Should You Buy a Property Near a Beach?

buying a property near the beach

While glittering skyscrapers and the buzz of the city life come with their own set of perks, living a hop, skip and toss away from the beach seems like an extended vacation. Dipping your toes in the vast ocean sprawled before you, watching the waves roll in, listening to the crashing sound of the water meeting the shoreline – these are just some of the benefits of having the azure blue ocean right at your doorstep. Whether these are quiet, sleepy coastlines or busy boardwalks, Pakistan is home to miles and miles of pristine beaches. The finest stretches of sand can particularly be found in Karachi and Gwadar. In recent years, these have undergone many infrastructure improvements to accommodate more people living near the beach. Get to know Manora Beach Karachi.

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Learn More, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, discusses the pros and cons of living near the beach to help you decide if you should buy a property in the vicinity. 


Advantages of Living Near the Beach

While the ocean view is enough reason to buy a property nearby, living within a walking distance enables you to enjoy a multitude of other perks year-round as well. In fact, you may even experience more advantages as compared to city dwellers, suburban homeowners and rural residents. Some of these have been listed below. 


A Healthier Lifestyle


cycling on the beach


Living near the beach – and away from the smog of the city – promotes better physical and mental health among the residents. It is especially suitable for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, as there are fewer allergens (less dust particles, less pollen count etc.) in the surroundings. 

The sea also releases negative ions into the air, which are generally associated with increased lung absorption and balanced serotonin levels (thus, leading to better mental health). In addition, the seawater drops in the air also help decrease the likelihood of getting cancer as well as your cholesterol levels.

The increased sun exposure also boosts your vitamin D production, which in turn improves immunity and bone strength. Similarly, immersing yourself in cold water can also help ward off infections as it strengthens your immune system. 

The constant supply of fresh seafood also enables you to eat healthier instead of expensive processed food. 

Furthermore, studies have also linked living near the beach to lower levels of psychological pressure, as people find an escape from the different daily stressors of city life. 

A beach also serves as the perfect backdrop for various physical activities. People have opportunities for various outdoor pursuits, such as walking or cycling on the shore, swimming, yoga, and even deep-sea diving and other water-related activities. Playing beach volleyball or frisbee also gives you a chance to exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. 


Investment Opportunities


restaurant near the beach


As beaches are frequented by tourists throughout the year, a number of supporting businesses are set up and scattered throughout the area, like restaurants, sports centres, kiosks, spas, shops and other leisure and recreational facilities. Hence, it provides a good opportunity to start your own business here for profitable investment

Living near the beach also gives you a chance to earn some extra money on the side by renting out a portion of your house to tourists or visitors. 


Close-Knit Community


kids on the beach


A beach is always thronging with activity, and there are plenty of people who can join you in your choice of interests. In fact, many close communities tend to build around beaches and aquatic activities like swimming, fishing etc. The locals get to know each other easily, hence forming reliable social connections. 

This is especially a healthy environment to raise your children; they can engage in a number of wholesome activities and socialise with other kids in the neighbouring area. 


High Resale Value


property on a beach


A beachfront property never diminishes in its value; in fact, it commands higher prices than the average prices of similar properties in the city. This is also due to the fact that these areas tend to be more safe and secure in comparison. Thus, investing in a property near the beach can bring you a positive return on investment over the long term.


Mild Weather 


sunny beach


Living near the beach is also an effective way to escape harsh winters or stifling summers. The weather tends to be moderate in the area, so the summers are not too hot while the winters are not too cold. 

Consequently, utility bills would also be relatively low since you wouldn’t need to turn on the AC or radiator most of the time. The temperatures during winters wouldn’t drop below freezing point, and all you need to do during summers is open the windows to let the cool ocean breeze inside. 


Disadvantages of Living Near the Beach

There can also be some downsides to buying a property in a coastal area. From boisterous crowds to humidity in the air, living near the beach can also be a liability. Some of these factors have been outlined below. 


Noise & Pollution


trash on beach


It is not always as tranquil and idyllic as you may think – the constant fluster of activities at the beach attracts throngs of visitors, especially during peak tourist season. The poor service and poor hygiene as a result (that are often expected from overcrowded areas) are just some of the disruptions in your daily life. There is louder noise, worse traffic jams near the area, full parking spaces, much more trash thrown around, longer queues at nearby restaurants and shops, and many other inconveniences. 

There is also a likely chance that your house would be in high demand among your friends and family. Visitors tend to flock in when they please, so you have to consider if you can compromise on your privacy and host them often before purchasing a house on the beachfront.


Heftier Price Tag 


coastal property


Since properties on the shore are more valuable than their inland counterparts, most of them may be out of your budget range. This also includes houses for rent. Places that are more affordable are usually located on the more deserted areas of the beach, which may not be an ideal choice because of security reasons. 

The surrounding commercial areas are usually more expensive too, so cost of living may increase significantly. You need to account for these hidden costs of living near the beach in your monthly income, to determine if you can afford living here in the long term. 


Higher Maintenance 


sand in house


Properties on the beach also require much more maintenance, so you need to consider the high costs of upkeep too before moving into the area. Saltwater can wreak havoc on metal, glass and wood, because of which furniture tends to rust easily. The sand blasting inside from the constant winds are also difficult to clean. This can lead to gritty floors. You need to devote a lot of your time and money to frequent repairs and replacements. If there is a delay, the houses end up looking older and more run-down than they actually are. 

Prevention tactics can only work to an extent. For instance, keeping your windows closed would not only foster the growth of mildew and mould in your space, but it will also deprive you of the sea breeze, one of the biggest perks of living near the beach. You would also need to move your furniture around each time there are high tides, which is, of course, not a viable solution over the long run.

Home insurance is also expensive due to the potential damage caused by these factors. In fact, most insurance policies don’t even cover abrasions or any other effects of the sea, salt and sand. Hence, you would need to check beforehand if you can afford the high premiums that come with living in such areas. 


High Risk of Property Damage


storm on a beach


Undoubtedly, climate change is heralding rising sea levels and worsening storm behaviour. The unpredictable weather conditions cause the ocean to expel rising waves off its coast at unexpected times. These only increase in strength when they reach the mainland. As a consequence, seaside properties are subject to the risk of getting damaged by violent storms, cyclones, floods and tidal surges. Furniture, vehicles, electronics and home finishes can all be easily ruined in the process. The structural damage caused can be costly to repair. 

The frequent strong winds can also prove to be problematic if your structure is not sturdy enough.

Moreover, the barriers surrounding your property can easily be eroded by the ocean waves. Even though it takes years for erosion to bring about a noticeable difference, events like hurricanes can cause immediate effects. 


Pest Problems 


sand flies


There are many kinds of insects and rodents that are prevalent in the coastal weather, as they tend to thrive in the heat and humidity. The sand and water also attract a number of pests. If left unchecked, these can damage your property easily and frequently. Those living near the beach are advised to regularly call in professionals from pest control services to ensure the interior of your beachside property is not spoiled due to these vermin.

In recent years, there have been many unbridled beach lovers shifting into the houses and apartments dotting the shore to enjoy the perks of living near the beach – and rightly so. The sun-dappled sandy beaches are a respite from the bustling cosmopolitan city. However, it is also important to note the shortcomings of beachside properties so you can make an informed decision. 

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