Top 5 Locations to Buy a Commercial Plot in Multan

Multan, also known as the ‘City of Saints’ is among those districts that play a great role in the development of Pakistan. The city holds great potential for religious tourism and has great significance from the perspective of archaeology. Therefore, it is under the continuous influx of archaeologists and religious tourists who come to visit the sites that the city offers. The city stretches over an area of 3721sqkm whereas the total number of Tehsils in Multan are 4. The industries in Multan are primarily related to primary products, the most common are ginning factories, textile mills, and flour mills. This fact proves that the city has a lot to offer to investors; moreover, the fact also proves that the city can become a ground for initiating economic activities in the manufacturing and services sector.

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In this backdrop, through this blog brings ‘Top 5 Locations to Buy a Commercial plot in Multan’. Multan Development Authority (MDA) is the civic authority of the City which is entrusted with the authority for the urban management and development of the city. The list of top 5 locations for commercial plots are as follows


DHA, Phase 1

The first area where a commercial plot can be purchased is Phase-1 of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Multan. Still, in the developing phase, DHA Multan can provide numerous economic opportunities to the investors looking to start a commercial business in Multan. DHA Phase-1, Multan is situated adjacent to Bosan Road which is one of the major avenues of Multan city. Phase-1 is equipped with all the basic utilities and infrastructure that are prerequisites for starting a successful business.

Renowned University of Pakistan Bahauddin Zakariya University is also situated near Phase-1 similarly, the Institute of Southern Punjab is also situated beside DHA, Multan Phase-1 across the Bosan Road. Furthermore, there are several pharmacies situated on Bosan Road which can easily be accessed from Phase-1.

The prices of commercial plots in DHA, Multan Phase-1 are as under


Citi Housing, Phase 1

The next area in line is Citi Housing Phase 1. The project of Citi Housing is also approved by MDA and is situated on Bosan Road. The housing society is situated near DHA, Multan, and is equipped with all the basic infrastructure and facilities. Some of the prominent features of Citi Housing Phase 1 include security services, gated community, fire brigade, and electricity backup.

To meet the daily needs of residents various markets are located near Phase-1 which can be accessed at walking distance. Markets of Askari Colony, Garden Town, and Shershah Town can be accessed from Phase-1. Similarly, educational institutes situated nearby Phase-1 can also be easily accessed. Some of the prominent educational institutes include Sir Syed College, FG Degree College for Women, and MNS University of Agriculture, and Bahauddin Zakariya University.

The prices of commercial in Citi Housing, Phase 1 are given below


Citi Housing, Phase 2

Phase-2 of the Citi Housing scheme is another convenient area for potential buyers who are in search of buying a commercial plot in Multan. The phase-2 is situated on Shujabad Road which also leads to Multan Road. The prominent features of phase-II are similar to Citi Housing Phase-1 which includes digital and manual security, uninterrupted electricity, and modern infrastructure. It is being envisioned that phase-2 will become a central point of the city.

Citi Housing, Phase 2 is surrounded by other housing societies like MDA Officers Resident Colony, and Lalazar Colony. The city’s famous Nishtar Hospital is also situated nearby phase-2 on Nishtar Road. Different medical stores can also be easily accessed from Phase-2.

The prices of commercial plot in Citi Housing, Phase 2 are as follows


Fatima Jinnah Town

The next in the table is Fatima Jinnah Town, Multan. The town is composed of 6 phases and ranges from Blocks A-J. Fatima Jinnah Town is nearby Vehari Road which increases its accessibility moreover, the town is also approved by MDA which increases its significance. Owing to the easy access to public transport, Fatima Jinnah Town can be accessed from anywhere in the city.

The residents of Fatima Jinnah Town can easily access Metro Feeder Buses which can easily take them to their destinations. Similarly, various markets in the vicinity of Fatima Jinnah Town cater to the daily needs of residents, for example, the main market in Mumtazabad Colony. Some educational institutions are also in the range of Fatima Jinnah Town, Allama Iqbal Open University is 5kms away from Fatima Jinnah Town. Furthermore, Virtual University is also at the same distance from Fatima Jinnah Town.

The price of the commercial plot in Fatima Jinnah Town is given below


MPS Road

Areas adjacent to Multan Public School (MPS) Road can provide investors with commercial spaces for setting up business in Multan. MPS road runs parallel to Multan by-pass, numerous housing societies are also situated along MPS road which can prove beneficial in attracting consumers for new businesses. An intersection on MPS road also leads to Bahauddin Zakariya University, The areas adjacent to MPS road are equipped with basic amenities and can cater to the needs of potential buyers.

The prices of the commercial plot along MPS Road are as follows

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