Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala: A Gateway to Success

Located in the centre of Gujranwala, the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has been a dynamic force since its inception in 1978. As the primary trade body representing the city’s business community, GCCI has been a relentless advocate for economic growth, trade, and industry.

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Join in exploring the GCCI’s role in boosting economic cooperation, strengthening trade foundations, and facilitating seamless international trade, while providing invaluable support to its members.


History of Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce

The history of the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) dates back to its establishment in 1978. It holds the distinct honour of being the sole representative body for the business community in Gujranwala. It is strategically located at the Divisional Headquarter within the city. From its inception, Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce has diligently safeguarded the interests of traders and industrialists in the region.

Over the years, the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce has remained unwavering in its commitment to economic development and the protection of broader national interests. The organisation extends its comprehensive support to members, aiming to cultivate a conducive business environment.

At its core, GCCI focuses on fortifying the local manufacturing base and elevating Gujranwala’s exports. This provides members with a competitive advantage to harness growth opportunities, establish partnerships, and forge strategic alliances. The chamber is dedicated to advancing trade, fostering economic cooperation, and expanding international export networks.

The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry is more than a historical institution; it stands as a dynamic force propelling the region’s business and trade sectors into new frontiers. Its enduring dedication to Gujranwala’s growth and prosperity underscores its pivotal role in shaping the city’s economic landscape.


Overview of GCCI


ghanta ghar gujranwala


GCCI took over the role previously held by the Gujranwala Association of Trade and Industry (GATI), which had been diligently safeguarding the business interests of the city’s traders and industrialists. Since its inception, GCCI has remained committed to serving its members by promoting a more conducive business environment, bolstering the local manufacturing sector, and enhancing exports from Gujranwala.

Today, GCCI boasts a membership of over 10,500 active members, spanning both industrialists and traders, representing nearly thirty-four different business sectors.


Phone NumberAddressEmail
(+92)55 9200391-4Aiwan-e-Tijarat Rd, Model Town Rd, |


Visiting Hours
Mon – Sat9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Lunch Break1:15 PM – 2:00 PM


Key Business Sectors in Gujranwala


ladies working in textile factory


Here is a list of the key business sectors in Gujranwala:

  • Rice & Agro Processing
  • Cookware & Utensils
  • Cutlery
  • Hunting Knives & Swords
  • Textile & Apparel
  • Ceramics
  • Sanitary Fittings
  • Plastic Products
  • Pipes & Fittings
  • Home Appliances (Electric & Gas)
  • Automobile Parts
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Metal Processing
  • Beauty Products & Cosmetics
  • Rugs & Carpets
  • Steel Security Equipment
  • Food & Beverages
  • Light Engineering
  • Hardware Items
  • Chemicals & Detergents
  • Nylon Rope & Nawar
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Paper & Paper Board
  • Melamine Products

Major Functions of Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala


seminar held by gcci


Some of the major functions of Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala are mentioned below:

  • Arranging Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, etc.
  • Corporate training programs for Members.
  • Engaging with government and international agencies on various micro and macro business matters, as well as policy issues.
  • Nominations on various boards/committees.
  • Establishing linkages with Academia.
  • Attestation and recommendation letters.
  • Provision of the latest information on business and economy to its members for facilitation in business i.e., SMEs and their policies.
  • Social sector services (Health & Education).
  • Offering suggestions for Federal Budget Proposals to the national government.
  • Dissemination of Information & Training for capacity building of upcoming entrepreneurs.
  • Provision of Information/Data Research-Based services to its members.
  • Arbitration (Business Disputes).
  • Facilitation to members in terms of Visa Applications.
  • New Markets Exploration by organising Trade Delegations to International Destinations and Participation in Global Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.
  • Performing Advocacy & Lobbying roles in the best interest of the Export Sector of Gujranwala.
  • Trade Directory.
  • Provision of Special Incentives to members through collaboration with the corporate sector.
  • Quarterly Publications.
  • Providing up-to-date business and economic information to its members, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), along with insights into relevant policies.
  • Interacting with Government/international agencies on various micro/macro business issues and other policy matters.
  • Proposals for Trade Policy to the Federal Government.
  • Arranging meetings to resolve issues between stakeholders and the government.

Accomplishments and Initiatives


Punjab University Gujranwala Campus



The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry has made remarkable contributions, not only in boosting Pakistan’s export sector but also in making significant strides in the social domain. As a result, Gujranwala has emerged as an exemplary model for other cities in developing nations. 

The Chamber has actively undertaken several social projects, including:

  • Gujranwala Medical College.
  • Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre (GTDMC).
  • Punjab University Gujranwala Campus.
  • Ceramics Center Gujranwala.
  • Small Industrial Estate (S.I.E No. 1,2,4).
  • Export Processing Zone (S.I.E No. 3).
  • Rachna Engineering College.
  • Help Education Trust.
  • Gujranwala Business Center (GBC).


Gujranwala Business Centre (GBC)


Gujranwala business center


It was established in 2017 with support from GCCI and SMEDA, and promotes the local industrial sector by providing shared display facilities. It offers businesses cost-effective opportunities to access new markets, improve product presentation, and utilise meeting spaces for internal and foreign delegation meetings.

