Things You Need to Know About Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

Without a doubt, the Ghanta Ghar Faislabad is the most attractive Clock Tower that can be found in Pakistan. It is not only a representation of Faisalabad but also of a time that has long since passed.

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Overview of Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

The year 1896 saw the beginning of construction in Faisalabad. Its renowned clock tower was constructed on top of a well. Captain Beke, the deputy commissioner of Jhang, was the one who decided to build it. On November 14, 1903, Sir James Lyall laid the foundation stone for the building.


Construction of Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad


the Ghanta Ghar Faislabad is the most attractive Clock Tower that can be found in Pakistan


Earth was transported from the farms of Chak Ram Dewali, located on the Sargodha Road. It was used to fill the well, located in what is now the precise spot where the Clock Tower once stood. The Sangla Hill, approximately 50 kilometers away from here, was the source of the stone utilized in its construction.

After completing the Clock Tower, accomplished in two years for 40,000 rupees, a celebration was organized to honor its achievement. Mr Louis, who served as the financial commissioner for Punjab at the time, was the guest of honor.

This clock tower was finished in 1906 under the direction of Gulab Khan, a member of the same dynasty that constructed the Taj Mahal in Agra. Gulab Khan was the supervisor of the construction. The clock originated in Bombay and was transported there.

The clock tower was thought to be constructed in remembrance of Queen Victoria, who had passed away a good eighty years before its construction. When this tower was erected, all eight bazaars had already begun their business operations.

The architect Desmond Yong designed the map of Faisalabad to look like a duplicate of the Union Jack flag that represents the United Kingdom. However, the actual design on which this city is built was created by Sir Ganga Ram, who was a well-known town planner during his period.

This city was designed based on his design. In a circular configuration, eight bazaars and a clock tower were constructed on a total land area of 110 square acres. All these eight bazaars are linked using a ninth bazaar named Goal Bazaar.

Although the Clock Tower is in good condition and does not require repairs from the exterior even at the age of 100 due to the high quality of construction material used, the structure’s interior requires immediate care from the authorities responsible.


Location of Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

The districts of Samundri and Toba Tek Singh were merged to form the districts of Lyallpur in 1904. In 1903, the British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Charles Rivaz, along with the Mian family of Abdullahpur, were responsible for laying the basis for what would later become Ghanta Ghar.

It is said on a plaque that can be seen at the base of the clock tower that the loyal inhabitants of Chenab Colony created the structure as a tribute to Queen Victoria.

The historic area of Faisalabad revolves around Ghanta Ghar, which acts as the district’s focal point. It combines traditional British and Mughal architecture elements and serves as a prime example of how the old and the new can live in the same space.

Because the layout of the old city was patterned after the Union Jack, the tower was situated in the middle of a plaza surrounded by four major roads: Circular Road, Kotwali Road, Regal Road, and Sargodha Road. The Clock Tower and the surrounding bazaars can be accessed most easily via these four routes.

The layout of the city was modelled after the Union Jack, which is the national flag of the United Kingdom. About eight separate markets or bazaars can be seen in the area surrounding the clock tower. Each one was given a name that reflected the perspective from which it was viewed.

As a result, the Clock Tower will likely continue to serve as the epicentre of all commercial activity in Faisalabad. The Clock Tower has a highly significant role in the city’s development.


Importance of Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad

The Ghanta Ghar Clock Tower is the only one of its kind in the city. The majority of people are ignorant of the fact that the British created the first clock tower in Faisalabad, which is located outside of the building that houses the Irrigation Department.

On its summit was a clock that tolled the hours and pointed toward the city. Additionally, the summit included an arrow that pointed in that direction. The British would ring the bell to call locals to the town square for tax collection or to deliver important messages. A rain metre was affixed to the top of the tower so that rainfall could be measured.

Following the construction of the first clock tower, other structures like railroads and electrical cables were built. The Gumti and the Qaisari Darwaza were the first two memorials that the villagers built in honour of Queen Victoria on the occasion of her birthday. The Muslims were dissatisfied with their community because there was no memorial to Queen Victoria in their territory.

Muslims and members of other religious minorities collaborated with the British administration to build a second clock tower, which is now referred to as the Ghanta Ghar. It includes inscriptions in four different languages, one each for the Christian, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim communities.

Because of its commitment to inclusive representation and its use of distinctive architecture, Ghanta Ghar has emerged as the focal point of interest in the city. Every political party hosts a rally at this location at some point during the election season. They are the protesters. This location is frequently used by religious organisations for processions and demonstrations. The Mayor of Faisalabad gives a speech to the assembled people in order to convey to them any pertinent information.


Bazaars around Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad


the Ghanta Ghar Faislabad is the most attractive Clock Tower that can be found in Pakistan


8 Markets Surrounding the Clock Tower The city of Ghanta Ghar, Faisalabad, offers such a wide variety of goods available that it will blow your mind. It dwarfs anything else in existence. These eight bazaars each provide a distinct range of products for purchase at wholesale and retail levels.

You can acquire everything you choose, ranging from a low price to a high price and from a low quality to a high quality.  You will not have enough time to visit all eight bazaars in a single day. To tour all of the shops in a single bazaar in a single day, you will need a whole day.

