The Ultimate Guide to Bed Design: From Budget-Friendly to Luxe

The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation where we unwind after a long day and wake up refreshed for new adventures. Choosing the right bed design goes beyond just picking a mattress and frame; it’s about creating an oasis that reflects your personality and style.

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Learn More has prepared a guide on bed designs including their types, things to consider and more.


Types Of Bed Designs

Choosing the perfect bed design is an exciting journey, as it sets the tone for your entire bedroom and shapes your sleep experience. From classic styles to modern innovations, there’s a bed design out there for everyone. Let’s look into some popular types to inspire you:


Traditional Bed


White bed with white bedsheet


The traditional bed is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. It typically features a four-poster design with tall posts at the corners and a headboard and footboard. Traditional beds are often made of wood, but they can also be found in metal and upholstered versions. They come in a variety of styles, from simple and clean to ornate and elaborate.


Canopy Bed


Canopy Bed


Canopy beds are similar to traditional beds, but they have a fabric canopy that drapes over the top of the bed. This can create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere in the bedroom. Canopy beds can be found in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern.


Platform Bed


Platform Bed


Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular because of their sleek and modern look. They are typically low to the ground and do not require a box spring. This can make them a good choice for small bedrooms or for people who have difficulty getting into and out of bed. Platform beds can be made of wood, metal, or upholstered materials.


Sleigh Bed


Sleigh Bed


Sleigh beds have a curved headboard and footboard that resembles the runners of a sleigh. They can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bedroom. Sleigh beds are often made of wood, but they can also be found in metal and upholstered versions.






Daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as a bed, a couch, or a chaise lounge. They are typically twin-sized and have a low profile. Daybeds are a great option for small bedrooms or for people who want a multifunctional piece of furniture.




futon bed


Futons are Japanese-style beds that can be folded up into a couch. They are a great option for small apartments or for people who want a space-saving bed. Futons can be found in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered.






Waterbeds are filled with water instead of springs or foam. They can provide a unique and relaxing sleeping experience. However, waterbeds can be expensive and difficult to maintain.


Air Bed


Air Bed


Air beds are inflatable beds that can be easily stored when not in use. They are a good option for camping or guests. However, air beds can be uncomfortable to sleep on for long periods.


Trundle Bed


Trundle Bed


Trundle beds are two beds in one. The bottom bed is typically a twin-sized bed that rolls out from under the top bed. This is a great option for children’s bedrooms or guest rooms.


Loft Bed


Loft Bed


Loft beds are beds that are raised up off the ground, with space underneath for storage or a desk. They are a great option for small bedrooms or for people who want to maximise space.


Bed Design In Pakistan

Bed is more than just furniture in Pakistan; it’s a cultural touchstone, a symbol of comfort and family. From the intricate carvings of traditional beds to the sleek lines of modern designs, Pakistani bed styles offer a unique blend of heritage and innovation. Whether you’re furnishing a cosy single room or a spacious master bedroom, here are some types of Bed designs in Pakistan to help you design the perfect bed.


Single Bed Design

For those seeking simplicity without compromising on style, single-bed designs are an ideal choice. Here are some Single Bed Design:



The iconic Charpai, a woven rope bed frame, is a quintessential symbol of Pakistani comfort. Choose from colourful bohemian styles to intricately patterned versions for a touch of cultural heritage.

Modern Single Beds

For space-conscious bedrooms, modern single beds offer practical functionality with sleek lines and built-in storage options like drawers or compartments. Consider foldable beds for guest rooms or multipurpose spaces.


Children’s Beds

Let imaginations soar with playful single-bed designs featuring cartoon themes, racing car shapes, or bunk beds for siblings to share.


Double Bed Designs

When it comes to shared spaces or larger bedrooms, double bed designs take centre stage. The emphasis here is on comfort and cohesion. Traditional wooden frames remain popular, but modern trends showcase innovative materials and designs. 


Traditional Charm

Embrace the timeless elegance of handcrafted wooden beds, often adorned with intricate carvings inspired by Mughal architecture. Opt for rosewood, mahogany, or teak for a luxurious feel.

Modern Masterpieces

Contemporary double beds offer clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Platform beds with built-in lighting or upholstered headboards with built-in shelves add a touch of modern sophistication.


Storage Savvy Solutions

Maximise your space with double beds that feature built-in drawers or compartments. Consider hydraulic storage options for easy access to seasonal items or bedding.


Modern Bed Design

The fusion of tradition and modernity is evident in the realm of bed design in Pakistan. Modern beds often feature clean lines, minimalistic frames, and neutral tones. 


Minimalist Magic

Embrace the “less is more” philosophy with sleek platform beds, low-profile headboards, and neutral colours. Metal frames add a touch of industrial chic, while hidden storage compartments keep clutter at bay.


Scandinavian Simplicity

Incorporate the Scandinavian love for natural materials and clean lines. Choose wooden beds with light finishes and pair them with cosy throws and pillows for a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Luxe Accents

Elevate your modern bed with metallic accents, plush velvet headboards, or built-in lighting for a touch of glamour. Play with textures and patterns for a visually striking look.


New Bed Design Trends: Sustainable Choices

Eco-conscious materials like bamboo, recycled wood, and organic fabrics are gaining popularity. Look for beds with sustainable certifications and locally sourced materials.



Beds are evolving into multi-functional havens. Consider designs with built-in desks, reading nooks, or even charging stations for ultimate convenience.


Bold Colours

Don’t shy away from adding a pop of colour! Statement headboards in vibrant hues or patterned upholstery can create a dramatic focal point in your bedroom.


