Exploring Airsial – Pakistan’s Rising Star in Aviation

Overview of a growing airline: AirSial

Amid the chaos of the pandemic, as nations struggled with lockdowns, a private airline started on a journey that defied the odds. While businesses fought to survive, Airsail boldly forged ahead and established its presence with remarkable resilience. But what strategies drove their success? Today, Graana.com delves into the story behind their progress and the pivotal moments that shaped their journey. 

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Overview of AirSail

Air Sial is an emerging airline licensed to offer scheduled passenger and cargo services on both domestic and international levels in Pakistan’s aviation landscape. Inaugurated in 2020 by the esteemed Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry it became the third private airline in the country. 

This helped Air Sial capture the attention of travellers seeking efficient and customer-centric flying services.  The airline aims to improve the air travel experience, particularly in regions with prominent industrial hubs. 


About Fleet and Crew


AIRSIAL flying crew

Every day, Air Sial edges closer to its vision of being the nation’s premier airline, under the guidance of Chairman Fazal Jilani and CEO Ameen Ahsan. Their leadership has propelled the company to surpass existing travel enterprises, expanding its workforce to over 1000 employees within just three years.

With a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft and ambitious expansion plans, Air Sial serves as a catalyst for connectivity. Renowned for their reliability and passenger comfort, these aircraft can accommodate up to 180 passengers.

The fleet currently comprises five aircraft; however, the company plans to expand by introducing the Airbus A330. With top operational and safety practices, the airline offers domestic routes that encompass major cities, including:

  • Karachi 
  • Lahore 
  • Islamabad 
  • Peshawar 
  • Quetta 
  • Multan

Moreover, the airline has ventured into international skies, establishing routes to destinations like Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Muscat in Oman, with further aspirations to extend its footprint into the Middle East. Air Sial’s commitment to delivering quality services, coupled with its dedication to passenger satisfaction, sets it apart as a formidable player in the aviation sector. 


Air Sial Headquarters

Airsial Airlines has its headquarters strategically located in Sialkot, Pakistan. This choice of location holds significant importance, as Sialkot is renowned as a major industrial city in the province of Punjab. 

The city’s economic significance, coupled with its geographical advantages, makes it an ideal base for Air Sial to operate and cater to the diverse needs of passengers travelling to and from the region.


Airsial: Services Offered

The Air Sial airline focuses on providing efficient facilities with an emphasis on punctuality, service excellence, and passenger satisfaction. As a reliable choice for domestic travellers, Air Sial aims to set new benchmarks in domestic air travel by offering the following services:


Domestic Routes

Air Sial’s extensive network covers major cities within Pakistan, ensuring connectivity and convenience for domestic travellers. The airline serves key destinations, including:

  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Multan

This helps them target the diverse travel needs of passengers across the country. With a focus on reliability and punctuality, Air Sial offers a range of flight frequencies and schedules, ensuring flexibility and choice for passengers. 

Whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation, or a leisurely getaway, Air Sial provides options to suit every traveller’s itinerary. Additionally, the airline’s commitment to affordability ensures that ticket rates remain competitive, making air travel accessible to a wide range of passengers.


International Expansion


the third private Pakistan airline

In line with its vision for expansion, Air Sial has ventured into the international market. They started with routes to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Muscat in Oman. These initial international routes mark the airline’s foray into the global aviation landscape, providing passengers with options for international travel.

Looking ahead, Air Sial has plans to connect Pakistani travellers with additional international destinations. Despite its international reach, Air Sial remains committed to offering competitive ticket prices and top-notch amenities for international flights. All in all, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers venturing beyond Pakistan’s borders.


Cargo Services

In addition to passenger services, Air Sial also offers cargo transportation solutions, catering to the logistical needs of businesses and industries across Pakistan. With efficient cargo handling processes, the airline ensures timely delivery of goods and materials, supporting trade and commerce both domestically and internationally.



Air Sial prioritises the convenience and comfort of its passengers by offering generous baggage allowances on both domestic and international flights. Passengers are allowed a certain weight limit for both carry-on and checked-in baggage.

This ensures that they can travel with essential belongings without hassle or inconvenience. Additionally, the airline adheres to stringent safety protocols and procedures to ensure the secure handling of passengers’ baggage throughout their journey.


Airsial: Booking Process

AirSial offers passengers the convenience of booking flights online through their official website as well as partnered platforms. With this additional layer of accessibility, passengers can enjoy a seamless booking experience with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation.


Airsial Cabin Crew


The online booking process is designed to streamline the reservation process, allowing passengers to select their preferred routes and dates with just a few clicks. Moreover, Air Sial provides multiple payment options to accommodate diverse passenger needs. These include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets. 

This flexibility ensures that passengers can choose the payment method most convenient for them, enhancing the overall booking experience.


Reservation Details

The following reservation details may vary slightly depending on the platform. 


Selecting Routes and Dates

Upon accessing the Air Sial booking platform, passengers can browse through available routes and select their desired travel dates. This enables them to plan their journeys according to their schedules and preferences.

With a comprehensive network covering major domestic and international destinations, passengers have a wide range of options to choose from, catering to various travel needs and itineraries.


