Blinds vs Curtains | Best Treatment for Your Windows

Windows are necessary for keeping a room well-lit and ventilated. Hence, a lot of consideration goes into deciding whether they require blinds or curtains. What type of window treatment you go for will decide how you control the indoor temperature, incoming light, and privacy.

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Not only this, but they also affect the ambience of the room. Also, both the blinds and curtains come with certain advantages and drawbacks, so before finalising your purchase, make sure you know what you are looking for.

There are certain factors such as price, installation feasibility, eco-friendliness, insulation properties, and appearance that might influence your decision.

Looking into all these factors sounds like a time-taking and overwhelming ordeal., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features an in-depth analysis of which window treatment to opt for.


What are Window Blinds?


White window blinds of a living room


Window blinds, also known as window shades, are made using plastic, metal, fabric, or wooden slats. You can adjust the slats with the help of a string attached to the blind.


What is a Window Curtain?


ice blue double layered window curtains


Window curtains are a piece of cloth that is used to block incoming light, maintain privacy, and decorate windows.
Curtains are made using various types of fabrics based on what your requirement is. Heavy curtains also block noise to some extent.

Factors to be Considered Before Making a Purchase

Here is a list of factors that you need to go through, so you can make an informed decision.


Light Control

Through curtains, you can not control light as effectively as through blinds. To tackle this, people often use two layers of curtains, the first one is a sheer curtain, and the second one is a heavy curtain.

During the winter season, you can open heavy curtains and keep on the sheer layer to let more sunlight in, while in the summer season, you can close the heavy curtains to keep out the sunlight. This way, you can effectively sustain the temperature inside your room.

Blinds, on the other hand, offer you more control over lighting. Blinds come with a string attached, which you can pull to tilt the slats. You can adjust them according to your requirements.

However, blinds do not block sunlight as effectively as curtains, as sunlight can still make its way in through the cracks between the slats.


Noise Control

Noise control is another essential feature that should be considered before finalizing your purchase. In case you live in a busy neighbourhood near a school, park, or bustling market, you should definitely opt for curtains.

The reason is that curtains offer more soundproofing than blinders. You can use heavy curtains to block external sound to a great extent.
This is something you can not achieve using blinds, as they are thin and cannot block noise.



When it comes to maintenance, curtains are clearly the winner. Washing a blind is a lot of hassle, as you have to disassemble its parts and wash them separately, and then put them back together. This whole process takes a lot of effort and time.

While in the case of curtains, you don’t need to put that much effort. Simply put them inside the washing machine or get them cleaned at a dry cleaner.

That being said, slats of blinds entrap more dust than curtains do, requiring consistent cleaning.



a person taking money out of his wallet


Blinds are much more affordable in contrast to curtains. The reason is that less material goes into the production of a blind. In addition, its installation also does not take much time, as a professional can easily install one in about 15-20 minutes.

On the other hand, a curtain needs more material and time for its manufacturing, and more installation time as well. All of these make it less cost-effective.


Visual Appeal

Talking about visual appeal, curtains definitely take the lead over blinds here. Curtains are mostly custom-made. They offer more colours, patterns, designs, and textures.

Besides, they uplift the vibe of the room instantly, giving it a pleasant look. Silk curtains with beautiful drapes give a regal feel to the room, while sheer curtains add subtle softness to it.

Blinds, however, do not offer many visual aesthetics and put emphasis on functionality, limiting your options to decorate your room. But this is not always a problem, in case you want to achieve a clean and minimalist look for your room, incorporating blinds won’t be a bad idea.

Although curtains offer a lavish look, they also tend to add needless clutter to the room, which can be avoided by opting for blinds.


Energy Efficiency

If we compare both, curtains definitely offer more energy efficiency than blinds, particularly those dark and heavy ones.

They help sustain the temperature inside the room while blocking the sounds at the same time. To reap more advantages, you can opt for bigger curtains that cover your windows properly.

On the other hand, blinds do not offer insulation, making them less energy efficient. The gaps between slats allow passage to heat as well.

However, there are some blinds available on markets specifically designed to block heat passage. They will help you cut off your HVAC bills efficiently.



Blinds are more durable than curtains. They are manufactured in a way and with such materials that make them resistant to any sort of damage.

The same can not be said for curtains. No matter how luxurious they look and how much intricacy and time went into their production, they are made of fabric that is prone to wear and tear after a certain time. Not only this, but their colour also fades over time, making them look dull and old.

On the contrary, blinds can last for years with the same fresh look. Hence, if you prefer durability over design, blinds would definitely make a better choice for you.

This article offers a profound understanding of blinds and curtains so you can make an informed decision. The fundamental purpose of both curtains and blinds is to cover windows. However, it is the difference in their composition and materials used that makes them distinct from each other.

For more information on home decor, visit the Graana blog.

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