The Eco-Friendly Launch of E-Bikes in Islamabad

Eco-Friendly Launch of E-Bikes in Islamabad

We are moving towards a fast, hi-tech future. In almost every way, technology has improved, be it medicines, renewable energy, or advanced sporting ideas, to aid us in living a longer, active life. Among those changes, there are electric bikes. You may have witnessed one or two zipping through your streets.

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There are many economic and environmental benefits of using or riding an electric bike. E-bikes are known to be faster and practical as compared to regular bicycles. Furthermore, it provides cleaner transportation than cars and buses. Besides saving the environment from pollution, electric bikes are a lot more fun to ride and easier for commuting from one place to another.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, launched the first electric bike in Pakistan in a ceremony held on July 8, 2021. The inauguration ceremony took place in the capital, Islamabad. Jolta Electric manufactures these electric bikes and will be available to the public for use.

Mohammad Usman Sheikh, the CEO of Jolta Electric, stated, “We have introduced the JE-70 e-bike with our indigenously developed technology. No foreign funding, no joint venture with the Chinese or any country in the world.” The newly developed e-bike starts from 82,000 thousand PKR and has a maximum speed limit of 60 km per hour. The government has received around 17 applications from different investors for the local assembly of e-bikes in Pakistan.


Features of the E-Bike

E-bike requires an overnight charging of 1.5 units at home, which is sufficient for an 80 km ride. The bike costs Rs 1,000 per month on the user’s wallet, contrary to the money (4000-5000 PKR) on a petrol-driven 70cc motorcycle. An e-bike owner will be able to save at least Rs 4000 per month.

The plant is giving out 1000 e-bikes per month. The company plans to raise the production to 6000 units per month by December, followed by manufacturing 100,000 units per month in the next five years.

Jolta Electric is the first local company that has manufactured electric motorbikes in Pakistan. Moreover, the company intends to manufacture different models and variants of e-bikes in the capital, such as JE-70 L, JE-70, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, and JE-Sports Bike and JE-Scooty. All these energy-efficient two-wheelers can be charged overnight.

At the inauguration ceremony of E-bikes in Pakistan, Imran Khan stated that the authorities were striving to work on a comprehensive plan to apply eco-friendly policies. He emphasized that it was the only measure via which the future generation could be prevented from the harmful influences of climate change.

PM Imran Khan stated to the crowd, “We (the government) will devise long-term policies on environmental protection to materialize the vision of a clean and green Pakistan, and pass on a livable place to the coming generations,”


E-Bike Policy

In Pakistan, e-bikes are introduced under the government’s five-year EV policy. It is majorly designed to endorse the concept of electric vehicles in Pakistan. The policy will release huge incentives for the electric vehicle market in the country for its expansion.

Within 20 years, the policy also aims to have a large percentage of share in the auto industry market in Pakistan. The existing EV policy in Pakistan aims at the most common types of vehicles, including two, three, and four-wheelers.


Charging Stations

Since electric vehicles are becoming popular locally, the number of e-vehicles charging stations is also increasing. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) – a state-run fuel company, introduced the first electric vehicle charging station located in F7 Markaz, Islamabad. There is also one EV charging station located near Emporium Mall, Johar Town Lahore.

Shell, one of the most famous privately-owned fuel companies, plans to establish multiple electric- vehicles stations in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. They have selected a few locations such as Khayaban-e-Bahria, DHA, Askari housing Scheme in Gulshan Town, and Gadap Town. In the near future, there will be more charging stations in different major cities of the country.


Benefits of using an E-Bike

There is no denial when it is said that our lives are highly influenced by technology and advancement. The majority of the traditional appliances and devices go through an upgrade and are modified to an electric, hi-tech version incorporating a higher level of electric power.

A similar device is a bicycle that has been modified and upgraded by electricity, making it an e-bike. As the name itself explains, this bike runs on an electric motor that assists in propulsion.

  1. Added Safety Net: An electric bike allows you to have fun and an active time. If you have injuries or joint pain of some sort that restricts you to ride a bike, an e-bike helps you enjoy your ride as you can sit comfortably and travel to your destination without any problem.
  2. They offer zero emissions: Unlike other powered forms of transport such as trucks, cars, and busses, that run on gas or fuel and release carbon emissions in the air, electric bikes rely on human and electric energy to run seamlessly. Rechargeable batteries provide the electric energy in these bikes. If you recharge your electric bike using clean, green solar power, you will be using 100% eco-friendly energy making your e-bike suitable for your surroundings. On the brighter side, a passenger vehicle emits 6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, especially those vehicles that run on diesel or gas. Hence, using electric bikes will not only help in making the environment pollution-free but will also reduce the chances of health issues.
  3. Electric bikes or e-bikes do not produce any pollution, which proves to be a great medium for transportation in urban areas. They do not contribute to environmental pollution: Electric bikes do not release emissions. This means that they do not release any toxic gases such as smog which puts the public’s health in danger. Moreover, e-bikes do not emit loud, disturbing sounds, which eliminates the threat of noise pollution, which, to be honest, is a massive nuisance for people living or walking by the roadsides.
  4. Saving the roads: as compared to other vehicles such as cars, buses, etc., e-bikes are much lighter. They do not cause damage to the roads like other mediums of transportations to do. When the roads are damaged, the vehicles require heavy repairs, resulting in heavier vehicles, consequently producing several other pollution and health-related problems. Hence, opting for an electric bicycle generates a positive impact on the environment as it won’t cause any damage to the roads.
  5. Replacing conventional vehicles: E-bikes are eliminating the trend of traditional bikes. Both the bikes are better for the environment as they do not release any emissions compared to the cars. However, electric bikes are far more comfortable and eco-friendly as compared to their counterparts.
  6. Reduction in personal carbon footprint: electric bikes produce zero emissions. That is to say, e-bikes can rely on 100% renewable energy, eradicating the chances of polluting the air and minimalistic effects on the roads. Moreover, switching to this trend will lower your carbon footprint as compared to those using the traditional means of transportation.


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