16 Best Fuel Average Cars in Pakistan

16 Best Fuel Average Cars in Pakistan

People are looking for fuel-efficient cars for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that fuel prices are always rising in Pakistan. Driving a high-quality vehicle with low average fuel consumption can go a long way in saving money and reducing toxic emissions.

With the dire need to increase energy sustainability in current times, as well as reduce bills due to the intolerable fuel price increases, fuel-efficient cars are no longer considered a luxury but rather a pressing necessity.

Therefore, to help you save money on gas without compromising on your driving experience, Graana.com has put together a list of the best fuel-average cars in Pakistan below.


Suzuki Wagon R


White Suzuki Wagon R


Introduced in 2014, this car has a fuel efficiency of around 21.5 km/l. Wagon R is a front-engine hatchback vehicle and includes Suzuki’s brand-new K-series engine, which is quieter and more fuel-efficient than many other variants.

It has become a popular car of choice in the country due to its fantastic value for money. It is easily available in any automotive market. The car includes every necessary feature you would want in a budget-friendly car.

The automobile is spacious and light, and it performs and consumes fuel quite efficiently.


Mileage 14-17 km/l
Engine Capacity 1197 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L

Nissan Dayz


red nissan dayz


Nissan Dayz is a Japanese imported car that includes up-to-date and top-notch exterior, interior, and safety features. The newest addition to the Nissan 660cc automobile is the Nissan Dayz. Nissan has unveiled a new battery-assist technology to improve fuel economy. 

This JDM has an excellent fuel efficiency of 18–20 km/l. The internal soundproofing of this car explains its high level of construction quality, and its exterior shows more attention to detail than the newest sedans in Pakistan.


Mileage 18-20 km/l
Engine Capacity 660 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 27 L

Suzuki Alto


white suzuki alto


The Suzuki Alto is the ideal locally-produced car for those who are looking for cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency. The most affordable car on this list, it has a fuel-efficient R series engine that averages 18 to 22 kilometres per gallon.

Airbags, ABS brakes, retractable and auto-adjustable mirrors, and other safety measures are incorporated. Even automobiles that cost twice as much as this model lack some of these features.

The Suzuki Alto VX is the company’s entry-level model, and it costs Rs. 1,306,000 ex-factory. However, it is important to note that some of the safety measures listed above are only available in the VXL model.


Mileage 20-25 km/l
Engine Capacity 660 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 27 L

Daihatsu Mira ES

The Daihatsu Mira ES was released in 2011 by the Japanese carmaker Daihatsu. Utilising ES technology has resulted in a 40% boost in fuel efficiency as compared to a conventional engine.

The engine and transmission have improved, and the weight of the car has been reduced. The first version of the Mira ES was released in 2011, and the second generation was released in 2017.


Mileage 27-35 km/l
Engine Capacity 658 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 L

Nissan Mocco

The third-generation Nissan Moco was first made available in 2011. The most recent model is the Nissan Moco 3rd Gen, a front-engine, front-wheel-drive Kei car.

The third-generation Nissan Moco had an entirely new and more modern design compared to the second-generation Nissan Moco, and it was also the most fuel-efficient Nissan wagon in the Kei class because of innovations like stop-start technology.

It was available in three different trim levels: Dolce G. (turbocharged), Dolce X, and S (Basic) X.

In some parts of the world, it goes by the name of Suzuki MR Wagon. Nissan made the decision to stop producing the Nissan Moco in 2016, but you can still find second-hand models in the market today. 


Mileage 20-28 km/l
Engine Capacity 658 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 27 L

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius S 1.8 is among the most popular and effective hybrid vehicles. It uses a petrol engine with two motors for increased fuel economy, and is built on EFI with Hybrid Synergy technology.

Toyota Prius is considered as one of Pakistan’s most fuel-efficient vehicles, averaging 18 to 20 km per litre. It has an automatic transmission and a 180 km/h peak speed. 


Mileage 20-25 km/l
Engine Capacity 1800 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 L

Toyota Aqua G

A hybrid version of the Toyota Aqua, a Japanese vehicle, was unveiled in 2012. There are several models of this car, each with a unique combination of features.

Its fuel efficiency is 28 kilometres per litre. The electric hybrid engine results in outstanding fuel efficiency.


Mileage 25-30 km/l
Engine Capacity 1496 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 L

Honda Grace

Honda Grace Hybrid is a front-mounted engine, and front-wheel drive. It is a 4-door road vehicle with a sedan body design that was made by Honda Japan.

The Grace and the 2016 Honda City model are comparable in many ways. It is a roomy automobile with good engine performance and low fuel consumption.


Mileage 20 km/l
Engine Capacity 1497 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L


Nissan N One

A front-engine, four-wheel-drive Kei vehicle, the Honda N One was unveiled in 2012. It has a distinctive compact design and has all standard features.


Mileage 20 km/l
Engine Capacity 660 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L

Daihatsu Move

Produced by Japanese carmaker Daihatsu, this front-engine sixth-generation Daihatsu Move debuted in 2014. In comparison to the previous model, the car’s design has been improved.

Because of its compact engine and comfort features, the fuel efficiency is rather good.


Mileage 27-30 km/l
Engine Capacity 660 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 L

Toyota CHR

Toyota C-HR is a hybrid hatchback/crossover SUV with many appealing features. The interior is well-designed and comfortable with black accents,  while the exterior is striking.

Daytime running lights and side-mounted fog lights give it an even more distinctive look.


Mileage 18-25 km/l
Engine Capacity 1800 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 43 L

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is one of the most in-demand cars Toyota has introduced. This model’s unique selling point is its hybrid system. It comes in a five-door hatchback variant and offers the highest level of fuel efficiency amongst other cars made by the company.

Mileage 15-18 km/l
Engine Capacity 1496 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 42 L

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel is another reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle that is available in Pakistan. It was introduced in the local market in 2013. A 1500cc engine with 160 horsepower is supported by the Honda Vezel.

In addition to its sport hybrid electric motor and automatic transmission, the vehicle provides a maximum average speed of 20 km/h.


Mileage 20 km/l
Engine Capacity 1497 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L

Honda Fit

With slightly bigger exterior dimensions than the second-generation Honda Fit, the third-generation Honda Fit is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive subcompact hatchback that debuted in 2013.

This gives the third-generation Honda Fit a roomier cabin and additional legroom for rear-seat passengers. The Honda Fit is marketed as the Honda Jazz in a number of nations.

Many other Honda models, such as the Honda Airwave and Honda City, share some elements with the third-generation Honda Fit. Honda Fit third-generation is available for sale in three trim levels: LX, EX, and EX-L.


Mileage 17-22 km/l
Engine Capacity 1498 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L

Suzuki Cultus AGS

The only automatic version of the Suzuki Cultus that is suitable for driving in Pakistanis the AGS model. The vehicle features a 998c engine with a 180 KM/H top speed.

The Suzuki Cultus AGS is a five-seater vehicle that offers high engine performance together with high fuel efficiency.


Mileage 14-18 km/l
Engine Capacity 998 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 L

Suzuki Ciaz

The front-engine, front-wheel-drive Suzuki Ciaz is a subcompact sedan renowned for its superior features and specifications. The Suzuki Ciaz’s interior is comfortable and of higher quality than that of other locally-produced vehicles.

The Ciaz offers two different gearbox choices: a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. 16 to 22 km/L of fuel economy is the claimed range.


Mileage 16-22 km/l
Engine Capacity 1,373 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 42 L

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