An Account of Pakistan’s Kamra Airbase 

kamra air base

The exciting combination of the accuracy of aerospace manufacture and the thrill of military aviation can be found at Pakistan’s Kamra Airbase, popularly referred to as PAF Base Minhas. This airbase, tucked away in the Punjab region, is a major hub for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the nation’s defence sector.

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In this blog, gives you a detailed account of Pakistan’s historic and most significant Kamra airbase.  




Feature Description 
Location About 67 kilometres southwest of Rawalpindi and 62 kilometres east of Islamabad, Pakistan. 
Coordinates Latitude: 31.4708° N, Longitude: 73.1936° E (approximate) 
Other Nearby Cities Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Taxila 
Date Founded Information not publicly available 
Purpose Pakistan Air Force Base (PAF Base Minhas) and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) facility 
PAF Squadron No. 16 Squadron (“Black Panthers”) 
Aircraft JF-17 Thunder fighter jets, MFI-17 Mushshak trainer aircraft (and others) 
Importance Plays a vital role in Pakistan’s air defence and aerospace industry 


Location: A Strategic Choice

The strategic placement of Kamra Airbase is approximately 60 kilometres northwest of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. This proximity to the capital has various benefits:

  • Centralised Command and Control: The airbases near proximity to Islamabad makes it easier for the PAF headquarters and the deployed squadrons to coordinate and communicate effectively.  
  • Enhanced Security: The airfield can have tighter security measures put in place around it because it is located far from densely populated areas.  
  • Favourable Training Grounds: Pilots can practise in a variety of geographical circumstances thanks to the varied training environment offered by the surrounding landscape. 


Nearby Places/Cities

Even though Kamra Airbase is a military facility, visitors who want to see more of the area than just the sights and sounds of fighter jets may easily reach several interesting places, including:  

  • Islamabad (62 km): The beautiful capital of Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most remarkable architectural works, such as the Faisal Mosque, a masterpiece of contemporary Islamic art, and the Pakistan Monument, a soaring monument honouring the nation’s freedom. The National Museum of Pakistan offers visitors an exploration of the rich history of the nation. 
  • Rawalpindi (67 km): Rawalpindi, the historic and vibrant city, provides an insight into Pakistani culture. Visit the Rawalpindi Art Gallery to explore the artistic genius of the area, stroll through lively bazaars selling traditional handicrafts like carpets and textiles, or simply take in the beauty of Rawal Lake, a well-liked location for picnics and boat rides. 
  • Taxila 80 km away: Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once a significant hub of Gandharan culture, which was characterised by a distinctive fusion of Hindu, Buddhist, and Greek elements. Discover the ruins of historic learning institutions like Taxila University, as well as monasteries and stupas that stand as reminders of a magnificent past. 


Defending the Skies: The PAF’s Powerhouse

The Pakistani Air Force’s main operating base is PAF Base Minhas. The No. 16 Squadron, also known as the “Black Panthers,” is based at the facility, which bears the name of the national hero Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas.

Protecting Pakistan’s airspace, these elite pilots soar in the cutting-edge JF-17 Thunder fighter jets. The sight of these formidable jets taking off and landing demonstrates the PAF’s dedication to maintaining national security. 


The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex


Pakistan aeronautical complex kamra air base

Beyond its military importance, Kamra Airbase serves as a centre of innovation. Located inside the airbase is the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), a renowned aerospace and defence contractor.

A group of passionate engineers and technicians at PAC work together to design, develop, and produce a variety of aviation and avionics systems. Pakistan is at the forefront of aerospace development because to PAC, which provides access to advanced avionics and radar technologies as well as the agile MFI-17 Mushshak trainer aircraft. 


A Look Behind the Scenes: Exploring PAC’s Expertise

  • The PAC complex is an incredible feat of engineering design. Here’s a taste of what makes it unique:  
  • Production Powerhouse: PAC’s facilities can handle the whole aircraft creation process, from the basic blueprint to the final assembly.  
  • Diversity in Manufacturing: The complex serves to varied needs, producing both fighter fighters and trainer aircraft.  
  • Beyond the Skies: PAC offers more than simply aircraft expertise. In addition, they produce and maintain state-of-the-art radar and avionics, which are essential to contemporary aircraft combat. 


A Legacy of Security and Innovation

Kamra Airbase is essential to protecting Pakistan’s airspace and supporting its aerospace sector. Although there have been security issues at the airbase, Pakistani officials have put strong security measures in place to guarantee its continuous operation.  

The Kamra Airbase represents Pakistan’s dedication to technological growth and national defence. Thus, the next time you hear the thunderous sound of planes taking off, remember the tale of bravery, ingenuity, and the undying spirit of the PAF and PAC. 


Kamra Airbase FAQs

Following are some of the top FAQs


What is Kamra Airbase?

In Pakistan, Kamra Airbase, sometimes referred to as PAF Base Minhas, is an important site. It accomplishes two main goals:  

  • The No. 16 Squadron (“Black Panthers”) of the Pakistan Air Force Base (PAF Base Minhas) is based here and operates cutting-edge fighter jets like the JF-17 Thunder. 
  • The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is a prominent aerospace and defence contractor that creates, develops, and assembles military aircraft and avionics equipment in addition to providing services for private aircraft. 

Where is Kamra Airbase located?

Located in Pakistan’s Punjab region, the airbase is around 67 kilometres southwest of Rawalpindi.


When was Kamra Airbase founded?

The exact date of the airbase’s founding is not publicly available. 


What kind of aircraft are there at Kamra Airbase?

The JF-17 Thunder fighter jets are flown by the PAF squadron are there. The PAC plant also produces a variety of aircraft, such as the MFI-17 Mushshak trainer aircraft. 


Is it possible to visit Kamra Airbase?

Due to its military significance, Kamra Airbase is not accessible to the public. 


What are some interesting places near Kamra Airbase?

Although the airbase itself is closed to visitors, there are several interesting places nearby:  

  • Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, has a contemporary atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and historical museums. 
  • Rawalpindi: This vibrant twin city of Islamabad offers a window into Pakistani culture.  
  • Taxila: Home to the ruins of historic universities and stupas, Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This was all about Kamra airbase. For more information on PAF museum Karachi, visit 

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