Copper Rate in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Copper rates in Pakistan are determined per kilogram, as it is considered one of the most valuable metals in the country. They hold significant importance as daily metal trading activities heavily rely on these rates. 

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In third-world nations, copper is typically classified into two categories based on its condition: second-hand or scrap copper, and new or first-hand copper. In Pakistan, copper holds great value, with many individuals investing in it as they do in gold. has prepared a detailed guide on the copper rate in Pakistan below,  including its significance, price trends, and future prospects. 


Why Is Copper Important?


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Locally known as ‘tanda,’ copper is a highly valuable metal and a common building material widely used in various industries due to its exceptional properties and versatility. It plays a crucial role in electrical applications, construction, transportation, telecommunications, and many other sectors. The demand for it remains consistently high, making it an essential commodity in the global market.

Copper Price Trends in Pakistan


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Here is the copper price in Pakistan in 2023:


Copper Price in PakistanRate Per Kg
New Copper RateRs. 2,400 to 2,550 per kilogram
Scrap Copper RateRs. Rs 1,660 to 1,970 per kilogram

List of Copper Brands in Pakistan

Here are some notable copper brands in Pakistan:

  1. Pioneer Cables Limited
  2. I&H Trading and Manufacturing
  3. Veracom International
  4. Musleh Trading
  5. Ganar International
  6. Pearl Cables and Conductors
  7. PM Engineering
  8. Future Traders
  9. Orient Trading Company
  10. Ali and Company
  11. Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  12. Bushra Enterprises
  13. Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  14. Petro Sourcing
  15. Mirza Traders
  16. System Electrical and General Equipment
  17. Maaz 360 Private Limited
  18. Copper World
  19. MM Enterprises
  20. Trading Strings

It is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced professional; there is a risk of encountering fraud in this industry and purchasing high-priced, low-quality copper can have detrimental effects on your project.


Scrap Copper and Silver Price Per Kg in Pakistan 2023


Scrap Copper Type Average Per Kg Rate
Tamba CopperRs. 2300
Desi Armature CopperRs. 2270
Burtan TambaRs. 2060
Tanda TambaRs. 1920
Lal PetalRs. 1790
PetalRs. 1480
Petal Motor BankarRs. 1580
Petal RadiatorRs. 1340
Petal Bora wali JaliRs. 1,340
Jista CompressorRs. 780
Jista Motor BankarRs. 760
Compressor FridgeRs. 400
Compressor Silver KariRs. 705
Compressor SalaiRs. 600
Bankar Silver KariRs. 500
Bankar Motor SalaiRs. 590
Silver Patti StockRs. 525
Silver Piston (Big Truck/Bus)Rs. 550
Silver Piston (Car, Motorcycle etc.)Rs. 485
Silver NarmRs. 530
Silver Sakht Motor Body PartsRs. 550
Silver Sakht Motorcycle Rs. 540
Silver LocalRs. 440
Silver Mix DharaRs. 430
Anemal TaarRs. 440
Sika Saaf BatteryRs. 620
JistaRs. 580
Jista MixRs. 480
Jista Kala MotaRs. 610
Brack Lather Bahir SaafRs. 390
Silver RadiatorRs. 450
Silver Patti Stock Guard MotorcycleRs. 475


Factors Affecting Copper Prices in Pakistan

The following are the factors that affect the copper rate in Pakistan:


Supply and Demand Dynamics

Factors such as population growth, Pakistan’s urbanisation, and industrialisation drive the demand for copper-based products. Pakistan’s development initiatives, including infrastructure projects and the construction industry’s expansion, contribute to the rising demand for copper within the country.

On the supply side, copper mining and refining operations play a significant role. Fluctuations in copper production, environmental regulations, and geopolitical factors impacting mining regions can influence the overall supply of copper, subsequently affecting its prices.


Infrastructure Development

The government’s focus on improving transportation networks, electricity generation, and telecommunications infrastructure stimulates the need for copper-based products, including wiring, cables, transformers, and electrical equipment. The ongoing development projects, such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), create substantial opportunities for copper utilisation.


Global Economic Conditions

As a globally traded commodity, copper rates are impacted by factors such as economic growth, inflation in Pakistan, trade policies, and geopolitical events. Changes in the global economy can create ripple effects on copper prices, making it essential for investors and businesses to monitor macroeconomic indicators.


Future Outlook

The copper market in Pakistan is poised for growth, driven by factors such as infrastructure development, increasing urbanisation, and rising industrial activities. As the country progresses towards its development goals, the demand for copper is expected to rise steadily.

Moreover, the government’s initiatives to attract foreign investments and improve the ease of doing business bode well for the copper industry.


By keeping track of market trends, supply and demand dynamics, and global economic conditions, stakeholders can make informed decisions related to copper investments, pricing strategies, and future business prospects.




What is the rate of 1 kg of copper?

The current rate of 1 kg of copper is Rs. 2300 per kilogram. This may vary depending on the market conditions. 


What are the different grades of copper available in the Pakistani market?

The Pakistani market offers various grades of copper, including high-grade copper, copper alloys, and scrap copper. The specific grades available may depend on the supplier and their product offerings.


Is scrap copper readily available in Pakistan? How can I find reliable suppliers?

Yes, scrap copper is easily available in Pakistan. Reliable suppliers can be found through local directories, online platforms, or by seeking recommendations from industry professionals. It is advisable to evaluate suppliers based on their reputation, experience, and customer reviews.


What are the common applications of copper in Pakistan?

Copper has numerous applications in Pakistan, including electrical wiring, plumbing systems, manufacturing of electrical appliances, construction of buildings and infrastructure, and various industrial processes.


Are there any specific regulations or certifications for copper suppliers in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, copper suppliers may need to adhere to specific regulations and certifications to ensure product quality and compliance. These may include industry standards, such as ISO certifications, and compliance with relevant national or international quality control guidelines.


How can I differentiate between high-quality and low-quality copper?

To differentiate between high-quality and low-quality copper, one can consider factors such as purity, conductivity, and physical appearance. High-quality copper typically has better conductivity, higher purity levels, and a smooth, uniform surface without visible defects.


What factors can affect the price of copper in the Pakistani market?

Several factors can impact the price of copper in the Pakistani market, including global supply and demand dynamics, international market trends, currency exchange rates, geopolitical factors, and local economic conditions.


Are there any recommended copper brands or suppliers in Pakistan?

There are several reputable copper brands and suppliers in Pakistan, such as Pioneer Cables Limited, Veracom International, and Pearl Cables and Conductors, among many others. It is advisable to research and choose suppliers based on their reputation, customer feedback, and product quality.


Can copper be recycled in Pakistan? How does the recycling process work?

Yes, copper can be recycled in Pakistan. The recycling process involves collecting scrap copper, sorting and separating it from other materials, cleaning and refining the copper, and melting it down to be reused in various applications. Recycling copper not only conserves natural resources but also reduces environmental impact.

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