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In the vibrant and industrious city of Sialkot, Pakistan, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry stands as a beacon of economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit. Established in 1982 under the visionary leadership of the late Mr. A. D. Bhutta, who served as its founder President, this chamber has been the driving force behind the city’s thriving export-oriented industry.

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With a rich history and a commitment to fostering business excellence, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry has played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of this dynamic region. In this blog, delves into the pivotal role of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shedding light on its achievements, contributions, and its ongoing journey towards economic prosperity.

History of Chamber of Commerce Sialkot

Established in 1982, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) was founded with a primary goal to represent and support the interests of local businesses in the city of Sialkot. Prior to its inception, the absence of a dedicated trade body meant that the local business community faced significant challenges in driving industrial growth. 

The need for a more influential and dignified platform to voice the concerns of local entrepreneurs became apparent. In 1979, the decision was made to elevate the existing business association to the status of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

With the determined efforts of local leaders and the backing of organisations like the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the SCCI was formally incorporated under the Company Act 1913 in July 1982. Subsequently, in August 1982, it became affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). 

This transformation marked the beginning of the SCCI’s pivotal role in representing Sialkot’s business community, driving industrial growth, and establishing an effective channel of communication with the government.


Contact Information


Contact InfoDetails
NameSialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry
AddressP.O. Box 1870, Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat, Sialkot City 51310 – Pakistan
Phone+92 52 4261881-3
Fax+92 52 4267919


Basic Functions of The Sialkot Chamber


building of chamber of commerce sialkot


The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) offers a wide range of services to its members, aimed at facilitating their businesses and supporting the export sector in Sialkot. Following are the key functions of Chamber of Commerce Sialkot as mentioned in their official website:

  1. Providing up-to-date information on the economy to assist members in their business endeavours.
  2. Acting as an advocate and engaging in lobbying efforts to promote the interests of the export segment in Sialkot.
  3. Developing and presenting proposals of Federal Budget to the Federal Government.
  4. Formulating and presenting Proposals of Trade Policy to the Government.
  5. Exploring new markets by organising trade representatives to international venues and participating in global exhibitions and trade galas.
  6. Disseminating information and offering training programs to enhance the capacity of emerging entrepreneurs.
  7. Engaging with government and international agencies to address macro and micro business problems and other policy issues.
  8. Organising seminars, conferences, workshops, and other events to promote knowledge sharing and skill development.
  9. Providing corporate training initiatives tailored for members.
  10. Scheduling meetings to resolve issues and conflicts between stakeholders and the government.
  11. Resolving business contention by the Mediation Committee.
  12. Establishing connections and partnerships with academic institutions.
  13. Assisting members with visa applications.
  14. Offering special incentives through partnerships with the corporate sector.
  15. Delivering research-based services to benefit its members.


Services Offered by Chamber of Commerce Sialkot

Following services are offered by Chamber of Commerce Sialkot:

  • Visa Recommendation Letters
  • E-Business Invitation Letter
  • Attestation Documents
  • Advertisements
  • Trade Dispute
  • Eurail Passes
  • Visa Facilitation
  • Projects
  • Annual Report


Accomplishments of Sialkot Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce Sialkot  & the Industry has not only played a significant role in boosting Pakistan’s exports but has made substantial contributions to the social sector as well, setting an example for various other cities in developing countries. Their endeavours in the social domain include the following:


Sialkot Dry Port Trust

In 1985, Sialkot exporters collaborated to establish the Sialkot Dry Port Trust, a pioneering private-sector project in Pakistan.


Sialkot City Development Program

In 1999, Sialkot exporters initiated a program to fund city road construction, with a portion of their export revenue. This effort, backed by the government, transformed Sialkot’s main roads into international-standard routes.


Sialkot International Airport

The private sphere took the lead in creating Sialkot International Airport, operational since 2001, serving both domestic and international passenger and cargo flights.


Child & Social Development Organisation

In an unusual move, the business community established an independent NGO within the Chamber to address social issues, particularly child labour and socially responsible entrepreneurship. CSDO, formed in 2002, collaborates with SCCI, UNICEF, and ILO, with support from WFSGI, to safeguard children and promote CSR practices.


