Your Handy Guide to Having your own Home

A home is where the dreams dwell…

Homes come in all sorts of variations, sizes and colours. The descriptions range from contemporary style homes that may be narrow or flat to accommodate single-families or old-fashioned homes having multiple floors to cater to joint families, a concept very common in Pakistan.

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Regardless of where you want to live or move to, today the real estate market offers tons of options for different types of homes you can buy. For a more community-based living approach, there are condominiums or apartments. If you want to have a home, away from the bustle of the city, your choices might be relegated to apartments or housing societies built on the outskirts of the cities.

In the end, though, there’s no right choice for everyone. The search for your home is a personal journey that should take into account only you and your family’s needs. The basic questions for making a final decision on a home include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has and whether it has the space to fit your family comfortably or not. Practically speaking, knowing what kind of style of home would suffice the needs of your family beforehand will help you find a suitable dwelling.

This blog piece is to help give you an outlook to different types of houses available in the market, and further help you decide what kind of accommodation you are looking for. But remember that whatever you are looking for… finding your dream home is now easier with


1. Constructing New Homes:

As the heading says, one can always buy a plot and have houses constructed on the plots. Or if you already have a plot, now may be the right time to have a house constructed on it because of different factors like the price of purchasing a home already on the market.

There are some definitive pros when it comes to having your own home built. First and foremost, you get to decide the layout of your home yourself- what and how things will cater to your family, from the colors of the walls to the cabinets and flooring, your garden space and outdoor. Second, when you’re having your own home built, avoiding or overlooking issues is a big no. You can and will be taking all necessary measures by the risk assessment to avoid issues arising in the future.

One important factor to remember is your financial range, before going all out on building a house of your dreams. You should keep the quality of the material in mind, the better the quality, the more your cost budget increases. Quality is what every house should ensure since it is an investment of a lifetime for many the house may be passed onto generations.

So remember to make a checklist of your needs and keep in check your financial range, because building your own home is undoubtedly a costly process.

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2. Buying newly constructed homes:

If you decide not to have a new home built from scratch, then your go-to option is purchasing a newly constructed house or an apartment.

These homes also tend to be significantly costlier, but less than having your own home constructed. Houses and apartments can still be found at great prices, depending on the quality in the current real estate market.

Buying a newly constructed home has its pros. An existing home may be a better option if you find what you like in a particularly established neighbourhood which could be near work, school, friends or family.

The cons may be equal, like an existing home may be what you like but the price exceeds your financial range or vice versa. You may find something in your range but it might not exactly what you want. So unless you find a home which is exactly what you are looking for and is in perfect condition, you will have to spend additional money on remodelling and repairs, decorating and setting up either your indoors or outdoors or both. There could also be work needed to be done on landscaping.

These additional expenses can also be factored into the overall price when you are choosing amongst various properties and comparing the cost of building your own house.

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3. Previously owned houses:

Another option present in the real estate market is to purchase a house that was previously owned or occupied by a current owner or real estate agent.

In the current market, innumerable options for purchasing ‘used homes’ are present. The conditions and various factors may lead to incredible opportunities for negotiations. However, this can go either way. Many homeowners may be parting with their homes, so they can adjust or agree on paying less than they initially paid or expected. The conditions of the house play an equally important role in deciding whether or not the transaction takes place.

Undoubtedly, these homes are often much more affordable than buying brand new homes or building a new home altogether.

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Buying real estate of any kind is definitely a big decision that anyone makes because this is an investment that may stay with you forever. Therefore, for starters, you must know your options and your budget before selecting the best path, for this is a life you choose for yourself and your family.

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