Cost to Construct 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal House in Pakistan

construction cost of house in pakistan

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You would most likely be very excited about the construction of your home sweet home.

But…wait a second!. All set for the construction of your house? But, before going for construction, you need to know about property tax in Pakistan

Are you someone who has very little knowledge of the construction costs of the house you want to build?

Well, when I started the construction of my house, I was clueless. I did not know anything about construction and raw materials. I did not even know the difference between cement and sand! Honestly speaking, it was a very frustrating time for me.

I was someone who always had these questions in mind:

  • How do I start building my own house?
  • What material do I need?
  • What should be floor plan?
  • How long does it take to construct a house?
  • How do I breakdown the costs?
  • What is the cost estimation for a 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and a 1 Kanal house?
  • Are there any quality differences in construction?

But, with research and personal experiences, I came to know about many valuable points about construction that I’ll be sharing in this article. For designing a studio apartment you must read studio apartment ideas. Before going further you should know that there are two common real estate options in Pakistan residential vs commercial where you should invest.


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For many constructing your own house is a dream and for some renting a house is. But it is the ultimate desire of every person to have a place that he or she can call home, a sanctuary, a place where they can relax. However, building a house can be a tedious task as it requires immense energy, time and of course, knowledge and resources.

There are many construction companies that provide high-quality construction services at an affordable price.

For a layman, it becomes difficult to estimate costs associated with the construction of the house.

Worry not! Because we will provide you guidelines that are needed to give you a ‘know-how’ about the construction of your home. Get to know latest real estate marketing trends.

Types of Construction Contracts in Pakistan

Before starting off with the costs, it is crucial to understand the ways by which you can construct your house.

1. Labor Contract

Are you the bossy type? If you are someone who wants to have full control over the costs, then the labor contract is your thing. You will be solely responsible for labor and material procurement.

The labor contract is also called مزدوری کا معاہدہ in Pakistan.

This is a contract where the owner of the land provides all the material and equipment for the construction. In short, the owner also acts like a supervisor where he keeps a check on the hired labor himself.

You can either hire labor yourself or you can get the labor on contract from different contractors. Construction and remodeling of a house require hard work, strategy, creativity, time, and financial resources.


If you want to get most out of the labor contract, manage things wisely as good management will reduce construction costs significantly. Visit the site regularly and do a thorough inspection of the work.

Keep a record book of your spending and don’t throw away any receipts and bill information. Check out your utility bills online without any hustle.

 2. Turnkey Contract

Are you someone who does not like a burden and a whole load of responsibilities? Are you looking for someone who can take care of all the hassles associated with the construction process?

If yes, then the turnkey contract is going to be your savior. This contract is very common in Pakistan, especially if you are constructing a house in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

This contract is also known as ورتکنجی منصوبہ in Urdu.

This contract is the polar opposite of the labor contract. In this particular contract, the owner of the land gives complete or partial control to the contractor. The owner just provides pre-determined rates per square foot.

In short, you sit back & relax and see your dream become a reality.

The owner just has to check on the contractor now and then, just to see if he is complying with the set agreement.


Always, always, and I repeat…ALWAYS consult 3 to 4 contractors before signing any sort of contract.

Also, do visit the market to see the listed prices for raw material. The contractors usually manipulate the market prices, so it is a good idea to check the prices yourself.

Breakdown of Construction Cost of a House

The construction costs are usually divided into two categories:

  1. Grey structure cost: It includes the foundation of the house, walls, roof, cement, plaster, water tanks, and tiles.
  2. Finishing cost: It includes wood items, paint, wallpapers, polishing, windows, grills, and fireplaces.

This article will primarily focus on the grey structure costs as it is the trickiest and takes away a lion’s share of your expenditure while constructing a house. The finishing cost of a house will be thoroughly covered in another article.

Grey Structure Cost Estimation

The cost calculation of the grey structure is mostly dependent on raw material and labor costs.

Cost of House construction

Construction Cost for 5 Marla House

Estimated Covered Area for 5 Marla House: 2,000 sq.ft.

The dimensions of a 5 Marla house are (25×45) square feet. The covered area is usually 2000 square feet in total for a double story building. However, note that every society and location has its own covered area estimates. So, the covered area may vary accordingly. Get to know plot vs plot file. Find 5 marla house for sale in Islamabad on
MaterialsQuantity Measuring UnitPer Unit Price (PKR)Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks60,000Per sq.ft11.5690,000
Crush1500Per c.ft70105,000
Cement400Per bag560224,000
Sand (Ravi)3150Per c.ft2578,750
Sand (Plaster)900Per c.ft5045,000
Steel and Steel Fixers3Per ton114,000342,000
Plumbing Material & Labour (4 baths + 2 Kitchens)200,000
Wiring (Material + Electrician)Per sq.ft100200,000
Labor costsPer sq.ft350700,000
Estimated Total2,614,750

Construction Cost for 1O Marla House

Estimated Covered Area for 10 Marla House: 4,355 sq.ft.

The dimensions of a 10 Marla house are (35×65) square feet. Similarly, the covered area of a 10 Marla house is usually around 4,355 square feet.
MaterialsQuantityMeasuring UnitPer Unit Price (PKR)Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks130,650Per sq.ft11.51,502,475
Crush3,266Per c.ft70228,620
Cement871Per bag560487,760
Sand (Ravi)6,860Per c.ft25171,500
Sand (Plaster)1,960Per c.ft5098,000
Steel and Steel Fixers8Per ton114,000912,000
Plumbing Material & Labour (4 baths + 2 Kitchens)300,000
Wiring (Material + Electrician)Per sq.ft100435,500
Labor costsPer sq.ft3501,524,250
Estimated Total5,720,105

Construction Cost for 1 Kanal House

Estimated Covered Area for 1 Kanal House: 9,000 sq.ft.

The dimensions of a 1 kanal house are (50×90) square feet. 1 kanal of land has approximately 20 Marla in total and the covered area is 9,000 square feet.

MaterialsQuantityMeasuring UnitPer Unit Price (PKR)Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks270,000Per sq.ft11.53,105,000
Crush6,750Per c.ft70472,500
Cement1,800Per bag5601,008,000
Sand (Ravi)6,860Per c.ft25171,500
Sand (Plaster)4,050Per c.ft50202,500
Steel and Steel Fixers13Per ton114,0001,482,000
Plumbing Material & Labour (7 baths + 2 Kitchens)400,000
Wiring (Material + Electrician)Per sq.ft100900,000
Labor costsPer sq.ft3503,150,000
Estimated Total11,011,500

If you get confused with zeros, read converting millions, billions, and trillions into lakh, crore, and arab. Construction of the house is not the only thing you should be worried about. The house has to be safe, secure and convenient. For that, try installing a home automation system that makes your home smart. Get to know how to secure your home

Today’s era its very difficult to construct your own house there are many banks which provide home loan you may review those banks as well. Get to know dams in Pakistan.


All these calculations are estimates. Therefore, they do not guarantee accuracy. The expenditure and costs can vary according to prevailing market rates and locality.

The rates are calculated according to the raw material prices in the twin cities i.e Islamabad and Rawalpindi as of September 2022. Get to know insurance companies in Pakistan.

If you want to own a basement in a house get to know basement construction cost.

If you want to calculate the plot area accurately you need to master the skill of plot size conversions.

Too many calculations? Feel free to ask any questions regarding the calculations or any material. Get to know investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Happy construction!

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