Driving Real Estate Development through Ring Road Rawalpindi

Ring Road Rawalpindi has remained a much-awaited project for the residents of twin cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This project was initiated long before 1991 but was unfortunately delayed due to negligence on behalf of concerned authorities.
The primary reason for constructing this road is to alleviate the heavy flow of traffic extending from the Federal Capital to nearby residential areas.

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Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplaceGraana.com, has compiled a detailed overview of the scheme’s roadmap, which is as follows:

  • This route begins in Rawat and ends at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2).
  • The total length of the route is 65 km.
  • Two Link Roads will connect Rawalpindi’s Ring Road to the Grand Trunk Road.
  • Both sides of the road will have commercial areas.
  • The project’s width will be 300 feet.
  • The Ring Road has six flyovers, three interchanges, and ten overhead bridges.
  • The development and planning of the Ring Road have been delegated to the Punjab Highway Department.
  • The project’s goal is to connect both the National Highway and Islamabad International Airport at Rawat.


Impact on Ring Road on Real Estate in Rawalpindi


Ring Road Rawalpindi


The development of the Ring Road Rawalpindi will increase business opportunities in the twin cities real estate sector. It will benefit projects on the M-2 motorway’s premises. The greatest advantage goes to the area near Islamabad International Airport.

The demand for real estate will rise, and most importantly, the problem of internal migration will be resolved.

This project has piqued the interest of those looking for investment opportunities in Pakistan. Some housing projects have already begun work on residential schemes, with prices rising each day. 

Recently, investors have been inclined towards buying land on Adiala and Chakri roads in exchange for huge profits. It will undoubtedly bear fruit in the coming years.


Impact of Ring Road Construction on Housing Schemes


Ring Road Rawalpindi


The Ring Road’s construction benefits the housing societies located near the route, which is one of the people’s primary concerns. Furthermore, investors are drawn to lesser-known housing societies and real estate projects. 

Housing projects are important for the rapid progress of the Ring Road RWP Project because its success is dependent on the housing schemes.

Land prices will rise in all of these housing societies because of the easier routes, and simultaneously, the demand will increase. 

Below is a list of major societies that are the talk of the town when it comes to investment opportunities:


DHA Phase 3

DHA is an opulent housing society in Islamabad and is one of the most exclusive areas in the twin cities to buy property. It is regarded as one of the region’s major real estate projects, providing its residents with first-rate features and amenities. 

This residential scheme is already a huge hit with both domestic and international investors. As a result, the completion of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will add more value to this society.


Bahria Town Phase 8

If you are curious about where to invest, the rapidly developing housing scheme of Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension can provide you with a rewarding investment opportunity. 

The project of Bahria Town has always been a favourite among local and foreign investors due to its cutting-edge design and meticulous attention to detail. The well-planned Bahria Town is no exception.


Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City was built along the eastern route of CPEC, which has piqued the interest of stockholders. Following the approval of the Rawalpindi Ring Road, it is likely that the project will emphasise its location as an ideal housing society for property development. 

This society offers enticing residential and commercial deals with first-rate amenities to those looking to invest in real estate near Ring Road.

The scheme includes a modern drainage system, a continuous power supply, advanced security monitoring, and other features.


What The Project Aims to Achieve


Ring Road Rawalpindi


The main goals of the project include controlling traffic flow, improving the economy, and making transportation from one location to another as quickly as possible.

It will also aid in the coordinated planning of urbanisation on the southwest side. Following are some positive outcomes expected from this development:

  • The project aims to relieve the National Highway N5 of the immense traffic load.
  • Commuters will no longer have to navigate the twin cities and will be able to travel around Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
  • As the project moves towards completion, the commercial zones on the sides will develop and will bring in investment. This, in turn, will benefit the communities living nearby.
  • The Ring Road will improve access to the Islamabad International Airport.


How Investors See the Project

Ring Road Rawalpindi


Looking for a future home in one of the most talked-about housing societies? There are plenty of options in private residential societies. With the assistance of a reputable real estate brand, like Graana.com, you can easily latch upon investment opportunities at a reasonable price. 

These societies have the potential to provide far more than you expect. When comparing past price statistics, you will be surprised to learn that they have increased three to four times due to development in the twin cities.

So if you are a novice investor, or are looking to buy something for future use, there are numerous options in private housing schemes.

You can now buy residential and commercial plots at reasonable prices. When compared to other investment options, such land investments have the potential to provide a much higher return.


Bottom Line

Upon its completion, the Ring Road will be able to generate a fairly positive impact on Pakistan’s real estate sector. The project’s impact on real estate is advantageous as property market prices are on the rise. 

Because of the ease of transportation, safety, and development opportunities due to the project, property buying and selling in surrounding areas may increase.

Ring Road Rawalpindi will now assist investors looking for high returns and profitable investment opportunities in residential and commercial areas.

The government and relevant bodies are working hard to complete this massive development project. Furthermore, the Ring Road is reviving real estate-related economic activities to attract investments and create new jobs. 

For more information about new projects and developments in Pakistan, follow our blog at Graana.com.

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