Gujranwala Tools, Dies, and Moulds Centre (GTDMC)

This is a cutting-edge facility in Gujranwala, strategically located to cater to the industrial clusters in the region. It offers modern machinery, training, and design services to local industries, aiming to enhance production efficiency, save foreign exchange, and meet international quality standards.


Ceramics Development and Training Complex

This was established by TUSDEC to support Gujranwala’s sanitary ware cluster. It aims to upgrade the ceramics industry, particularly in the sanitary ware sector, by providing training, testing facilities, contemporary machinery, and consultancy services. The centre’s core objective is to enhance product quality, productivity, and engineering skills through modern technology and equipment.


The Gujranwala Export Processing Zone


The Gujranwala Export Processing Zone


Established through an MoU between EPZA and PSIC on 113 acres of developed land, the Gujranwala Export Processing Zone commenced operations in 2013. It allocates plots to allottees on an ownership basis and provides operational facilities and utilities such as electricity, gas, and telecommunication. As of 2019-20, its exports reached US $1.281 million, with a cumulative export value of US $4.157 million, and it currently houses 13 operational industrial units.


Small Industrial Estate

PSIC established 21 Small Industries Estates in the province, including Small Industrial Estate 1, 2, and 4, which were managed by PSIC officials. To address administrative challenges, PSIC shifted to a new policy, forming Boards of Management for each estate, comprising industrialists, to oversee daily operations.


Educational Institutes


Gujranwala medical college


To ease the burden of Gujranwala students travelling to other cities for education, GCCI successfully established local educational institutes which include some of the top universities of Gujranwala through government collaboration.

Following institutes were established by the government in Gujranwala:

  • Rachna Engineering College
  • Punjab University Gujranwala Campus
  • Gujranwala Medical College


Cooperate Social Welfare


Siddique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital


The GCCI actively collaborates with the district administration and government on various social welfare initiatives. Notable projects include the Prisoners Welfare Trust, Siddique Sadiq Memorial Trust Hospital, and several other trusts and hospitals, all aimed at benefiting the community.


Prisoners Welfare Trust

The GCCI provides financial support for prisoner welfare through the Prisoners Welfare Trust in partnership with the District Central Jail Administration in Gujranwala.



Recognising the importance of healthcare for economic development, Gujranwala has made significant strides in the health sector. Trust hospitals and medical facilities have been established, including upgrading the district hospital, providing modern ambulances, free hepatitis injections, and maintaining the social security hospital for improved healthcare services to the workforce and citizens.


Services Offered by Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala

Following are the services offered by Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala:

  • E-business Invitation Letter
  • Visa Facilitation
  • Academia Coordination
  • Trade / Business Delegations
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Help Desks
  • Global Business Matchmaking
  • Governmental Liaison
  • Gcci Exhibitions
  • Diplomatic Liaisoning
  • Documents Attestation
  • Trade Dispute Resolutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Chamber of Commerce Gujranwala:

What is the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)?

The GCCI is a prominent organisation representing the business community in Gujranwala, Pakistan. It plays a vital role in promoting trade, industry, and economic development in the region.

What services does GCCI offer to its members?

GCCI provides a wide range of services, including trade delegations, visa facilitation, e-business invitation letters, attestation of documents, and assistance with trade dispute resolutions.

How can I participate in trade/business delegations organised by GCCI?

To join trade or business delegations, you can contact GCCI for information on upcoming events and registration details.

What is the purpose of GCCI exhibitions?

GCCI exhibitions serve as platforms for businesses to showcase their products and services, fostering networking and business opportunities.

How can GCCI assist with governmental and diplomatic liaisoning?

GCCI can facilitate communication and coordination with government authorities and diplomatic channels to address business-related matters.

Does GCCI collaborate with academia?

Yes, GCCI coordinates with academic institutions to promote skill development and industry-academia partnerships.

Can GCCI help with global business matchmaking?

Yes, GCCI can connect businesses with potential partners and opportunities in the global market.

What is the role of GCCI’s help desks?

GCCI’s help desks provide support and information to members and businesses seeking assistance.

How can I get an e-business invitation letter through GCCI?

You can request an e-business invitation letter through GCCI for official business purposes, and the organisation will guide you through the process.

How can GCCI assist with documents attestation?

GCCI can facilitate the attestation of various business documents, helping with legal requirements for international trade and commerce.

The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) stands as a dynamic force in the business community, dedicated to fostering economic growth, trade, and innovation in the region. Through its diverse range of services and initiatives, including trade delegations, visa facilitation, global business matchmaking, and more, GCCI is committed to supporting the businesses and entrepreneurs of Gujranwala.

Its collaborative efforts with academia, governmental authorities, and international partners further underscore its mission to propel the local economy to new heights. With GCCI at the forefront, the future of Gujranwala’s business landscape looks promising, with enhanced opportunities and comprehensive support for both established enterprises and budding entrepreneurs.

This was all about the Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit

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