Tips for Buying Used Furniture

Essential Tips to buy and sell used furniture

Buying second-hand furniture is always a smart decision, but there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing used furniture to ensure a smart purchase. The most common query is how to buy and sell used furniture. There is no set market place and the best deals can only be found by scouring the market. 

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Sometimes garage sales can be home to an amazing piece of furniture while online marketplaces such as OLX might not yield any results. It’s better to keep in mind a few pointers to guide you on this journey., Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal is here to guide you on everything you need to know on how to buy used furniture.


Benefits of Buying Used Furniture


leather couches are great examples to buy used furniture


It’s often heard that what is useless to one person is valuable to another. There are several benefits of buying used furniture and some of them are discussed below.


Low Price


Used furniture is always a great way to save cost while building a house


The most obvious benefit is an economical price. Used furniture is much cheaper than the ones displayed in fancy showrooms. Sometimes the price difference is astronomical, with used furniture being a fraction of the cost of the real thing. It makes sense to buy used items such as bookshelves and racks because they have little wear and tear on them. If you’re someone buying or renting a house buying used furniture is the best way to manage your costs.




When you buy and sell used furniture you help save the environment


Another great aspect of buying used furniture is that you help the environment. Every year, millions of trees and habitats are harmed in the process of making furniture. This does not include the inadvertent effects that a furniture factory imposes on the environment. Treating and painting furniture releases a lot of toxins that do irreparable damage to the environment. When you buy and sell used furniture, it helps the environment by reducing the recycling costs as well. 




Craftsmanship is also a prime factor when you buy second hand furniture


Furniture back in the day was built with longevity in mind. It used to be much more robust and was built to last a lifetime. Lower environmental implications meant that the amount and quality of materials utilized were far more than what we see nowadays. Old craftsmanship has a certain panache and character that makes it an elegant choice over more modern furniture.


Repurposing old furniture


Repurposing old furniture is a great way to reduce waste


You don’t have to accept old furniture as it was made years ago. A little DIY can transform old furniture and breathe new life into it. An old piece of furniture can be polished and repurposed to serve a new purpose. Sometimes old furniture can be utilized to build new furniture by adjusting the older furniture and utilizing its material base to build upon.



Old furniture adds a lot of character to a space. Rustic home decor is built upon the idea of old and weary furniture. It works the same way as a leather jacket that gets more stylish when it’s worn in. When you buy and sell used furniture, you ensure that you are getting a unique piece that will most likely not be found in the open.


Low Depreciation Cost

This goes without saying that used furniture does not depreciate that steeply as compared to new furniture. New furniture loses its price immediately as soon as you bring it home while used furniture is much more resilient in those terms. Sometimes buying good quality used furniture is an investment, as it allows for selling at a higher resale value on a later date. 


The Drawbacks of Buying Used Furniture

There are certain advantages of buying used furniture but that certainly does not mean that the cheaper price comes without a few caveats. There are some common drawbacks that you need to look out for when deciding to go for second-hand furniture.


No Warranty

Used furniture may be sturdy in general but that’s not backed up by a company. No warranty means that you are stranded if your cheap couch decides to give in, Repairs are very costly and time-consuming. A lack of support service means that you’ll spend most of your time searching for services that are suitable to your situation. Some people prefer the peace of mind that comes with a warranty and it is hard to place a price on that.


Transportation Costs

Buying new furniture is as easy as walking into a store and walking out with a purchase or ordering it online. Used furniture has a lot of associated transportation costs. This includes the time and costs it takes when you’re searching for the right furniture in various markets. It also means that if you find a piece of furniture far away from your house, you’ll have to manually transport it yourself. Trucking companies can handle that job but they charge a fair bit of money for their services.


