Top Real Estate Investors in Pakistan

famous real estate investors pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate sector has shaped significantly well over the past decades. This development and success can be credited to all the top real estate investors in Pakistan who have contributed to the reformation of this industry. 

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These businessmen have made their names working simultaneously in multiple sectors. In addition to fame and profits, their years of hard work have yielded them massive acknowledgements for their work., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled this list of the top real estate investors in Pakistan famous for their contributions to the industry. 


Top Real Estate Investors in Pakistan

Looking at the journey of these business tycoons, their efforts have been tremendous in making real estate empires that have revived the employment, trust, and development levels of this industry. 

Let’s look at the real estate angel investors list mentioned as follows.


Investor NameOccupationNet Worth (US Dollars)
Mian ManshaBusiness Mogul$3.7 Billion
Sadruddin HashwaniBusiness Mogul $3.1 Billion
Asif Ali ZardariPolitician$1.8 Billion
Malik RiazBusiness Mogul$1.5 Billion
Aleem KhanPolitician$1.5 Billion
Salman IqbalBusiness Mogul$1.5 Billion
Rafiq M. HabibBusiness Mogul$950 Million
Bayram D. AvariBusiness Mogul$370 Million
Noor Alam KhanPolitician$220 Million


Mian Mansha


Mian Mansha, Chairman Nishat Group of Companies and biggest real estate investor in Pakistan


Mian Mansha is a renowned business mogul of Pakistan with a vast empire of businesses under his name. He is the Chairman and founder of Nishat Group of Companies and is the highest taxpayer in Pakistan. 

Mian Mansha’s businesses yield him more than 3.5 billion dollars per annum, making him the richest man in Pakistan. Mansha’s roots are from Faisalabad, and his company is spread across all sectors and industries in Pakistan. 

His company, Nishat Real Estates Development Company Pvt. Limited is a Lahore-based brand under which Mansha expedited his real estate business of construction and development.
Some of his very famous projects are the designer Nishat Hotels and Emporium in Lahore. 


Sadruddin Hashwani


Sadruddin-Hashwani, Chairman of Hashoo Group of Companies and one of the biggest real estate investors of Pakistan


Founder and Chairman of Hashoo Group of Companies, Sadruddin Hashmi is a businessman with a vast business empire under his brand. 

He is popularly known for his brand, Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts which is spread vastly across major cities in Pakistan. Hashwani was mentioned by Forbes as the third wealthiest Pakistani with a net worth of an estimated 3 billion dollars. 

Currently, Hashoo Group is extending their brand among the top national real estate investors, by launching a housing society for farmhouses & resorts in Margalla hills. These hotels will be situated just 20km distance from Pir Sohawa.

Hashoo Group specializes in the real estate hospitality sector by bringing forth innovation in investment plans. Because of his unmatched efforts, he has managed to become one of the biggest real estate investors in Pakistan


Asif Ali Zardari


Former President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari


Pakistan’s former president and chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari has a renowned profile of being a successful businessman in various real estate sectors of the country. 

Besides his expertise in politics, he has pursued investment in agricultural and commercial real est, leading him to become one of the biggest real estate investors in Pakistan. 

Zardari owns hundreds of acres of agricultural land in Sind and commercial and residential property in major cities of Sindh province. 

It is also believed that Asif Ali Zardari is one of the key investors of Malik Riaz (CEO of Bahria Town) ‘s projects. As per declared assets, Zardari is known to possess more land than any other Pakistani, making him the biggest real estate investor in Pakistan. 


Malik Riaz


Malik Riaz, CEO Bahria Town, real estate investors in Pakistan


Malik Riaz is undeniably the biggest name amongst Pakistan’s institutional real estate investors. He started his real estate career initially as a contractor and made his way to developing Pakistan’s most significant housing scheme i.e. Bahria Town. 

He gained experience in developing housing schemes from his project for a gated community for the Pakistan Navy’s Bahria Foundation. 

Progressing from there, he has managed to deliver exceptional projects under his brand, Bahria Town. Today, Malik Riaz has managed to become an epitome of quality in real estate, with luxury housing societies, model towns, and housing schemes spread all over Pakistan. 

People from all over the country measure the quality of real estate projects with Bahria Town and trust Malik Riaz with all projects in this sector.


Aleem Khan


Aleem Khan, Politician, Landlord and Real estate investor in Pakistan


Aleem Khan is a famous Pakistani Politician, who is counted as one of the senior leaders of the present ruling party of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

He has remained a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab since 2018. In addition to this, he served as the Senior Minister of Punjab and Minister of Food, alongside his contribution to the business sector of Pakistan. 

In 2007, Aleem Khan launched Samaa TV which made its way to the country’s list of top news channels. Not only this, but Aleem Khan also owns Vision Group, and has recently launched Capital Smart City in Islamabad.

Park View City is a vast land developed for residential and commercial plots and is founded under the development of Vision Group.


Salman Iqbal


Salman Iqbal CEO ARY Group


Salman Iqbal is the CEO of ARY Group and has recently joined the list of property investors in Pakistan. 

His real estate businesses received a lot of acknowledgement and speculation and are now progressing with the innovative idea of launching the biggest laguna residence project in Pakistan.

ARY Laguna is a project of Salman Iqbal joint with the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). This project is the first in itself, with an artificial beach, resorts, commercial and residential buildings, and the tallest building in South Asia. 

This massive real estate investment by Salman Iqbal makes him one of the biggest investors in the country. 


Rafiq M. Habib


Rafiq Habib, Former Chairman Habib House of Companies, CEO of Capital Smart City


The former head of the House of Habib, Rafiq M. Habib is a famous businessman known for his trading enterprise. 

He is the owner of Pakistan’s leading bank, Habib Bank Limited, along with many agricultural companies, and even the owner of Habib University and schools. 

After spanning the business sectors of Pakistan, Mr. Rafiq stepped into the real estate business with the power move of launching Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City

Both these projects are progressing rapidly in terms of development and investment, and are creating a brand in themselves. 

His excellence in business and the brilliance of his strategies in multiple industries and now real estate is a leading example of how to become successful real estate investors for people who are looking to learn. 


Bayram D. Avari


Byram Avari, Chairman Avari Group


Bayram D. Avari is the Chairman of Avari Group of Companies. He is the owner of the Five-Star hotel chain Avari Towers which are branched out in Karachi and Lahore. 

Bayram D. Avari owns multiple properties in not only Pakistan but also in UAE and Canada. Bayram is a Karachi-based businessman with a leading real estate hospitality business.


Noor Alam Khan


Noor Alam Khan, Politician and Real Estate Investor in Pakistan Politician and R


Peshwar-based politician and landlord Noor Alam Khan is popularly known as the highest tax-paying parliamentarian. Alongside his contribution as a politician, he is famous for his services as a public servant and property manager. 

Recently, there are various news sources making rounds across the media about a joint venture of Noor Alam Khan with Malik Riaz for Bahria Town Peshawar. 

Noor Alam’s core assets include several agricultural lands and commercial properties spanned across the country. 

If you have any questions about investing in Pakistan’s real estate, you can refer to Graana blog. 

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