Famous Souvenirs of Pakistan

Famous Souvenirs of Pakistan

Pakistan’s tourism industry is gradually grabbing pace with its beautiful locations, hospitality, and famous handicraft souvenirs.

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The country’s enriched culture and diversity in traditions have yielded an impressive collection of unique handicrafts that have become a staple in the tourism industry.

People from all over the world who come to visit Pakistan take these souvenirs as memoirs and gifts for friends and families back home.

Graana.com — Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a list of famous souvenirs of Pakistan that showcase the true essence of Pakistani culture.


Top Travel Souvenirs of Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with scenic landscapes, breathtaking beaches and sites that are perfect for people who love nature. Recently, Pakistan ranked among the top holiday destinations in the world.

Since then, the tourism industry has been booming, which has created a demand for these enchanting souvenirs. Skilled artists craft these beautiful artefacts that are then taken as souvenirs to cherish forever. Get to know famous tourist destinations in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Following are some top items that you can choose from.




Kashmiri Shawls in Pakistan as Travel Souvenir


Shawls are beautifully woven and embroidered pieces of fabric. These are typically worn in summers. However, they are also available in summer fabrics to be worn with suits by both men and women.

Pakistan has a famous range of hand-crafted shawls that are known for their fabric and quality across the world. These include the famous Pashmina Shawl & Kashmiri Shawl among many others.

Since most visits for tourists involve a necessary tour to the northern areas of Pakistan, the cold weather there becomes a must for visitors to get a shawl.
Moreover, these are available in different materials like wool, cotton blend, wool blend, and silk, and they come in varying thicknesses.

Shawls from northern areas are very popular across the country and are essential in winter clothing for all women in the country. You can find them in all cities, however, the best variety is available in the northern regions.

Because of their beautiful embroidery and high-quality material, these shawls are a very popular souvenir of Pakistan that tourists take back home.




Landmark Fridge Magnets in Pakistan for Travel Souvenir


For some people, their refrigerators exhibit their most precious memories in the form of photographs that are held up by unique magnets.

Magnets serve themselves as excellent souvenirs as it is a customised display of all travels and memories for people, wherever they choose to use them.
In Pakistan, magnets are made in lieu of famous landmarks, truck art, and scenery from northern Pakistan. All these elements make up the essence of the country.

These magnets are available easily across shopping malls and shops in almost all cities, so collecting them is convenient. In addition to this, the magnets are also super affordable as well.

This means you can take multiple without having to spend a fortune.

Other than the available range of magnets, you can also get your own customised ones. Other than this, you can also choose from a variety of 3D magnets that will add to your collection on your refrigerator.



Pakistan is home to a massive carpet weaving industry, with a large number of skilled workers that weave carpets from homes. Carpets are one of the most popular souvenirs of Pakistan.

The unique designs, characteristic artistry, the materials used, and mastery of craft that is embedded in the making of carpets become a masterpiece that carries unique class wherever they are used.

You can choose from high-quality ones that start at bigger prices, and bargain for a fair price from local shops to get a good deal on carpets and rugs.


Antiques & Decor Pieces


Antique decor pieces in Pakistan - Rickshaw


If you’re looking for a unique decor element that you can incorporate into your home interior, antiques and decor pieces from Pakistan are the perfect item that you can go for.

From brass animals to famous blue and white pottery, these decorative pieces are the perfect addition to your modern interior decors.
You can also find decor items like small trucks with artsy designs.

Other than these, small items such as traditional trucks can also complement the theme of your home.


Keyrings & Jewellery


Stone Jewllery in Gilgit Paksitan


Although Pakistan’s traditional jewellery is quite heavy, northern areas in Pakistan have a beautiful and unique range.

You can find unique stone jewellery in the form of traditional and modern pieces. From bangles to bracelets to rings, you can get a variety of cool stones and jewellery to add to your collection.


Traditional keychains in Pakistan as Travel souvenirs


Besides jewellery, keychains are also a brilliant option if you’re looking to carry along a small souvenir. The keyrings are available in a variety of sceneries. In addition to this, metallic charms of landmarks that are a great addition to your keychain collection.




Blue and White Pottery in Pakistan


These fragile items need a lot of care while travelling abroad. However, Pakistan’s Multani pottery souvenirs are worth the effort.

This handcrafted pottery comes from the famous region of Multan. This pottery is made with high-quality ceramic which is then decorated with blue and white paint and embellished beautifully with intricate designs.

These beautiful pottery pieces are available across the country.  This signature pottery is a significant souvenir of Pakistan that is famous amongst tourists and visitors.



Pakistan Cricket T-Shirt


T-shirts might seem like a mainstream idea, but Pakistani T-shirts based on cricket themes and flags are a major element of the country’s clothing variety. You can find such shirts in almost every corner of the country.

You can find a range of Pakistan-themed shirts and get one as a souvenir to take along. The most popular designs are the Pakistani cricket shirts, as well as the flag-themed shirts.


Mangoes & Dry Fruits


Mangoes from Pakistan


If you’ve never tried Pakistani Mangoes, you are missing out on the best mangoes in the world. The taste of these mangoes is incredibly sweet and succulent, which is why they are an important element of export in the country.

Besides various ranges of Mangoes in the country, Pakistan’s northern areas have a very rich variety of the best dry fruits that you can choose from.

Pine nuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, and raisins are some of the top dry fruits that are available at reasonable rates. These dry fruits are a very affordable option for tourists to take as souvenirs after visiting Pakistan.

The above-mentioned souvenirs of Pakistan are very popular among visitors. The souvenirs are gifted to friends and families by tourists back in their homes.

If you’re looking for more information on travelling in Pakistan, visit Graana Blog.

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