Restoration Costs


Old Furniture is very costly to restore sometimes


Used furniture requires a certain amount of restoration. Sometimes it can be as simple as thoroughly wiping down the piece of furniture to a rigorous overhaul. If you’re buying a plush feather couch, It could require polish of the entire couch which can be costly. A leather chair might need to be repaired, while a wooden table might need a deep coat of polish before it can be used. 

It is always better to get used furniture sanitized as it can pose a health risk if the previous owner had ticks or bed bugs infesting his property.


Essential Tips to Buy and Sell Used Furniture

When decorating on a budget you don’t have to break the bank to have a great-looking space. There are stunning pieces that are waiting to be discovered. Customized furniture from high-end boutiques seems like a wonderful idea but it isn’t worth half your rent payment.

To help you in your pursuit of better design on a budget, here are some essential tips that can be useful during this search.


Explore Your Options


Explore your options thoroughly while shopping for repurposed furniture


When surfing for used furniture, it’s better to thoroughly research your options before making a purchase decision. Thrift shops and real estate auctions are great places to look when looking out for options. Foreigners when leaving a country often dispose of their furniture at a greatly discounted price because they can not transport it back with them.


Think Outside The Box

Usual marketplaces are great when searching for good deals, but they are not the only place to hunt for deals. A good deal can pop up anywhere and it’s up to you to be on the lookout for great deals in unconventional places. A hotel or institute might be remodeling and looking to sell their old furniture for a decent price that is very well maintained. 


Inspect Thoroughly

When buying used furniture, inspect it thoroughly. Used furniture does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. When you’ve made a selection, make sure to inspect it carefully for signs of obvious damage. Always check for termites and bed bugs as they always leave a mark and it never hurts to take a closer look. 

Good furniture is supposed to last for decades and a good sign of a quality furniture piece is the detailing on the structure. This is also why it’s advised not to buy used furniture online as you have to go through a hassle when returning a product like that.


Try It Out

The best bet is to try a piece of furniture. Before buying a chair, make sure that it holds your weight. If you are buying a table, make sure it does not have any deck flex and it doesn’t wobble under heavy loads. Trying out furniture is not considered illegal and it’s better to feel comfortable with the furniture before making the final purchase decision.


Make Sure You Need It

If you think about buying a piece of furniture, make sure you plan exactly where you want to place it in your living space. This helps you avoid buying something just because it’s at a discounted price. There is always a better piece out there, remember that you’re not buying it purely because of its functionality, so a little patience can go a long way.


Ask Questions

It’s very important to ask questions, such as the reason for selling, how long has it been used, and if the reason they’re selling is that it has a fault or they’re moving? These questions help you attain a lot of backstories that can be crucial when making a decision. Always try to ensure you have adequate information about the make and name of the company that made it originally. Antique furniture pieces can sometimes end up costing more than regular furniture.


Know the Type of Furniture

Not all types of furniture should be bought second-hand. It might be an excellent idea to purchase lawn chairs from a clearance sale or a recycling plant, but a mattress on the other hand might not be a good idea. Furniture that does not involve physical contact can be sourced from anywhere without any repercussions. 

This also includes the fact that bookshelves may be an excellent piece to buy used because of the nature of their use. A couch might not be a good idea if you plan on getting lumbar support or if you are put off by germs. 


Clean Gently


Clean Used furniture gently to avoid damage


When buying used furniture, you’ll eventually need to clean it. It’s always better to get a professional if the nature of the furniture is complex. For tables, bookshelves, and other simple pieces of furniture, it’s better to just use normal cleaning products. A light baking soda and vinegar mixture also does wonders.

Do not soak the entire furniture like that is harmful to the upholstery. Always try to dry in direct sunlight. Sunlight is also a great way of eliminating bacteria from different surfaces. It also helps with drying out the moisture trapped in the upholstery.


Buying used furniture is a very economical decision. It can help you spend more on other important items. Used furniture adds a lot of character and is worth the little hassle it takes to find exactly what you like. Buying second-hand furniture is also better for the environment and in the mounting global warming pressures.

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