Construction Management Software to improve RE business

Construction management software is specifically designed to meet the business needs of builders, contractors, designers, and architects.

enttconsagemen managemWith the technological advancements disrupting conventional norms in science and technology, the mode of doing real estate business is also transforming at a very high pace. It is one of the sectors that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Apart from traditional methodologies, investors, realtors and construction companies are also using construction management software to conduct efficient and effective business operations across the country.

If you are a realtor looking for a management platform, you are at the right place.

This blog by brings you a concise list of top construction management software to improve your RE business model.


Importance of Construction Management Software


Construction management software is specifically designed to meet the business needs of builders, contractors, designers, and architects. According to Brigit McCarthy from, the primary goal of these management software is to increase revenue and prevent overruns and associated risks. The automation and efficiency rate of the software save tons of capital and other resources for the companies. 


List of Top Construction Management Software


Construction Management Software




Financial management.

Production calendars.



$55 /Month per user.


Financial management.

Productivity tool.

Communication platform.

The fee depends on the company needs.

Contractors Software Group

Software training.



Customer service.


The fee depends on the company needs.

Oracle Aconex

Financial management.

Production calendars.

Cost estimation.


The fee depends on the company needs.

SGS Group

Project life cycle report.

Supply chain management.

Asset management.

Project planning.

The fee depends on the company needs.


1. JobProgress


JobProgress is a construction management software used by the masses to optimize their operations.


JobProgress is a cloud-based business platform that helps contractors, builders and architects. It is highly flexible, customisable and easy to use. If you are someone who wants to grow a profitable business, then you should test JobProgress for your business operations. 

With its user experience and unbeatable features, it is considered one of the best construction management software.

Some of the features offered by JobProgress include

  • Automated Estimation with tracking.
  • Easy Financial management.
  • Staff and Production Calendars
  • Customizable Workflow sheets.
  • Tracking for multiple jobs.
  • Clear and useful Reports.
  • Quickbooks.
  • WordPress.
  • Social media management.
  • Mapping & Navigation, VoiceNote / PhotoDraw.
  • Customer Relationship Tools and Stats.


2. Procore Construction Management Software


Procore is an excellent construction management software used by realtors across the globe.


Procore is another construction management platform known for its user-friendly interface and a huge selection of cloud-based services. The software is specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses and large corporations. 

With the help of Procore, you can easily manage construction projects, finance data, and other related resources. The platform has different packages with different prices, depending on the demands and needs of the clients.

Some of the features offered by Procore include

  • Accounting Integration.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Design Coordination.
  • Estimation.
  • Developers/API.
  • Field Productivity.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Quality & Safety management.
  • Tender Management.
  • Trust & Security.


Here is the overview of Procore construction management software



3. Contractors Software Group


Contractors Software Group can optimize your real estate operations in a short duration of time.


Contractors software group is another well-known name in the real estate industry. It is a company known among the masses due to its experienced sales staff, training, and support.

The platform has successfully partnered with certified distributors, dealers, sales agents and consultants to expand their services. Apart from providing software, the group also helps you learn the software to avail yourself of maximum benefits out of the software.

Some of the services offered by the company include

  • Job cost accounting software.
  • Construction scheduling.
  • Project management.
  • Construction CRM.
  • Technical support service.
  • Customer support service.


4. Oracle Aconex


Oracle aconex is a software that can streamline your business model


Oracle Aconex is one of the most well-known construction management software.

The platform ensures flexibility, control, low risk and well-connected teamwork. With the implementation of Oracle Aconex, businesses can improve efficiency, project factors, construction coordination, cost allocation, document and other related construction tasks.

Some of the services provided by Oracle include

  • Fast document processing.
  • Data management.
  • HR management.
  • Custom workflows.
  • Workflow tracking.
  • Reporting.
  • Real-time analysis.
  • Project management.
  • Integrated Cost Management.
  • Quality and Safety Processes.
  • Unparalleled Service and Support.


5. SGS Group


SGS Group is another software provider known for their top notch customer experiences


SGS Group is Pakistan based construction management software provider that gives supervision, commissioning and inspection services to contractors, business owners and investors. The group covers the whole construction cycle by preventing technical issues, construction errors and budgeting issues.

The group has served some well-known public institutions, private investors, real estate owners, insurers and construction companies.

Some of the services given by SGS Group include

  • Effective planning. 
  • Scheduling and budgeting. 
  • Availability and delivery of quality raw material.
  • Logistic management.
  • Personnel management. 


These are some of the best construction management software that can improve your business by leaps and bounds. If you want to bring efficiency into their business operations, implement one of this management software today. According to MBN (Market Business News), RE software can give a competitive edge to the real estate companies in Pakistan.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the topic, let us know in the comments section below. We will be more than glad to answer your questions.

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