Most Expensive Sectors in Islamabad

expensive sectors in Islamabad

The capital city, besides being famous for its beauty, is also famous for the posh living standards that it offers. Because of its planned sectors, cleanliness, and serene atmosphere, most people don’t mind spending beyond their budget limit to buy a property in the most expensive sectors of Islamabad.

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But what exactly makes these sectors so expensive? The answer lies in its commercial and residential values, as well as its location close to the hills and the main markets of the city., Pakistan’s smartest property portal brings a detailed overview of the most expensive sectors in Islamabad. Let’s take a look. 


Who Is Living in the Expensive Sectors of Islamabad?

It is an understood fact that these highly expensive sectors in Islamabad are preferred for living and investment by millionaires, given that they can easily afford to live there. 

Most of the population living here consists of government officials, businessmen, politicians, and even foreigners. Since the sectors are posh and close to the best commercial areas, these sectors are a popular choice for foreigners. 


The 9 Most Expensive Sectors in Islamabad

The property value of houses and plots located in expensive sectors is based on how safe they are, and what areas are in their proximity i.e. parks, restaurants, markets etc. 

Most houses for sale are valued as per how close they are to the main areas, and how the trend increases over time proportional to their demand. All of these sectors fall under the list of CDA approved housing societies, making them ideal for investment and for living.

These expensive residential sectors of Islamabad are mentioned as follows.


SectorsExpensive Sub-Sector/RoadSize of Houses Estimated House Prices Upto (Rs.)
E-7Gomal Road5 Marla –  4  Kanal50 – 90 Crore
F-7Parveen Shakir Rd, Parbat Rd, Nazim-ud-din Rd, Bhittai Rd5 Marla – 4 Kanal42 – 80 Crore
F-6Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Hill Rd, School Rd5 Marla – 4 Kanal 27 – 35 Crore
F-8Kohistan Rd, Kaghan Road, Park Rd5 Marla – 4 Kanal20 – 30 Crore
F-10F-10/2, Sumbal Road5 Marla – 2 Kanal10 – 25 Crore
G-6Ataturk Avenue5 Marla – 2 Kanal15 – 38 Crore
F-11F-11/2, Hilal Road, Hamza Road5 Marla- 2 Kanal10 – 25 Crore
I-8Sector I-8/2, Tipu Sultan Road5 Marla- 2 Kanal7- 15 Crore
D-12D-12/1, D-12/45 Marla – 2 Kanal5 -18 Crore


Sector E-7


Car passing through Sector E-7, one of the most expensive sectors in Islamabad


E-7 is not just an expensive sector in Islamabad but also ranks as one of the most expensive areas in Pakistan. This area is home to many diplomats, foreigners and embassy officials, given it is right at the base of the Margalla hills. 

The sector has a range of luxury houses that go up to 4 kanals, and also encloses a commercial market area that has renowned restaurants and salons.


Sector F-7


Sector F-7 Islamabad Expensive Sector


F-7 is one of the most sought after sectors in Islamabad that connects to Faisal Avenue and Margalla Road, as well as a linking road, Nazim-Ud-Din Rd, which leads to Blue Area. 

Because of its prime location and easy access to the main sectors close by, F-7 leads as one of the most expensive sectors in the city. With lush green land around and carpeted roads, the sector encloses the top commercial areas with modern amenities and facilities for its residents.


Sector F-6


Sector F-6, Kohsar Market


Currently emerging as the second most expensive sector in Islamabad, F-6 is the home of posh cafes, homes, and brands that make up the vibe of the city. Kohsar Market F-6 and Beverly Center are two famous commercial areas in F-6 that are frequently visited by the elite class.

Because the sector comprises multiple embassies, the security of the area is always up to the mark. The close commercial space paved with designer brands and restaurants is a great option for foreign consulates. 

Due to its high commercial value, it also ranks high as a residential area, which is why it falls in the expensive range of real estate properties in the capital.


Sector F-8


Sector F-8, Expensive Sector in Pakistan


With a high geographical advantage, Sector F-8 is considered one of the most valued sectors as it is surrounded by major landmarks and well-settled neighbourhoods. 

The property value in this sector is very expensive on account of the infrastructure and the facilities available.  

The roads of this sector are well connected with other sectors, joining the rest of the areas inside and outside of the city. Sector F-8 comprises many head offices of big companies as well as buildings. 

Besides this, the main Islamabad Kechehri is also located in this sector, which is why the real estate value of this sector is very high. 


Sector F-10


View of Sector f-10, one of the expensive sectors of Islamabad


F-10 shares a border with Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9) and lies adjacent to Margalla Road. The sector has a big commercial area that caters top brands from across the country, as well as multiple restaurants. 

It is surrounded by an organized road network that keeps it connected with the surrounding areas and sectors. Because of its border with an active commercial area, F-10 is one of the most expensive areas of Islamabad with all luxury amenities and facilities nearby. 


Sector G-6


G-6 Expensive Sector in Islamabad


G-6 is one of Islamabad’s most prominent and expensive sectors. Its high value is relative to its location situated across Jinnah Avenue and Kashmir Highway, making it almost central to the commercial areas and other main sectors of the city.

Sector G-6 links to Blue Area and is a lush green area with clean carpeted roads. The area has famous markets and landmarks nearby such as Aabpaara and Shakarparian National Park. 

Because of its easy accessibility for the residents in G-6, the price trends have gone very high, especially in the areas that are close to Blue Area. 


Sector F-11


F-11, One of the most expensive sectors in Islamabad


F-11 is one of the most expensive areas in Islamabad. It caters to the posh living standards of bureaucrats and businessmen.  F-11 is a developed sector with elite commercial markets and facilities that add to the ease of people living in the area. 

F-11 shares a link road with F-10 and E-11, and also lies adjacent to Margalla Road. Besides expensive houses in the sector, there are also many apartments and housing schemes, such as the Naval Housing Scheme, which are located on Hilal Rd and contribute to the value of this sector. 


Sector I-8


Sector I-8, Expensive sectors in Islamabad


The I-8 sector has gradually developed into a highly expensive sector in Islamabad, just after the F sector range. The sector has gained the massive interest of investors who are looking for commercial and real estate properties. 

This sector is one of the most sought after locations in the capital because of its fast development and convenient access to twin cities. 

Besides the commercial market and top restaurants in the sector, I-8 also has several schools, colleges and hospitals nearby. 


Sector D-12


Sector D-12

D-12 is a scenic sector that is located right next to Margalla Hills, beside E-11. It is a developing sector and has already attracted the interest of real estate investors, because of which the property value of the sector has increased at a drastic rate.

The layout is similar to other sectors in the city, with developing commercial spaces and necessities available in the area. 


Keeping the above pointers in mind, it can be concluded that Islamabad’s sectors have always been subject to high property values due to the planned infrastructure of the city as well as the beauty of nature around. 

With time, these top sectors gained value based on the commercial value, location and security of the area.

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