Latest Home Decor Trends in 2022

The pandemic has forced most people to work from home. Now, after two years, people have adjusted to this new lifestyle. Homes have turned into sanctuaries, and people are redefining their work-life boundaries. The year 2022 is proving to be crucial in design, as we persist to adapt to a life that is centred around our homes. This year brought with it a new ardour for self-expression. People are thrilled to decorate their homes and find joy in their interior design choices. We continue to seek comfort, while also longing for adventure and willing to broaden our perspective as well. If you are looking for DIY latest home decor trends in 2022 that are chic and economic at the same time, you are on the right platform.

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Following are the latest home decor trends in the year 2022.


Bright and Happy Colours


This is an image of a bright coloyred living room, one of the latest home decor trends


Colours can affect the mood of people to a great extent. This season, people are shifting towards brighter hues to uplift their homes and give them a fresh and happy feel.

You can use a variety of primary palettes to paint your house’s walls. This will let you incorporate cheerfulness, energy, and attractiveness into your space.

Whether you go for an expansive or minimalist home decor approach, it is always wise to mix super bright colours with neutral tones.


Curvaceous Headboards


Curvaceous headboard of a bed which in one of the latest home decor trends


The latest change in the bed design is the shape of headboards. The striking Curvaceous headboard design is the latest trend in bedroom interior design. Displaying classic appeal with an opulent look, this headboard makes an ageless inclusion to the decor of any bedroom.

With the rise in the trend of curvy edges of furniture, there has been a move away from rectangular corners of beds. This curvy design is perfect for both bold as well as pastel coloured velvets, as it creates visual contrast.


Natural Textures and Curated Comfort


Natural Textures one of tghe latest home decor trends in 2022


Bringing fervent simplicity to your home will let you enjoy the calmness of nature and welcome slow living. You can incorporate neutral colours and tactile textures into your homes that will not only soothe your senses but also let you feel at peace. This carefully considered home trend is steady, sensory energising, and one of the biggest trending home decor 2022.

Dried flowers and dyed grass persist as the most popular decorative ornaments. They harmonise well with fresh flowers outside the house while blurring the boundary between outside and inside living.

The usage of natural materials has increased in 2022 ranging from decorative elements to furniture. Moreover, we see calm tones and textures that are inspired by nature becoming more popular.


Uplifted Outdoor Living


this is an outdoor place which is one of latest home decor trends


As we enter the third year of the pandemic, we have become more accustomed to living indoors. However, living indoors does not mean that you have to stay locked inside a boundary all the time. The need to be closer to nature and breathe in the open air under the blue sky persists, which is why the importance of outdoor spaces has increased.

We see people use their outdoor spaces like patios and driveways as areas to just hang out with family and friends, as well as spaces to enjoy their holiday retreats. Sometimes people use these spaces as outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces as well to enjoy their weekends.
As these areas are used more frequently, people sometimes equip them with outdoor furniture.

The popular deck themes include Bohemian Tuin using lots of rattan, and jute cushions in a generally neutral colour palette with tropical plants dotted all around the place.


Sculptural Vases


this is an image of sculpted vases which is one of latest home decor trends


In recent times, we have witnessed a rise in the popularity of sculptured vases, which is one of the most used home decoration pieces. The viral Instagram “shelfie” trend gave rise to staggering DIY vessels and vases for house decor. It started as a fun way to express your personality while displaying surreal art forms and opulent curves in an excess of bright and fresh colour patterns.

You can put a group of vases and vessels alongside your headboard or on top of your nightstand. Adding these vases will add a unique aesthetic to your house interior design.


Reimagined Home Office


this is an image of home office | decoration room


As mentioned earlier, because of the pandemic the work style has changed a lot. Since most people are working from home, there has been an exponential rise in the use of separate workstations.

This has created a need for more multi-functional spaces inside our homes. You can convert a specific corner of your house or a whole room into your workstation or classroom, based on feasibility and your requirements.

One advantage of working from home is that you can create your own customised and cosy workstation. You can decorate your home office using patterned rugs, and statement chairs that you can never experience in a typical corporate setting. Using blue hues for the office settings are common, however, it is not vital for you to stick to them. Instead, you can use calming and neutral tones with natural lighting.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to design your home office, you can bring in creativity to customise things and give them a fresh look.


Japandi Minimalism


this is an image of japandi minimalist style living room and wall decor


Japandi style is a hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese interior decor aesthetics. This style incorporates the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” which essentially means to find beauty in imperfection. On the other hand, the Scandinavian style of hygge can be described as a place that personifies comfort, a sense of well-being, and cosiness.

If you want to transform your space into a comfortable zone where you can escape from your hectic day-to-day life, you should look out for designs that feature Japanese inspired florals.


Glass Lighting


this is an image of glass light


When it comes to lighting trends, pendant glass lighting is the latest trend in home interior designs. With a variety of textures and colours, the usage of glass has become more popular in recent times.

If you prefer more minimalist designs, glass-lighting would be the appropriate choice for your room decoration items. The reason is that glass lights can add to the luxurious look of the space and can uplift the mood. There is a high chance that this trend will grow louder in the coming years.


These are some of the latest home decor trends in 2022 that you can follow to transform your home. For more information, visit, Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.


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