Sialkot Export Processing Zone

Pakistan’s second Export Processing Zone, launched in Sambrial-Sialkot in 2002, offers incentives for local and foreign investors.


Sports Industries Development Centre

Launched in 2006, this project aims to develop products for the sports industry, addressing challenges posed by mechanised ball production.


Sialkot Business & Commerce Centre

Under construction since 2007, this centre will provide a common facility for showcasing Sialkot-made products to promote exports.


Sialkot Tannery Zone

Initiated in 2009, this zone centralises tanneries to control environmental pollution from tannery effluent.


Khud Kifalat Rozgar Trust

Launched in 2010, this project provides interest-free loans to individuals with limited resources to generate income and alleviate poverty.


Scholarships for Deserving Students

The Chamber regularly awards scholarships to around 25 to 30 deserving students to support their higher education, including engineering and medical studies.



Initiated in 2014, this project envisions a private airline for Sialkot, furthering the goal of a self-sustainable city.


Khawaja Zaka ud Din Trust

Established in 2017, this trust collects donations for charitable purposes and provides support to those in need. It also plans to launch a state-of-the-art ambulance service for the city.


State-of-the-Art Hospital in Sialkot

Recognising the importance of quality healthcare, the Chamber emphasises the need for high-quality health services to ensure the well-being of the public.


FAQs on Chamber of Commerce Sialkot

Following are a few of the FAQs on Chamber of Commerce:


1. What is the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)?

The SCCI is a prominent organisation based in Sialkot, Pakistan, representing the interests of the local business community. It plays a crucial role in promoting trade and industry in the region.


2. What are the primary objectives of SCCI?

The primary objectives of SCCI include promoting trade, exports, and industry in Sialkot, supporting local businesses, advocating for their interests, and fostering economic development.


3. How can I become a member of SCCI?

To become a member, you typically need to meet certain eligibility criteria and complete the membership application process as outlined by SCCI. Contact them directly or visit their website for specific membership details.


4. What services does SCCI provide to its members?

SCCI offers various services to its members, including advocacy, networking opportunities, business support, trade promotion, and assistance with regulatory and industry-related issues.


5. What are some notable achievements of SCCI in the Sialkot region?

SCCI has been involved in various initiatives and projects, including the establishment of the Sialkot Dry Port Trust, Sialkot International Airport, and efforts to address social issues like child labour through the Child & Social Development Organization (CSDO).


6. How can I contact SCCI for inquiries or assistance?

You can contact SCCI by phone at +92 52 4261881-3, fax at +92 52 4267919, or via email at They are located at P.O. Box 1870, Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat, Sialkot City 51310, Pakistan.


7. Does SCCI offer any educational or scholarship programs for students?

Yes, SCCI provides scholarships to deserving students to support their higher education, including engineering and medical studies. Contact SCCI for details on their scholarship programs.


8. How can SCCI contribute to the economic development of Sialkot?

SCCI plays a pivotal role in economic development by supporting local businesses, promoting exports, and participating in various projects, such as the Sialkot Export Processing Zone and the development of city infrastructure.


9. What role does SCCI play in addressing social and environmental issues in Sialkot?

SCCI is actively involved in addressing social issues, particularly child labour and socially responsible entrepreneurship, through the Child & Social Development Organization (CSDO). They also contribute to environmental efforts, like the Sialkot Tannery Zone.


10. Is SCCI involved in philanthropic activities?

Yes, SCCI is engaged in philanthropic activities through initiatives like the Khawaja Zaka ud Din Trust, which collects donations and supports charitable causes in Sialkot.

In conclusion, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry stands as a vital pillar of economic growth and social progress in the region. Through its unwavering commitment to promoting trade, supporting local businesses, and addressing critical social and environmental issues, SCCI exemplifies the transformative power of business communities.

With initiatives that range from the establishment of trade infrastructure to philanthropic endeavours, SCCI continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the prosperous and vibrant future of Sialkot, Pakistan. This was all about Chamber of Commerce, Sialkot. For more information, visit

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