An Overview of Dadu Postal Codes

Dadu is a town located in the southern Pakistan’s Sindh province. About 100 miles to the northwestern side of Hyderabad, the town is located just to the west of the river Indus. It is a logistics centre with train and road connections to Quetta, Hyderabad, and Karachi.

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Government colleges for men and women in the district of Dadu are affiliated with the famous University of Sindh. The region where Dadu is located is a lush lowland stretch watered by the Dadu Canal system, which gets its supply of water through the Sukkur Barrage on the river Indus. Wheat, rice, gram, and sorghum are the primary crops.

In case you are looking to send your parcels to the city, you might be looking for Dadu postal codes. In this blog, will explore Dadu postal codes. 



Dadu is a historic city and district located in Sindh. With precise coordinates of 26°43′N 67°48′E, it is located on the Indus River‘s western bank. Dadu lies around 100 miles to the north-northwest of Hyderabad and border’s locations like Sehwan and Larkana, yet it does not immediately border any significant city.  

The M-6 Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway, which travels north and south and has an interchange close to the city, makes it easy for travellers to reach Dadu. About 90 miles east is the world’s largest fort by perimeter, Ranikot Fort, a must-see historical site if you’re looking for local historical sites.

Although it is roughly 160 miles east, Dadu is also rather close to Mohenjo-Daro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation.  


How to Reach 

Dadu, located in Pakistan’s Sindh province, is rich in history and culture. There are various methods to get there:

  • By air: The closest airport, Sukkur Airport (SKT), is about 149.5 miles distant. Despite the lack of direct flights to other countries, you can fly into a big Pakistani airport, such as Islamabad (ISB) or Karachi (KHI), and then take a cab or rent a car to Dadu.
  • Train: Dadu is connected to several cities via the Pakistan Railways network. Visit the Pakistan Railways website to find out what trains are available from your home city to Dadu.
    Road: The most convenient access to the city is provided via the M-6 Sukkur-Hyderabad. 
  • Motorway. Dadu is not far from the interchange of the M-6 motorway. You might choose to go by bus or book a car from the other major cities of Pakistan. 
  • Bus: A variety of private bus operators run trips from several Pakistani cities to Dadu. For timetables and prices, check online or go to the bus terminal in your area.

List of Dadu Postal Codes 


Location Post Office Province Postcode 
Bhan Saeedabad Dadu Sindh 76170 
Bubak Dadu Sindh 76150 
Dadu GPO Dadu Sindh 76200 
Dadu Katuchary TSO Dadu Sindh 07622 
Dadu NPO Dadu Sindh 07621 
Dadu Sugar Mill (Piaro Goth) Dadu Sindh 76230 
Fareedabad Dadu Sindh 76350 
Johi Dadu Sindh 76190 
Khairpur Nathan Shah Dadu Sindh 76260 
Khanpur Junejo Dadu Sindh 76264 
Mehar Dadu Sindh 76330 
Mehar NPO Dadu Sindh 07631 
New Distt Jail Dadu Edso Dadu Sindh 07623 
Phulji Dadu Sindh 76220 
Radhan Dadu Sindh 76310 
Sehwan Dadu Sindh 76140 
Sita Dadu Sindh 76250 


Significance of Postal Codes 

Postal codes, sometimes referred to as PIN codes in India or ZIP codes in the US, are essential to contemporary mail delivery systems.


Quick Screening and Delivery 

By integrating a unique code for specific places, postal codes considerably accelerate up the sorting and distribution process. They let mail to be effortlessly directed to the relevant sorting units and local post offices, providing more rapid and precise deliveries. 


Authenticity and Data Management 

Addresses are standardised using postal codes. This accuracy is critical for managing big volumes of mail effectively. On top of that, they can relate to databases to expedite operations like parcel monitoring and address checking.


Beyond Mail Delivery 

These days, businesses use them in focused marketing initiatives. Businesses can target relevant populations with their advertising by identifying certain geographic areas. 


Economic and Social Insights 

Postal codes can offer important information about socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. Governments and businesses can learn more about income distribution, density of population, and customer behaviour in various regions by examining data associated with particular codes.


FAQs on Dadu Postal Codes 

Following are some FAQS on Dadu.


What is the postal code for Khairpur Nathan Shah in Dadu district of Sindh? 

The reported postal code for Khairpur Nathan Shah in Sindh is 76260. 


What is the difference between postal code and zip code? 

A postal code and a zip code are just different names for the same system that is used to identify areas for mail delivery; they are not different from one another. 


How to identify postal codes in address? 

Once the city and state/province have been followed by a space, you can typically find the postal code in an address by looking for a series of numbers and digits. 


In which province of Pakistan is Dadu located? 

Dadu is in Sindh province, Pakistan. 


What is Mehar, Dadu postal code? 

The postal code of Mehr, Dadu is 76330. 

This was all about Dadu postal codes. For more information, visit 

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