Best 5 Marla Corner House Ideas in Pakistan


In Pakistan, 5 Marla houses are a very popular and affordable choice when it comes to choosing the area for a home. This is because it is less costly than other home sizes, and not too small compared to 3 Marla houses in many cities across the country.

Because of its high demand and convenience, 5 Marla houses are always the first to be bought out from entire housing schemes and societies.

5 Marla house is 125 sq. yards and can accommodate a family of 4 to 5 people depending on the design and architecture of the house. In this specific house size, the most popular demand is for corner houses, given that they typically come with extra land,  and because of no house or building on one side, they offer better ventilation and views.

If you are looking for design ideas for your Dream 5 Marla Corner House,  this article by has a collective list of corner houses that you can incorporate into your house design.


Considerable Factors for Choosing 5 Marla Corner House Ideas in Pakistan

Following are some of the factors that you should keep in mind.


Budget-Friendly Planning

When choosing front elevation and architecture for your house, remember to keep the range of your budget in mind. Certain materials, wood, and paint can cause a hike in your finances.

Typically, 5 Marla Corner houses are cheaper compared to 5 Marla houses located centrally between other houses. So if you’re smart with choosing your design, you can build your dream house within your budget.


Front Elevation and Architecture of House

Since 5 Marla Corner house designs have more space for creativity in terms of interior and exterior, you can be unique and creative according to your liking in this. The placement of windows, the balcony, and the architecture of the house should be per what you want and like.

Elements like corner windows, glass boundaries for balconies, and a small lawn can add a very soothing effect to your home’s overall feel and look. While deciding on your designs, it is necessary to keep in view that both the interior and exterior of the house complement each other.


A Family Discussion is Due

Well, choosing designs for your home is a family matter which you need to decide and plan together. This includes the number of bedrooms, their liking, and the design they want. 


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 1


Sleek Design for 5 Marla Corner House Design Pictures in Pakistan


5 Marla Corner houses are usually designed keeping in mind the front and side elevation that comes in plain sight. For such compact houses, it is important to spare space for a small balcony and window to keep the ventilation good.

This house specifically has both, along with a careful modern design that does not include a lot of cuts, yet still comes out as a contemporary design.

The detailing with different textures and color combinations in brown and grey elevate the look of the house, along with a small garage space to park your car in. 


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 2


5 Marla Corner House Design Pictures in Pakistan in White, Grey and Wood Color theme


This 5 marla corner house design is a double story home that touches two roads being the corner plot. The use of dark and light grey with white and wood brings out the contemporary design and architecture of the houses, along with giving them a larger look than their size.

The overall style of this house is vertical given the windows and cuts and comes with a balcony that doubles as the roof of your garage. This is a common practice for 5 Marla house designs in Pakistan.


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 3


Light brown and white front elevation for 5 Marla Corner House Design Pictures in Pakistan


A stylish and simplistic edge to your 5 Marla corner house gives it a rich and luxurious look, along with an openness that comes with subtle colors.

Using white in small spaces is an excellent choice to enhance the exterior as well as the interior design of any house. Besides this, the overall elevation of the house is a very clean cut with a minimal design that makes up a contemporary home. 


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 4


Modern architecture and sleek front elevation for 5 Marla Corner House Design Pictures in Pakistan


Modern architecture has transformed the shape of 5 Marla corner houses with sleek designs and minimal decor that gives a simple front elevation a unique edge.

The use of wooden panels and vertical lines gives the house a very symmetrical and neat finish and also makes up for the design of a house.

Here we can see that the balcony has a glass boundary finish, along with a rustic wooden look that combines white, brownish grey, and wood brown. 


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 5


Black and Dark Brown Design for 5 Marla Corner House in Pakistan


This 5 Marla corner house has a unique and modern front elevation that is enhanced with the use of lighting around the house. Paneling and using different textures in the house is the new way to go, contrary to the old-fashioned use of paint and gold brass around the houses.

The simpler you are willing to keep a design of the front elevation, the more house will look elegant, especially for corner houses that are visible from 2 sides. 


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 6


Best 5 Marla Corner House Ideas in Pakistan


Use of LED lights, brown wood panels, and white paint, a beautiful combination for your corner 5 Marla house. This beautiful house is a great option if you’re looking for a sleek yet stylish front elevation design, that comes around with the use of light grey tiles.

This design is not too costly as well, as it has very neat cuts and windows that give the house a spacious look. We can also not the placement of garage, where the gate complements the house altogether. 

You can choose from these modern and sleek options that will elevate the look of your 5 Marla corner house idea. If you’re looking for more design ideas and house plans for your 5 Marla dream house, follow our blog at


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 7


White and Dark Grey theme for 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan


If you’re looking for a white contrasting theme for your 5 Marla corner house design, then this is just the design for you. This front elevation is a work of art keeping in view the contemporary textures and designs, along with the use of lighting to add to the overall view of the house.

Similar to previous designs, this house incorporates the element of glass boundaries for the balcony; however, the overall cream white theme of the house is paired with shades of dark grey and faded black.

This combination elevates the entire exterior of the house, which is why it is one of the most popular modern house designs in Pakistan.


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 8


Grey themed front elevation design for 5 marla house in Pakistan


This dark and light grey theme for the front elevation of the 5 Marla House is a very sleek and contemporary edition to the exterior architecture. Because of its minimal design and modern features, this is a very popular house front design in Pakistan.

The touch of neatly laden grass centred along with patches making a pathway brings out an avant-garde look. This double story 5 Marla House design in Pakistan is neatly paired with sleek glass windows.

With a geometrical front elevation, the house exhibits a clean look going along with the classic paint, instead of textured tiles and panels.
The foremost aspect of this corner house design is the addition of a chic glass bounded balcony, which complements the entire theme of the house.


Design for 5 Marla Corner House – Option 9


front house design for 5 marla house


This double-story house design in Pakistan for 5 Marla House is a wooden brown and cream combination that has recently taken over the construction market.
More people every day are opting for this theme and design, given the long-term sustainability and elegance that it comes with.

This front elevation incorporates a warm brown theme that is paired with dark and brown wood, along with warm lights to accentuate the exterior of the house.


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