Transferring Property in DHA Lahore: A Brief Guide

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is one of the most well-liked neighbourhoods in Lahore for both investors and regular home buyers alike because of its cutting-edge infrastructure, opulent amenities, and high-quality lifestyle.

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You should start preparing for the transfer process if you have recently signed a sales agreement for a home in the neighbourhood, or if you have plans to invest in this upmarket housing society. This would allow you to acquire the house or plot you have bought legally.

We’ve put together a thorough guide explaining the property transfer process in DHA, Lahore because some individuals find this step of the property buying process a little overwhelming.

Defence Housing Authority is divided into several phases, with Phases 6, 7, and 8 being the most preferred areas for property purchases. It is easily accessible via Lahore Ring Road. For each phase, there is a uniform transfer fee and procedure.

However, you should be aware that there are three primary categories of property transfer procedures in DHA, Lahore before we start our discussion:

  • The standard technique for transferring property
  • Property transfer in Hiba
  • The procedure for legal heirs to transfer property, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a complete list of all the paperwork you will need to transfer property in DHA, Lahore.


Types of Property Transfer in DHA Lahore
Regular Transfer
Hiba Transfer for Gifted Property
Transfer of Property to Legal Heirs

Regular Transfer


Transfer Procedure of housing societies


The regular transfer procedure is rather simple in DHA. First, you must first file for a No Demand Certificate (NDC). A request form for an NDC is available at the DHA Office Reception.

Then, make an appointment with the DHA Office’s Transfer Branch division. Both the buyer and the seller must come to the branch on the day of the transfer to turn in the necessary paperwork.

The applicable government fees and the DHA membership fee have to be paid at the Customer Care Counter within 30 days. Once the documents have been received, the customer service representative will issue you a receipt. You must bring this receipt and your Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) to pick up the transfer letter.


Documents Needed for a Regular Transfer

The following papers are necessary for a typical property transfer procedure in DHA, Lahore:

  • Original letter of allocation or transfer
  • The original transfer or sales deed for a registered plot, coupled with the seller’s and buyer’s affidavits
  • A letter of forwarding bearing the purchaser’s name, the property’s information, and the seller’s signatures
  • A PKR 50 stamp paper affidavit signed and sealed by the Oath Commissioner
  • No Demand Certificate
  • Undertaking of property purchase by the buyer
  • Two copies of the buyer’s CNIC, attested by the Oath Commissioner
  • Two copies of the seller’s CNIC, attested by the Oath Commissioner
  • A Class One Officer’s certification of two passport-size photos
  • Forms IT-5 and CVT-1


Fee Charged on Regular Property Transfer

Property transfer charges in DHA Lahore:

  • Associate Membership Application: 1,000 Pakistani Rupees
  • Registration for Associate Membership is PKR 45,000
  • Cantonment Board transfer tax of 3%
  • Stamp duty levied (paid after the transfer)
  • Charges for urgent transfers: 34,000 PKR


Hiba Transfer for Gifted Property


A hand places a gift wrapped house on another hand


When transferring a gift of property, it is important to submit a registered gift deed.

One must first register for an NDC and get a transfer appointment from the Customer Care Counter if they have given their property in DHA, Lahore, to their parents, children, or spouse. The donor and donee will visit the Transfer Branch area on the scheduled appointment day with two witnesses, present their paperwork, and sign a gift deed.

The customer service representative will take the paperwork and provide you with a receipt, which you must present at the counter with your CNIC to get the transfer letter.

Please see our tutorial on the subject for additional information on registering a gift deed in Pakistan.


Documents Needed

In the event of a Hiba, the following documents are necessary for the property transfer procedure in DHA, Lahore:

  • Certificate of No Demand
  • Original Letter of Allocation or Transfer (for cancellation)
  • Letter of forwarding
  • PKR 50 stamp paper with a gift deed that the Oath Commissioner attested
  • PKR 50 stamp paper, attested by the Oath Commissioner, of assurance of acceptance by the donee
  • Copy of the donor, donee, and witnesses’ CNICs, attested by a regular member, a Class One Officer, or the Oath Commissioner
  • Two legally valid, blue-background pictures of the donee (passport-size)
  • Original transfer or sales deed for registered plots, as well as seller and buyer affidavits for the surrender of the deed
  • Forms IT-5 and CVT-1


Hiba Transfer Property Fees in DHA Lahore

The DHA, Lahore, transfer fees for gifts of property are as follows:

  • Transfer charge based on plot size
  • Registration form for associate membership: 1,000 PKR
  • Registration costs for associate members are 45,000 PKR
  • Stamp duty levied (paid after the transfer)
  • Charges for urgent transfers: 34,000 PKR


Transfer of Property to Legal Heirs


A hand places a key in a child's hands


When a property owner passes away, their house or plot is given to their legal heirs. In this situation, the method of transferring property is comparable to the standard transfer process.

The heirs will schedule a time, make the necessary submissions to the Customer Services Officer at the Customer Care Centre, and then collect the receipt. The legal heir(s) will visit the Transfer Branch with their original CNIC to pick up the Transfer Letter after receiving a confirmation letter from the Transfer Branch.

Additionally, a legal heir may designate another legal heir to accept the transfer letter on their behalf if they are not in the country by providing an authorisation letter submitted by the Pakistani Embassy.


Documents Required

Following the owner’s passing, the following papers must be submitted to DHA, Lahore, for the property transfer process:

  • The letter of allocation, transfer, or initial allotment
  • A Civil Judge’s declaratory judgment naming the legal heir
  • Proprietary owner’s duly verified death certificate
  • All legal heirs’ copies of the CNIC, duly attested
  • Each legal heir must have two passport-size photos taken against a blue backdrop and have them attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Two announcements featuring the owner’s picture announcing their passing (which will be printed in an English and Urdu newspaper)
  • Legal heirs’ membership form(s)


HIBA Property Transfer Fees DHA Lahore

The DHA, Lahore, transfer fees for the legal heir(s) are as follows:

  • Original membership challan of payment
  • Based on the size of the plot, the transfer price
  • Fee for court confirmation

This is a complete guide to the property transfer process in DHA Lahore, in order to read more on the matter of property transfer, visit Graana blog.

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