Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Every Real Estate Company Should Follow

One cannot object to the fact that comprising a property is an essential matter to discuss. The reason behind this is that in Pakistan, real estate is one of the most beneficial investment opportunities which plays a great part in generating the economy.

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But how does this all come into work?

In this blog, Graana.com will explain how this is done? And the answer is that real estate companies execute their work through the promotion of real estate companies. Now you might be wondering who promotes the brand and what is the reason behind it?

In today’s time of evolution and development, it has become important to have a marketing team that helps in branding your company. They design such techniques that help to boost the plan and make its presence. If we talk specifically about the real estate sector, the marketing in real estate chooses the most prominent marketing company to create their name in the market.

In this blog, we will present some interesting and effective marketing ideas that every real estate company should follow

So, Let’s have a look!


  • Setup a social profile
  • Make an attractive business card
  • Make yourself easy to contact
  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Do local sponsorship
  • Make your website and application user friendly
  • Build google business profile
  • Make social media adds
  • Keep an eye on your competitor


Now, Let us explain every idea in detail!


Setup a Social Profile

The first and the most important effective marketing idea is setting up a social profile. This will give your company an instant boost if done correctly. For this, you will have to make social media accounts on all networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Setting up a social profile will help you connect to your clients and also highlight your success stories. Through your social media profile, you will educate your buyers related to real estate and update them with the project that you are working on.

In one way or another, the world is now dependent on social media, you will probably be not able to make your presence without social media as much as you can with the help of it. To make your social media attractive you will have to upload nice photos, catchy captions, and above all, you will have to be active on social media for your clients.

According to websiterating.com, marketing is crucial to enhance your brand value and visibility.

Make an Attractive Business Card

Design an attractive business card for your company. The card should contain all the necessary information such as the name of your company, contact name and number, email, and company address. A business card would represent your company’s brand and it is also considered to be an overall business image of your business.

Your card must be designed in such a way that it inspires people and the desire to contact the company. A business card is also considered a direct marketing tool because in-person meetings lead to sharing of business cards directly to whomever you want to share them with. By this, we can say that a business card can make or break the marketing game for you. The reasons behind this are

  • It gives an ease of contact details
  • Creates a quick first impression
  • Gives a personal touch


Hire a Professional Photographer

It is a fact that successful marketing of real estate lies in professional and great photography. Photographs of poor quality will make people lose interest and result in less followership. For this, you must hire a professional photographer who has experience in architecture and home photography. By this, you will be able to make your listings attractive and gain the attention of people and then this will result in helping you to get a potential buyer. Your photos will act as a support to show your clients what you have to offer. Nowadays 3D tours are becoming a popular thing. Your professional photographer can also create a 3D video of your property which will help your clients to have a 3D tour of the house while sitting at home.

Hire a professional photographer today to make your real estate company’s listing more enticing and attractive.


Do Local Sponsorship

Being a local sponsor will help you make your brand be in the spotlight. Be a sponsor at festivals, school events, or for a sports team. This means that you can get your business name or brand logo on pamphlets, t-shirts, or flyers. If you will sponsor a local group you will directly become their real estate leader for reference. Some ideas for local sponsorship are

  • Donate charity
  • Sponsor sports team
  • Sponsor an event such as pet adoption,
  • Donate money at local schools
  • Contribute monetarily to different building projects

The sponsorship idea completely lies in the motto “spend money to make money” though it is an old saying it is true without any doubt. Therefore real estate companies should take advantage of these sponsorship opportunities and donate to a cause to create a positive impact on society and build maximum exposure for your company. According to inbeat.co, influencer marketing can make a huge difference.


Make your Website User Friendly

Nowadays people get attracted to what’s easy for them to use and understand. You must formulate a user-friendly website. The reason why a website is important for real estate marketing is that it helps to educate clients and makes it easy for agents to provide them with valuable resources. A website should deliver content that helps the buyers throughout the purchasing process. Here are a few features that should be included in your real estate website

  • Photos and description of properties
  • Searchable listings
  • Customer-centric content
  • A consistent look

According to bullseyelocations, a good website with excellent management can help you generate leads.

Build Google Business Profile

To make it easy for users to find you on google maps, search and knowledge panel, set up a google business profile. The reason why having a business profile on Google is important is that it is one of the most trusted platforms for authentic reviews. You can make your business rank higher through Google’s business profile. But this is dependent on the regular maintenance of your business profile. This can be done by logging in to your profile daily and adding new content like listings and photos.

Make Social Ads

To create a presence on social media, the feature that helps the most is paid social media ads. Making social ads for your real estate business can result in excessive engagement and an increase in followers on your profile. This feature allows you to choose your target audience with a budget that suits you. Keep in mind to choose a picture or video for a paid ad that is attractive and highlights information that you would want to give to your audience. Social media ads are one of the effective ideas that can help in real estate marketing.


Keep an Eye on your Competitors

In this era of competition, it is important to keep a check on what your competitors in real estate are doing. How are they managing their social media or how does their website look? By this you can also get an idea of the mistake they are doing and you can avoid replicating them. this will help you distinguish that how your company can do better. after you do your analysis, you can come up with new ideas that how can you make your company stand out.


So, which way do you think is most effective?


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