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sozo water park

Whether it’s a family picnic or a fun day out with your friends, action-packed themed parks like Sozo Water Park are always a great option. They are especially popular in Lahore, considering there are no beaches or mountainous sites around the city for any other activities. As a result, whenever people are looking for a good time to beat the summer heat, they prefer going to water parks in Lahore.  

Sozo Water Park is one of Lahore’s biggest and most popular water parks. It has a staggering number of water slides available for people of all ages. So if you’re looking for a fun time splashing in the water, this is the place for you. 

In this blog, Graana.com brings you a detailed overview of the best rides and features at Sozo Water Park.


Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Sozo Water Park Lahore


water wave pool at sozo water park lahore


Sozo’s wide range of water activities make it a popular theme park amongst the residents of Lahore. Following is a list of the different water rides available at the park.


No. Water Rides 
1 Round Slides
2 Half Pipe 
3 Body Slides 
4 Bowl
5 Speed Chutes
6 Raft Flumes 
7 Drop Slides 


Water Slides and Tube Chutes at Sozo Water Park

These attractions are a particular favourite among tourists as well as locals. Moreover, there are a large number of water slides to enjoy as well, such as:

  • Speed Slide
  • Twister Slide
  • Bullet Slide
  • Racer Slides
  • Kundal Slide
  • Free Fall Slide


Tube Chutes and Slides at the park


If you are feeling adventurous, Lazy River is a good option to try out at the park. The waterway is 10 feet wide and has a gentle river-like flow. This allows you to slowly float in tubes and relax. 


Water Sports to Play at Sozo Water Park

Apart from the rides, you can also engage in a number of water sports here. 


No. Water Sports 
1 Water Volleyball
2 Pool Tags 
3 Water Bucket Races
4 Ping Pong Pool
5 Chicken Fight 
6 Water Polo


Whether it’s water polo, volleyball or else, you can bring your own equipment or buy them from the park. These outdoor games are especially convenient for adults who don’t prefer taking the water rides.


Dolphin Show at Sozo Water Park

There is also a dolphin show at Sozo Water Park that you can enjoy. You would have to check with the authorities beforehand to see if it is on for a specific day or time slot. 

It is organised by the park authorities with the help of trainers who specially come in from Russia. You can attend with your friends or family for this unique experience and watch the dolphins dance and perform various tricks. Following are the timings and ticket prices for the show: 

  • Tuesday – Thursday: 6 PM (1 show/day)
  • Friday – Sunday: 3 PM, 6 PM (2 shows/day)

Dolphin Show Ticket Prices: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500


What Makes Sozo Water Park an Ideal Family Place

Water parks can be a concern for some visitors because of the lack of privacy involved. Thankfully, the park has made unique arrangements in this regard to facilitate families. 

The park consists of separate swimming pools for children and women, alongside other facilities, which are mentioned below. 

  • Separate changing rooms
  • Separate lockers
  • Separate sitting areas 

These allow families to enjoy a carefree day in a comfortable environment. Moreover, the upkeep and cleanliness of the park are also why people prefer spending time here. 


Ladies Water Park

Sozo Water Park is one of Pakistan’s first-ever parks to feature a separate section for women. The ladies-only park is spread over a vast area and can accommodate thousands of visitors at a single time. This is a significant reason why families like to come here. 

Children of the ages 10 and below can also accompany their sisters or mothers in the area. 



When visiting water parks, hygiene is one of the main concerns that visitors have. The pools and other areas in Sozo Water Park are effectively treated with chemicals, according to the park’s official website. The water is also chemically treated to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Additionally, the water is periodically changed and filtered with silica and rocks to get rid of any lingering traces of filth and solid waste. 


Safety of the Water Park

Safety measures in a water park are crucial, especially since many children are present. The structural safety of the rides in Sozo Water Park is examined and certified by engineering specialists from University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore.

The park’s attractions are expertly developed, built, and thoroughly tested for various scenarios before they are opened to the general public, according to their official website. Every day, prior to Sozo Water Park’s opening, all the rides are tested.


Ticket Prices and Contact Information for Bookings at Sozo Water Park Lahore


Coloured slides and water rings with wave pool


Planning a fun and adventurous day out doesn’t have to be expensive – even with its range of facilities, the tickets to Sozo Water Park are quite reasonable compared to other amusement parks.

A breakdown of the tickets are mentioned below:


Monday – Thursday Ticket Price (Adult): Rs. 600 

Ticket Price (Kid): Rs. 500

Friday – Sunday Ticket Price (Adult): Rs. 750 

Ticket Price (Kid): Rs. 650


You can book your tickets online or via the given contact number for Sozo Water Park, as per your convenience. 

Sozo also offers a range of different packages for larger groups or school trips. You can contact them for advance booking and arrangements. 

Phone: 042-36526053
Cell: 0321-7777090
Official Website: http://sozowaterpark.com/


Location and Timings for Sozo Water Park, Lahore

Sozo Water Park is located in the central area of Lahore, thus making it easily accessible for residents. The address and timings of the park are mentioned as follows. 

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Address: Canal Bank Road, near Jallo Park, Lahore 


Group Visits and Events

If you want to plan a celebration with your friends or family, Sozo Water Park can also make customised arrangements. According to its website, it has adequate room to accommodate up to 50,000 people with the arrangement of lunch boxes. The food is produced in-house at the Sozo Grill restaurant.

The Sozo Water Park also has a sizable lawn to hold events, with parking for over a thousand automobiles and space for up to 10,000 guests. A group must have at least fifty members to reserve this park.

A protocol officer is given to each group, whose job is to assist park visitors and attend to their needs.


Bottom Line

With a large variety of water slides, water sports and pools that are safe and for people of all ages, this area is a great place where you can spend time.

For more information on the best water parks and places to visit in Lahore, visit the Graana Blog.

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