A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Gadgets for Homes in Pakistan

In today’s world, smart homes are now becoming more popular than ever, especially due to the fact that technology has been decreasing in price. Gadgets make our lives easier by automating our routine’s menial and repetitive tasks. Smart gadgets in Pakistan are becoming more popular as technology is getting more widely accepted. 

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal, presents a comprehensive guide to smart gadgets in Pakistan to help you turn your home into an intelligent space.


What Are Smart Gadgets?


Smart gadgets like google home and switch


Smart Gadgets are, as the name suggests, gadgets that are intelligently programmed to help automate routine tasks.

These can range from a clock that you can set an alarm by speaking to it to a smart bulb that can change colours depending on the time of the day. Smart gadgets are available in wide varieties, offered by all the top brands in the market. 


Benefits of Smart Gadgets in Pakistan

The smart gadget ecosystem is now essentially available worldwide, with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices becoming a frequent sight in many households.

A smart speaker does not break the bank, yet it proves to be an effective gadget.

Following are a few benefits of smart gadgets.

  • Save energy by automatically turning off lights and appliances.
  • Help save time by locating your phone and keys instantly.
  • Save time and energy by controlling essential functions using your voice.
  • They offer flexibility and accessibility.


Prices of Smart Gadgets In Pakistan

Smart gadgets have been decreasing in price every day. Listed below are the prices of some everyday smart home gadgets in Pakistan.


Smart GadgetsPrice Range
Smart BulbsRs. 1500 to 10500 per bulb
Smart SpeakersRs. 8500 to 85600 per speaker
Smart SwitchesRs. 2500 to 11200 per switch
Smart LocksRs. 18000 to 60,000 per lock
Smart AppliancesRs. 20000 to over 500,000
Smart BlindsRs. 32000 to 70,000
Smart DoorbellsRs. 16000 to 50000


Features of Smart Gadgets

Let’s explain these gadgets in a bit of detail below to get a better sense of their function and the accessibility they offer.


Smart Bulbs


smart bulbs illuminating an environment


Lighting is the centre stage of any household. Smart bulbs offer flexibility in terms of lighting and accessibility. Smart bulbs are controlled through Wifi or Bluetooth.

Your smartphone can control your smart bulbs. They can automate various functions like syncing with your sleep schedule and turning it on and off according to when you sleep.

Smart bulbs offer more variety in terms of lighting colours instead of the usual white and warm configurations. They offer RGB colours with a range of 16 million colours.

They can give you reminders and offer other customisation and automation features


 Smart Speakers


smart speakers | smart gadgets in pakistan


Calling these speakers simply “smart” would not do them justice as they are much more complex. They house advanced neural engines that can recognise specific speech patterns and recognise your voice and phrases to execute commands.

There are currently three smart speaker brands in the market; Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Home, and Apple home kit. They come in a wide range of sizes.

Smart speakers are a hub and a bridge between you and electronics. They translate your voice into executable commands. They offer hands-free control of your smart home.

One example is that you can say that “Alexa, Dinner is ready”, and every room with an Alexa will notify people in the room that dinner is ready. This can save time and energy if you’re in a big house.


Smart Switches

These are switches controlled over a Wifi. These switches control regular devices that are not smart to be able to communicate with the ecosystem. Smart switches can help you preserve your electronic devices by limiting the amount of charging time.

A smart switch can turn off after a certain amount of time. A smart switch can also help you connect your legacy devices to the internet.


Smart Locks

Traditional locks are inconvenient because if you lose your key, you’re stuck outside the house. A smart lock ensures you never lose your key by making your fingerprint or a passcode your key.

Several methods can unlock a smart lock, including fingerprint, passcode, card, and smartphone. Keyless entry homes offer incomparable convenience and reduce the number of items you carry around.


Smart Appliances


smart vacuums help to clean business


These are kitchen appliances with smart features that enable them to be integrated into your daily schedules. These devices communicate with each other and integrate seamlessly. A smart coffee maker will sync up with your wake-up time and start brewing your coffee.

A smart air conditioner can set the temperature you like before arriving home or shut down automatically when you leave your house.


Smart Blinds

These are motorised window shades or blinds that can be controlled over Wi-Fi. These blinds are remote-controlled and voice-enabled. They can open and close when certain conditions are met. They offer a modern and minimalistic look to your home.

The best part is that you don’t have to get out of bed to open the blinds, allowing you to enjoy a sunrise within the comfort of your bed.


Smart Doorbells


smart and modernly designed doorbell


These are nifty gadgets that can help you see who is at your door remotely and alert you of their presence.

They have built-in cameras and now offer facial recognition to automatically open the door when a familiar face walks in a range of its vision. They record footage, store it in the cloud, and help you secure your house.

Smart homes are the way of the future that can save time and energy while allowing more accessibility and ease of use in our everyday lives. For more insightful tips, visit our blog

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