List of Wedding Halls in Islamabad features the finest wedding halls in Islamabad.

Two individuals joining hands in matrimony – a truly joyous occasion, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. The perfect complement to such a big day could only be a lavish wedding venue in the suburbs of Islamabad. With Pakistani traditions of going all-out on weddings, why hold back on the venue, especially with so many renowned wedding halls in Islamabad available.

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With several marriage halls dotted all over Islamabad, it can be quite the predicament to choose the right one for your wedding. To ease the problem,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a list of some of the best wedding halls in Islamabad.


Wedding Halls in Islamabad

With a splendid variety of wedding halls in Islamabad, it can be a tedious task to sort through hundreds of marquees. Following is a list of some of the best marriage halls in Islamabad.

Monal MarqueeMain Service Road, Margalla Road E-11.
Aura Grande ComplexMain Margalla Road, E-11/4
Rawal Wedding MarqueeBani Gala
Serena HotelSector G-5
RamadaClub Road, adjacent to Rawal Lake
Haveli HallNear Lohi Bher, Islamabad Expressway
Fortress MarqueeMadina Town, Islamabad Expressway


Monal Marquee


Monal Marquee is one of the best wedding halls in Islamabad.


Situated in E-11, Monal Marquee offers a unique experience, one embedded with elegance and tradition. The marquee offers clients a wide range of services, ranging from a palate of international cuisines to essentials such as baby changing rooms and bridal rooms.

What sets the marquee apart is its extravagant décor and contemporary architecture, giving guests a truly royal feel. Moreover, the entire hall is studded with artistic woodwork, granite floors, and eloquent chandeliers, making your special evening a night to remember.


Aura Grande Complex


Aura Grande is one of Islamabad's premier marriage halls.


Another one of E-11’s extensive wedding halls, Aura Grande Complex is one of Islamabad’s premier marriage halls. With its eye-catching décor and impressive accommodation, Aura Grande can surely make your event grand.

The complex has a total of four halls, with an accommodation of between 100 to 800 guests. Moreover, the management offers contingency planning as well, meaning the marquee can accommodate excess guests at a short notice. With such extensive services and impressive interiors, Aura Grande is surely a top-tier marriage hall in Islamabad.


Rawal Wedding Marquee


Rawal wedding marquee is the only marriage hall in Islamabad with a view of the lake.


Situated on the bank of Rawal lake, the Rawal wedding marquee offers a truly unique wedding experience. If you’re looking for an outdoor venue, this marriage hall in Islamabad should be your best option. The lakeside view coupled with the sunset makes for an unforgettable evening, making this marquee one of the most unique wedding halls in Islamabad.

The marquee offers indoor arrangements as well, and both options can be booked simultaneously for those looking for a grander event. Moreover, the hall’s location away from the turbulence of the city makes it all the more serene.


Serena Hotel


Serena Hotel is one of the most sophisticated weddings halls in Islamabad.


Islamabad’s only 5-star hotel doubles as a marriage hall, offering a sophisticated and unforgettable evening. The hotel offers accommodation for a few hundred people, enough for a fully-packed wedding. Moreover, you can choose from several wedding venues, ranging from the inner halls and the alfresco terrace to the backdrop of the rooftop pool.

The outdoor gardens and the view of the Margalla hills make for an enchanting backdrop for photoshoots and filmography.




Ramada is another hotel that doubles as a marriage hall in Islamabad.


Another hotel which doubles as a marriage hall in Islamabad, Ramada is a 4-star deluxe hotel situated on Rawal Lake. Most importantly, the hotel offers several wedding packages and accommodations such as in-house make-up artists, florists, and wedding planners.

What sets apart Ramada from other wedding halls in Islamabad is its superior food options, ranging from local to international cuisines. Moreover, the hotel offers living accommodation for the guests as well, therefore making the wedding highly convenient for guests from far-off places.


Haveli Hall


Haveli Hall is one of the most traditional wedding halls in Islamabad.


For a truly traditional wedding night, Haveli Hall stands out. Studded with traditional architecture and a unique interior, Haveli offers an evening filled with grandeur. Above all, The hall also offers several in-house services such as professional photography, floral banquets, exquisite wedding cakes, and filmography.

The hall’s location on the express highway makes it easily accessible to residents of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, traditional menu items are Haveli’s specialty, making their cuisine quite renowned.


Fortress Marquee


Fortress Marquee is another one of Islamabad's unique marriage halls.


Offering an evening just as majestic as its architecture, the Fortress Marquee is another marquee located on the Islamabad Expressway. The Mughal Era-inspired marriage hall is perfect for a traditional wedding. Moreover, the marquee is renowned for its floral services, in-house photography, and delectable banquet menu.

The marquee’s location on the express highway makes it quite convenient for residents of both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The in-house services coupled with its unique architecture certainly allow this marriage hall in Islamabad to stand apart from the rest.

With wedding’s being a once-in-a-lifetime event, making sure that every aspect of the wedding is a must. A lacklustre wedding hall can make all your efforts go in vain, so browse through our list and find the best wedding halls in Islamabad. For more information, visit Graana blogPakistan’s smartest property portal.


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