When compared to the other bazaars in the area surrounding the Ghanta Ghar, each bazaar offers a significantly distinct selection of goods for sale. You may be constantly reading about the Eight Bazaars that are located around the clock tower in Faisalabad, and you may be wondering with questions that are continually resolving in your mind as what these bazaars are and what their names are.


Katchery Bazzar Faisalabad

This bazaar is devoted to mobile phones of various makes and models, each of which may be purchased for a different amount. In this marketplace, you’ll be able to buy and sell smartphones of any brand. In addition, you can buy mobile phones and a wide variety of mobile phone accessories, such as phone covers, headphones, earbuds, wireless hands-free, data cables, and many other items.

The selection of mobile phone accessories is enormous. A wholesale market known as “Siddique Plaza” can be found behind the Hatchery Bazaar in Faisalabad. This market may be accessed through the backyard of the Bazar.

This bazaar also features a section known as the “Sports Market,” which sells apparel and equipment for a variety of sports under a variety of different brand names. You will also come across the “Sunehri Market,” which is a place where you can get affordable home appliances, eyeglasses, glasses, wristwatches, and wall clocks.


Chiniot Bazaar Faisalabad

In the Eight Markets Surrounding the Clock Tower in Faisalabad, The sale of medicinal items is the only thing that takes place at this fair. Chiniot Bazaar in Faisalabad is where you may purchase an extensive selection of homeopathic, ayurvedic, and other medicines that local medical professionals suggest.

Some of the sellers buy the drugs at wholesale prices. Then, they sell them at medical stores spread out across Faisalabad’s many neighborhoods. In addition to the various pharmaceuticals, this location has an extensive assortment of medical supplies and devices.

This bazaar sells a wide variety of goods, including diapers for children, equipment for losing weight, and a great deal more, all at rates that are so low that virtually anyone can afford to buy them.


Aminpur Bazaar Faisalabad

Aminpur Bazaar in Faisalabad is the location for you to fulfill this wish if you are a lover of books and want to read novels that range from the fantastic to the genuine to those with a religious theme.

You may also acquire ornamental goods to decorate residences for weddings and birthday celebrations. These things include birthday party decorations and wedding ceremony decorations.

This bazaar is home to many card printing companies, many of which enjoy a stellar reputation and are well-known around the city. A vast selection of Islamic books is available, each written by an accomplished Muslim scholar.

In addition, the Qur’an, the Qur’an with tajweed, and the Qur’an with an Urdu translation are all available for purchase.


Bhawana Bazaar Faisalabad

You can find cooking equipment such as energy savers, cooking ranges, cooking ovens, microwave ovens, or electric ovens here. You may also buy other electronic devices, such as LED light bulbs, air conditioners, air coolers, gas and electric heaters, wall, ceiling, and pedestal fans, etc.

At this bazaar, in addition to these electrical goods, you can also purchase an excellent choice of tableware and shoes for adults and children of all ages. You may pick up an LED television or a musical sound system from this location at very reasonable prices to satisfy your entertainment needs.


Jhang Bazaar Faisalabad

I highly recommend visiting Jhang Bazaar in Faisalabad for anyone who enjoys eating authentic local cuisine. This bustling marketplace has stores selling various fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables. This particular bazaar is one of the 8 Bazaars, and it is home to the illustrious Butt Karahi Centre restaurant.

In addition, a wide variety of wholesome fish is available for purchase. Fresh forms of mutton, beef, and poultry are all obtainable in this location.


Montgomery Bazaar Faisalabad

Montgomery Bazaar in Faisalabad is your ideal destination if you are interested in fashion. It is the finest market for you to visit because it sells wholesale beauty items for both men and women. A diverse selection of men’s grooming gear is available in this market. In addition, you may get sweets and candies from general stores in large quantities and at factory prices.


Karkhana Bazaar

This bazaar sells various laundry supplies, including detergent and soap explicitly designed for different garments. At Karkhana Bazaar in Faisalabad, you’ll find a variety of goods, such as shoes and clothes for men.


Rail Bazaar

The Rail Bazaar in Faisalabad is famous for machinery and replacement parts of motors. On the flip side, this market also sells various plumbing products, accessories, and bathroom items.

At the back of this bazaar, there are also some wholesale shops. You can purchase the goods of sanitary equipment of various sorts at varying rates. It is a good market for buying multiple hardware components.


Places near Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad




Some of the famous places in Faislabad near Ghanta Ghar include:


Lyallpur Museum Faisalabad

The city’s history and culture have been preserved within these museum walls. Inside the museum, there are close to 10 different galleries to explore.


Jinnah Gardens

This cemetery laid Sir Charles James Lyall to rest. It honors Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah by bearing the name of the country’s founder.


Iqbal Stadium

Iqbal Stadium is one of the best places to watch cricket in Pakistan. It has a capacity of 18,000 spectators. The stadium also hosted 25 test matches and 14 one-day internationals (ODIs). Formerly known as Lyallpur Stadium, National Stadium, and City Stadium, these venues currently go by their current titles.

So these are all the things you need to know about Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad. For more informative blogs, visit the Graana blog.

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