Things to Consider

Here are some things you should keep in mind while choosing a bed design for your room.


Finding Your Style

Before diving into specific designs, take a moment to identify your preferred aesthetic. Do you crave the clean lines and minimalist elegance of modern styles? Or do you yearn for the warmth and comfort of a rustic, wood-toned bed? Perhaps you dream of a whimsical canopy bed fit for a fairytale. Knowing your style will guide your material and design choices.



The materials used in your bed frame and headboard can significantly impact the look and feel of your bedroom. Wood remains a classic choice, offering timeless beauty and durability. Metal frames offer a sleek, contemporary vibe, while upholstered beds exude a sense of luxury and comfort. Consider the maintenance needs of each material and choose one that complements your existing furniture.


Cost Considerations

Before picking a bed, set a budget. Think about not just the starting cost, but also future expenses. Look at different designs that fit your budget. Consider things like how good the materials are, how well it’s made, and any extra features. This way, you can find a bed that not only fits your wallet now but also saves you money in the long run. Keep it simple, think about quality, and choose the bed that gives you the most for your money.



When selecting the perfect bed, size and space considerations are paramount for creating a harmonious bedroom environment. Start by measuring your room dimensions and doorways to ensure the bed fits comfortably, allowing ample space for movement and access to other furniture. Tailor the bed size to your sleeping needs; a queen may suffice for a solo sleeper, while a king or double bed is ideal for couples or families. 



The headboard is the focal point of your bed, setting the tone for the entire room. Opt for a tall, imposing headboard for a dramatic statement or a low-profile one for a minimalist feel. Consider built-in shelves or upholstered panels for added functionality and comfort. Play with textures and patterns to create visual interest, but remember to keep the overall design cohesive with the rest of the room.


Foundation Matters

The foundation, whether a box spring, platform bed, or slatted frame, plays a crucial role in supporting your mattress and ensuring proper sleep posture. Consider your mattress type when choosing a foundation. Box springs are ideal for traditional innerspring mattresses, while platform beds work well with memory foam and latex mattresses. Slatted frames offer good ventilation and are popular for all mattress types.


Storage Savvy

Maximise space and minimise clutter with built-in storage solutions. Opt for a bed frame with drawers, compartments, or even a trundle bed for extra sleeping space. Utilise the space beneath the bed with storage boxes or risers to keep off-season clothes or bedding.


Accessorise with Flair

Personalise your bed with carefully chosen accessories. Layering throw pillows and blankets in complementary textures and colours adds visual interest and comfort. Don’t forget the importance of good lighting! Side tables with lamps or sconces can create a cosy reading nook, while overhead pendant lights can add ambience.


Final Thoughts

In today’s approach to designing our homes, the bedroom becomes a special place for comfort and expressing ourselves. Modern bed designs are not just ordinary furniture; they play a crucial role in making our living spaces look beautiful and balanced.

Whether you like simple and neat designs, fancy canopy beds, or beds with smart features, you can find one that suits your taste. It promises to give you cosy nights and uplifting days. So, pick a bed that matches your style, and turn your bedroom into a peaceful and beautiful retreat.



Here are most FAQs on Bed Designs:


1. What are the most popular bed design styles?

  1. Traditional & Canopy Beds: Timeless classics with tall posts and a romantic vibe.
  2. Platform Beds: Sleek and modern, low to the ground, perfect for small spaces.
  3. Sleigh Beds: Elegant and sophisticated, with curved headboards and footboards.


2. What factors should I consider when choosing a bed size?

  1. Room dimensions and traffic flow.
  2. Number of sleepers and their preferred space.
  3. Mattress size and compatibility with the bed frame.


3. What materials are commonly used for bed frames and headboards?

  1. Wood: Offers timeless beauty and durability, and comes in various styles.
  2. Metal: Sleek and contemporary, ideal for modern designs.
  3. Upholstery: Provides comfort and luxury, and adds a touch of texture.


4. What are the benefits of a headboard?

  1. Adds visual interest and defines the bed as the focal point.
  2. Provides comfort and support for sitting up in bed.
  3. Can incorporate storage or lighting for functionality.


5. What types of bed foundations are available?

  1. Box Spring: Offers support and bounce, best for traditional mattresses.
  2. Platform Bed: Firm base for memory foam and latex mattresses, maximises space.
  3. Slatted Frame: Good ventilation, works with all mattress types.


6. How can I maximise storage space with my bed?

  1. Choose a bed frame with built-in drawers or compartments.
  2. Utilise under-bed storage boxes or risers.
  3. Opt for a platform bed with extra space beneath.


7. What lighting options are best for the bedside?

  1. Side table lamps for reading and ambience.
  2. Sconces mounted on the wall for soft, indirect light.
  3. Overhead pendant lights for general illumination.


8. How can I personalise my bed design?

  1. Layers throw pillows and blankets in complementary colours and textures.
  2. Add artwork or tapestry above the headboard.
  3. Place a cosy rug beside the bed for warmth and comfort.


9. What are some tips for choosing a comfortable mattress?

  1. Consider your preferred sleeping position and firmness needs.
  2. Test out different mattresses in-store before purchasing.
  3. Invest in a high-quality mattress for optimal sleep and longevity.


10. Should I match my bed frame to other furniture in the bedroom?

  1. Matching can create a cohesive look, but it’s not essential.
  2. Consider the overall style and colour palette of the room.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and materials for a unique touch.

If you want to know more about common types of bedding, follow the Graana blog.

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