Tips for Investing in Real Estate on Installment Plans

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Out of all the small scale investment options available in Pakistan, investing in real estate is one of the most attractive ones. Property investment has further been made simple due to easy installment plans offered by developers, which also adds to the affordability factor of these properties. If you’re interested in investing in real estate on installment plans, but are unaware of the rules and regulations involved in the process, we have you covered., Pakistan’s smartest property portal,  brings you some of the most useful tips that can guide you through your real estate investment on installment plans. 


Tips to Help You Invest in Real Estate on an Installment Plan


Following are some of the tips that will help you buy a property without making common mistakes on an installment plan.


  • Thorough Research
  • Evaluating the Location
  • Checking the Legalities
  • Keeping up With New Developments
  • Follow the Rules


Thorough Research

Conducting thorough research before jumping into any venture is really important. Start off by getting information about the local real estate market and the price trends for the kind of property that you wish to invest in. It is a fundamental step for investing in a property through a transfer plan. This will prevent you from overspending your capital when you make a deal.


Almost all the newly launched real estate projects in the country provide a convenient floor plan, helping the buyers in comparing different projects and making the choice that suits their budget and preferences.
Carefully check all the amenities and the facilities that come with each project as these factors can significantly affect the value of the property.


If you’re looking for a contemporary house that offers facilities for modern living, you should look for properties that provide security, upscale amenities, and an easy access to the city. On the other hand, if you want to invest in an apartment, a working elevator with a backup power supply is an additional facility that you should look for.


Evaluating the Location


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The next important factor that you should carefully think about is the location of the property. Sometimes, the property may offer all the facilities and amenities as per your taste, but its location may not be suitable for you. In such a case, it would be wise to avoid that property and look for some other property with a location that better suits you.


Several factors can affect the suitability of the location of a property. For instance, crime rate, access to the main city area, roads and parking areas, and availability of local transport are important factors that should be considered.


In real estate investment, buyers tend to make the most compromises. However, you should never invest in a property with a location that has several negative aspects, as their value drops over time. It is recommended to invest in a property with a development plan and has access to all the main roads of the city.


Checking the Legalities


A large-scale crackdown on illegal residential societies and encroachment was witnessed in recent years throughout the country. This has made it essential to always double-check the property before investing in it, and make sure that it has no legal issues.
You can verify the legal owner of a property through companies such as PropSure.


Keeping up With New Developments


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Staying informed and keeping yourself updated with the new trends, laws, and development plans is vital if you are going to invest in real estate on an instalment plan.

You should keep up with the latest developments like balloting, possession, handling over and so on. Sometimes developers also offer special discounts to the investors. You can enjoy these privileges only if you stay well-informed about the latest news in the real estate market.

Follow the Rules


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Following the rules and regulations is a must if you want the process of buying a property on an instalment basis to go smoothly. For tracking all the documents regarding transactions, you would have to pay frequent visits to the developer’s office. Keep a record of every single payment and document all the installments just to be on the safe side. 


To follow the rules, it is essential that you know about them. Generally, the down payment is 10-15% of the initial amount you have paid to the builder. After that, you are supposed to pay either biannually, monthly, or quarterly installments. 


Ensure the timely payments of all installments, and follow the guidelines closely. Following these rules will be helpful for you to attain timely ownership of the property. Also, they will let you maintain your good reputation as a real estate investor. 


These were some of the essential tips that can be of great help to you and guide you before making an investment in real estate.


Top Projects Where you Can Invest Through an Installment Plan

Following are some of the top projects where you can invest in the real estate sector on the basis of installments.



Imarat group of companies, a well-renowned developer, has launched these projects. The investors can opt to invest in these projects on the basis of installment plans. This service facilitates people with low budgets to have the opportunity to make a safe and easy investment in the real estate sector. They can easily pay the monthly, quarterly, or biannual installments, and own a property within the specified time frame.


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