Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Projects in 2022

marketing real estate projects on Facebook

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With the advancements in science and information technology, the way of doing business is revamping by leaps and bounds. Traditional media channels are getting replaced by digital media, that too, at a fast pace. People are now using the internet to market their products and services across the globe.

Real estate vs stock is always on the debate. Like other businesses, real estate is no exception. Realtors and investors use digital channels to attract customers. One of the most common ways to target customers is through Facebook. It is not only cheap but it is also accessible and very easy to use.

If you are into the real estate business, you should definitely use Facebook to market your real estate projects.

But, Why Facebook?

  • Worldwide, there were over 2.50 billion monthly active users (MAU) for December 2019 on Facebook. This means 2.50 billion opportunities to attract potential customers.
  • Facebook is now the 4th most valuable brand in the world with a value of $94.8bn. That means the brand is well known across the globe with high domain authority. People take into account Facebook while making a purchase decision.
  • 83% of parents on Facebook are friends with their children. Also, half of the internet users who do not use Facebook themselves live with someone who does. That means the referral model will work perfectly with Facebook.
  • Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day; 6 new profiles every second.

Now that you know why you should market through Facebook, it is time to know about ways to market through Facebook.

10 Ways to Market Real Estate Projects through Facebook

  1. Page Optimization
  2. Target the Right Audience
  3. Use Pictures and Infographics
  4. Use Stories
  5. Live Streaming
  6. Host Giveaway
  7. Create Events
  8. Share with Others
  9. Use Reviews and Testimonials
  10. Boost your Posts

real estate project marketing


 1. Page Optimization

Your page speaks volumes!

It defines your brand personality and it should be perfect by all means.

You must have heard…‘The first impression is the last impression’. And, this is true most of the time in business. Use all your creative juices and pour them over your Facebook page to get the attention of the consumers. Choose a unique and catchy cover photo and do not forget to add a good display picture.

Also, pay extra attention to your ‘about’ and ‘contact’ section. People do not prefer pages with incomplete or fake details. If you want to build your business, spend some time on your Facebook page and do your best to make it as creative as you can.

 2. Target the Right Audience

If you are not hitting the right set of audience, you are simply wasting your time and resources. It will be a case of a wild goose chase. So, before starting off the business, you should do market research to understand your consumers in a better way.

Luckily, Facebook has turned the whole process of targeting a piece of cake. You can use the Facebook targeting feature to define and narrow down your market.

You can either choose from already made targeting categories or you can also select your target audience manually. Targeting will help you to reach for the people who are perfect for your business.

 3. Use Pictures and Infographics

Good visuals matter a lot in real estate. Have a sleek and creative logo for your business. Put quality pictures, videos, and infographics because these are some of the initial things that catch the eye of the potential consumer. You can also promote your real estate related videos on your real estate youtube channels.

Invest in a good camera, video making equipment, and good graphic designing software to produce top-notch visuals. Also, don’t forget to put up a cover picture as well. You can also link your Facebook account with your Instagram account to get more exposure.

 4. Use Stories

Use the ‘story’ feature of Facebook. This will allow you to engage with your customers efficiently. Put up stories related to your product offerings and the latest happenings in the business. Stories help you to interact with your consumers regularly.

 5. Live Streaming

Use the live streaming options to communicate with your customers visually. Some of the ideas that you can incorporate in your live streaming are:

  • Host a Q&A session where you interact with your consumers and the general public and answer their queries related to real estate.
  • List down different tips and tricks related to real estate e.g. how to market your real estate like a pro.
  • Stream interviews related to famous realtors and investors.
  • Announce your new real estate projects.
  • Explain the pros of your product offerings to your customers. For example, explain to them about your product features, pricing, ROI vice versa.
  • Host visual tours so that your customers can experience the product from the comfort of their homes.
  • Start a series related to real estate. For instance, you can start a recurring session of buying, selling, renovation, financing vice versa.

 6. Host Giveaway

Another great way to attract your potential customers is by hosting giveaways on your page. You can host a giveaway by following steps:

  • Decide the products or services that you want to give. You can choose from an array of products and services such as a meal for 2, goodie bags, return tickets, and so on.
  • Make a post regarding the giveaway and boost your post as much as you can. Share it with friends and families.
  • Set a deadline and set clear rules for the giveaway. Ask people to tag their family and friends to tag/share the post.
  • Announce the winners after the deadline.
  • This is a great way to get organic likes in a short duration of time, that too without spending a huge chunk of money.

Checkout factors affecting the real estate market.

 7. Create Events

Do not take the ‘event’ feature for granted. Use events to leverage your visibility. If you have any sort of training, open house, workshop coming up, make sure you use events and tell people about the latest happenings at your company.

Create an event, jot down a precise yet clear description, add audiovisual aids, post regularly and share it rigorously. To get more exposure, you can add Facebook ads too.

 8. Share with Others

Facebook is a social media site, it’s obvious. Right? To reap out maximum advantages from Facebook, you need to socialize with the general public at all times. If you post something on your website, make sure you link it with Facebook. Ask your family, friends, and employees to share the post too.

Join groups on Facebook and share your posts over there as well.

 9. Use Reviews and Testimonials

Ask your customers to leave reviews on your page. Try your best to market all the 5-star reviews. Reviews help in building loyalty and trust between the customers and businesses.

You can also use the screenshots and snippets of these reviews on your stories or you can even create a ‘customer feedback’ page, dedicated solely for reviews and customer feedback. These activities help the company in building stronger brand equity.

To make the page more creative post on topics like how to be a successful real estate agent, real estate budgets, etc.

 10. Boost your Posts

Boosting is a type of Facebook paid marketing strategy that is specifically used to gain more visibility. It also helps you to convert potential customers into buyers. After you are done with targeting, boost your posts daily. By boosting we mean, paying a certain amount of money to make your post stand out in the crowd. In short, boosting will help you reach more people.

Pro tip

Join different digital marketing Facebook groups to keep yourself on track. As a realtor, you should be on top of all the latest real estate happenings and trends. Also, these groups will allow you to interact with different social media marketers. In no time, you will be able to learn valuable Facebook marketing tricks. Also, let your audience know why they should invest in real estate.

So, these are some of the Facebook marketing practices that everyone should incorporate in their real estate business. You can either do Facebook marketing in house or you can outsource it to an agency that is offering good Facebook marketing packages.

Take the advantage of real estate podcasts and promote it on your Facebook.

Follow real estate books, real estate TV shows, and real estate blogs to get more information about real estate investment, how many square feet in one marla, tax on property and to be more creative in promoting your projects.

Many people consider Facebook marketing a rocket and this is absolutely hoax. With little hard work and creativity, you can pull off your Facebook marketing strategy like a champ. Checkout 10 marla house construction cost

We hope this article will give you an idea about how to do Facebook marketing effectively and efficiently. This was all about Facebook marketing strategies. There are many more ways to market your real estate projects.  If you have any queries, leave a comment in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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