km. You can also ride the horse for Rs 1500.

If you want to hike, that’s not a bad option too. The hiking trail is 5km, and it takes about 2-3 hrs to reach Fairy Meadows from there. It can be very hot during summer, so you must be prepared.


Best Time To Travel To Fairy Meadows

April-May and September-October can be the best time to travel to the Fairy Meadows. Also, avoid going on weekends.

This is the time when the place will see relatively less traveling because this is not the peak season. There are more chances that you will get to have a place for yourself if you travel during this time, although it will be colder as compared to midsummer.

Fairy Meadows is a quite popular tourist attraction, and every year it sees lots of tourists from all around the world. That being the reason it can get really busy during the peak times like midsummer and public holidays etc.


What To Pack?

Before you start with your journey, the first and foremost things to be kept in mind are where you gonna stay and what you need to pack for it. And if it includes hiking, you must be extra well prepared.

Following are the things that you will need for your hike to Fairy Meadows.

  •     Any regular Shoes for Hiking
  •     Waterproof Jacket
  •     Map App
  •     Snacks
  •     and of course, a backpack to carry all your stuff


Place To Stay

You can either make the reservations beforehand, or you can look around to find a good place for staying.

Ranging from Houses, cottages, hotels, camps, and wooden huts, you will see a pretty fair range of options for accommodation, from which you can choose one that suits you. There is a particular name for Fairy Meadow cottages; “Pari Mehel” which translates to “Fairy Palace”.


fairy meadows a complete guide


The average cost of one room at Fairy Meadows ranges from Rs 2000 to 3000. The most expensive one is Raikot Sarai as it charges Rs 7000 for just one night’s stay.

Raikot Sarai is a camping resort. You can take a jeep from here and that can take you to Tattu village.

Beyal Camp is another good camping place, which is at a distance of a few kilometers from Fairy Meadows. You can hike to Beyal Camp from Fairy Meadows and it takes almost 3-4 hrs.


Reflection Pond


fairy Meadows a complete guide


Another tourist attraction at Fairy Meadows is the Reflection Lake. The special feature of this lake is that it shows the crystal clear reflection of the majestic Nanga Parbat aka “the killer mountain” aka the “9th highest mountain in the world”.

The place is rightfully named, Fairy Meadows. This heaven on earth place attracts tourists from all around the world for its beautiful views and serenity. The journey to Fairy Meadows might be long and hectic, especially since it includes a hike, but when you reach there you will forget it all and just won’t want to come back.


Fairy Meadows Hotels List


Hotel NameRating
Fairy Garden & Resorts4.1
Fairy Meadows Hotel4.3
Fairy Meadows Ibex Lodges4.2
Di Ambre Fairy Meadows4.9
Fairy Meadows Cottages4.7
Raikot Sarai4.5
Fairy Meadows Broad View Hotel & Resort4.6
Fairy Land Hotel4.5
Fairy Meadows Inn4.7
Fairy Meadows Hotel (Second Entry)4.3
Rupal Valley4.8
Safari Club 34.2
Fairy Garden & Resorts (Second Entry)4.1
Raikot Gazebo4.3
Rama Valley Hutt4.6
Di Ambre Fairy Meadows (Second Entry)4.9
Safari Club 3 (Second Entry)4.2

This simplified table now includes only the Hotel Name and Rating. If you have any further

You can also visit the Graana blog where you will find more interesting and informative blogs on tourism and various other topics such as a blog on visiting Deosai National Park or the ultimate Hunza valley travel guide.




What is Fairy Meadows famous for?

Fairy Meadows is the heart of North Pakistan and famous for its beautiful lush green plateaus and World’s ninth-biggest mountain Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain) is located in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan region, Pakistan.

What is the best time to visit Fairy Meadows?

Fairy Meadows can be visited from April-October. The best months though are April-May and September-October.

How long is Fairy Meadows hike?

Fairy Meadows is approachable by a 12 km long jeep track starting from Raikhot Bridge on Karakoram Highway to the village Tato. Further from Tato, it takes about three to four hours to hike by a 5km track or by horse to Fairy Meadows.

Which network works in Fairy Meadows?

Zong and SCOM Network works perfectly fine at this location.


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