Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

studio apartment design and decorating ideas

I recently visited a friend of mine who had just shifted to his new home. It was a studio apartment in Islamabad and boy was I amazed!?

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I loved the whole concept of one space. It was chic, modern and aesthetic at the same time.

Studio apartments are the latest fad in town, no doubt about it.

With their convenience and affordability, they are getting popular by the day. However, unlike traditional houses and flats, decorating a studio department can become a tedious task for sure.

The ‘single space’ place gets unorganized and cluttered very easily. Also, privacy becomes one of the main issues. Therefore, it is crucial to decorate the studio apartment minimally and strategically.


Studio Apartment – Your Modern Comfort Place

Before jumping straight into styling tips, it is important to develop an understanding of what a studio apartment is.

A studio apartment is a single large space that has an open kitchen and a small bathroom. Some apartments may also have a small balcony and a corridor. So basically, you have your bedroom, kitchen and living space in one area.

The smallest studio apartments are around 200 sq. ft. (18.6 m2). In Pakistan, the average size of a studio apartment varies from 350 sq. ft. to 450 sq. ft.

Styling such a place is a tiresome and difficult task. However, if you work creatively and strategically, then you will have a beautiful living space in no time.

You can find an apartment for rent in Islamabad, or an apartment for sale in Islamabad or in any other city easily.

To save you energy and time, we have come up with some amazing yet practical studio apartment ideas for you.

Styling and Decor Ideas for Studio Apartment

  1. Use Bookshelves as Studio Room Dividers
  2. Get Yourself a Day Bed
  3. Accent Wall
  4. Build a Loft
  5. Create a Closet
  6. Include Art
  7. Use Curtains
  8. Use those Corners
  9. Double Duty Furniture Ideas
  10. Define a Colour Theme for your House
  11. Add Plants
  12. Use Mirrors
  13. DIY

Use Bookshelves as Studio Room Dividers

Use your bookshelves to create different divisions within the apartment. Place them in such a way that they give an illusion of a separate room.

Fill the shelves with all your books and small decoration pieces. This idea will allow you to define your space in a better way and it will also add an element of privacy.


one room apartment style

Get Yourself a Day Bed

This is one of my favorite studio apartment furniture ideas.

If you are struggling with space issues then replace your old worn-out bed with a day bed. A day bed is like a two-in-one option. You can use it as a couch during the daytime and at night, it will change into a comfy bed.

It looks extremely chic and solves your space issues in an instant.


studio flat design


 Accent Wall

To add more color and liveliness to your studio apartment, add an accent wall. Try to play with bright, solid colours like navy blue, turquoise, and lime yellow. Decorate the wall with elegant art pieces. It will instantly add a pop of color to your apartment.


studio flat design


 Build a Loft

Loft is a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, used for accommodation or storage.

If your apartment has a high ceiling, then build yourself a loft. It is quite cheap but the advantages are numerous. It looks beautiful, is a great alternative for a bedroom, and gives you a separate space to doze off.


one room apartment decor


Create a Closet

Have a separate place for your apparel, shoes, and accessories. Don’t scatter the clothes all over the space. Get a wardrobe and dressing and dedicate a space for it.

Trust me, it will make a lot of difference to your home. You will have to spend less time finding your outfits and accessories.


studio apartment cupboard design idea

Include Art

A single painting or a wall art piece can make a huge difference. Get big abstract paintings or portraits from your nearest art gallery or thrift store and add it to your favourite wall.

If you cannot afford a painting at the moment, get a print of your favorite building or monument and frame it. It is cheap but it does the job perfectly.


studio apartment wall painting idea

Use Curtains

I love textured curtains in solid hues. Get yourself curtains and hang them on your windows in a neat way. You can also use them to create partitions in your apartment.

Curtains not only add life to your house but they also add a homey feeling. Try to mix and match your furniture and wall colours. Usually, contrasting colours do magic.


studio flat ideas

Use those Corners

Don’t leave behind the corners. Yes, I repeat…DO NOT LEAVE THE CORNERS. You can easily find decoration pieces and shelves that you can use to utilize the corners.

For example, you can arrange your books there or you can fill in the spaces with decorations and small plants. It is an excellent way to add that modern look to your apartment.


studio apartment style ideas

Double Duty Furniture Ideas

Get furniture that does multiple jobs. Double-duty furniture not only saves space but also gives you peace of mind.

There are multiple options out there that can be used as double-duty furniture such as:

  • Get a bed with storage space. I have a bed that has a storage space on the head side. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver. I can store tonnes of stuff in there and it does not look tacky or unorganized. This is the best studio bedroom decorating idea ever.
  • Get sofas and benches that can function as storage bins as well.
  • Like I mentioned before, bookshelves can function as a room divider as well.
  • Dressers that can also be used as lamp tables or nightstands.


studio apartment decor

Define a Colour Theme for your House

This is the most important task. The apartment colour scheme makes all the difference. Pick a primary theme with one primary colour and then pick a secondary theme with two to three secondary colours.

This combination will give a proper structure and a pleasing effect to your house. Try to incorporate neutral tones as they give an illusion of luxury apartments in Islamabad and open space.


one room flat designing

Add Plants

The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations – each gift of nature possessing its radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony. ~Ruth Bernhard

Plants add such a different and attractive element to the house. They not only add oxygen in the environment but they are also a treat for the eyes.

Add succulents and perennials to your bedroom and living room and see the magic. You can turn a dull and boring corner into a little paradise with the help of plants. And the best thing? They are very affordable. Special care of lighting is required for indoor plants.


studio apartment design idea

 Use Mirrors

You cannot neglect the importance of mirrors. Mirrors in different shapes and sizes add a classy look to the house. Also, did you know that the mirror gives an illusion of a large space?

Try to hang big mirrors on your wall. You can easily get mirrors at an affordable price. You can also add mirror paints on its corners to give it a more artistic look.


studio flat mirror idea


Do it yourself (DIY) projects are an excellent way to add beauty and elegance to your apartment. If you want to save some bucks then try to opt for DIY projects.

For example, instead of buying expensive mirrors, buy a mirror from Sunday bazaar and clean it with glint. Throw gold or silver spray on it and voila! You have a brand new wall hanging.

There are millions of projects available on Pinterest that you can start right now. You can make decoration pieces, storage areas, furniture, and crafts.


studio apartment diy project


The studio apartment interior should be elegant yet pleasing to the eyes. We hope this article gave you a fair idea about ‘how to decorate a studio flat’. Also, decide on an apartment layout and its security.

Try to bring out the artist in you and try to incorporate things and elements that make you comfy and relaxed. Do visit the best gyms in Islamabad to get an idea of how to make a gym in the apartment.

Styling and home decor do not have to be expensive. You can also decorate your home on a budget. There are many ways and tips that you can use while decorating your studio apartment.


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