Baggage Allowances and Additional Services

During the booking process, passengers can also review and select their baggage allowances, ensuring that they are aware of the permitted baggage limits and any additional charges for excess luggage.

AirSial prioritises transparency and clarity in its booking process, providing passengers with detailed information regarding baggage policies to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Additionally, passengers have the option to avail themselves of additional services such as seat selection, in-flight meals, and travel insurance, enhancing the customization and personalization of their travel experience.


Ticket Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

Air Sial understands that travel plans may change, and thus, offers passengers flexibility with ticket cancellation and rescheduling options. Passengers can review the airline’s policies regarding ticket cancellation and rescheduling during the booking process. 

This allows them to make informed decisions regarding their reservations. In case of changes in travel itineraries, AirSial strives to accommodate passengers’ needs by providing clear and concise guidelines for ticket modifications. 

By offering transparent and flexible policies, AirSial aims to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in its booking process, fostering trust and loyalty among passengers.


Amenities and Passenger Experience

Here are some of the prominent amenities Airsial offers. 


In-flight Services

Air Sial is committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers, offering a range of amenities to enhance their journey. In the economy-class cabin, passengers can expect to receive complimentary meals and beverages, ensuring that they stay refreshed and satisfied throughout their flight. 

The airline takes pride in its catering services, providing passengers with delicious and wholesome meals that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Moreover, passengers can relax in spacious and comfortable seating designed to maximise comfort during the flight.

While in-flight entertainment options may vary based on the aircraft and route, Air Sial strives to provide passengers with a selection of entertainment options, including movies, music, and TV shows, to keep them entertained throughout the journey.


Baggage Allowance

Air Sial offers generous baggage allowances to ensure that passengers can travel with ease and convenience. Passengers are allowed to bring a certain amount of carry-on baggage and checked baggage, depending on their ticket class and fare type.


Airsial Overview


The airline provides clear guidelines regarding baggage policies, allowing passengers to understand their entitlements and obligations when it comes to luggage. Furthermore, Air Sial charges reasonable fees for excess baggage, enabling passengers to transport additional items without incurring hefty charges. 

By offering transparent and fair baggage policies, the airline aims to provide passengers with a stress-free travel experience.


Customer Care

Air Sial prioritises customer satisfaction and strives to provide excellent customer care services to assist passengers with their travel needs. The airline offers multiple channels for passengers to contact customer support, including regional offices, a dedicated call centre, and email support. 

Passengers can reach out to AirSial’s customer care team for assistance with ticket changes, refunds, and other inquiries, receiving prompt and efficient support to resolve any issues or concerns they may encounter. 

Whether seeking guidance on flight reservations or seeking assistance during their journey, passengers can rely on Air Sally’s customer care team to provide attentive and personalised assistance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience from start to finish.


Achievements and Future Plans


Pakistan Aviation landscape


The same group that spearheaded the unprecedented success of Sialkot International Airport Ltd. (SIAL) is now leading the AirSial project, ensuring a promising trajectory. With such proven expertise at its helm, AirSial’s ambitious future plans are poised for remarkable success

Operational Success

Air Sial has achieved remarkable success since its inception, marked by its exceptional operational performance and dedication to customer satisfaction. The airline boasts an impressive record of punctuality, with a high percentage of on-time departures and arrivals.

Additionally, Air Sial maintains a low rate of flight cancellations, minimising disruptions to travel plans and enhancing the overall passenger experience. This commitment to operational excellence has earned the airline widespread acclaim and positive feedback from passengers, reaffirming its position as a preferred choice for air travel in Pakistan.


Expansion Strategies

Looking ahead, Air Sial is poised for further growth and expansion, with strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing its fleet, routes, and service offerings. The airline plans to expand its fleet by introducing new aircraft, bolstering its capacity to meet growing demand and serve a wider range of destinations. 

Moreover, Air Sial is actively exploring opportunities for route expansion, both domestically and internationally, with plans to add new destinations to its network. By diversifying its route portfolio, the airline aims to cater to evolving passenger preferences and tap into emerging markets.

Furthermore, Air Sial has obtained charter flight licences, paving the way for potential opportunities in the charter flight segment. This milestone allows the airline to operate charter flights for both passengers and cargo, opening up new avenues for revenue generation and market expansion. 

By leveraging its charter flight capabilities, Air Sial can capitalise on niche markets, cater to specialised travel needs, and further differentiate itself in the competitive aviation industry. 



Throughout its journey, AirSial has emerged as a beacon of excellence in Pakistan’s aviation industry.Air Sales achievements reflect its commitment to excellence and innovation in the aviation sector. With a strong foundation of operational success and a clear vision for the future, the airline is well-positioned to pursue its expansion strategies and continue delivering exceptional services to passengers across Pakistan and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:


How much is an AirSial ticket?

AirSial offers a range of ticket prices depending on the route, date of travel, and class of service. To find the most accurate and up-to-date ticket prices, you can visit the AirSial website or contact their customer service.


Are there any international flights to Israel?

AirSial does not operate direct flights to Israel. 


What is the Airsial flight helpline?

AirSial provides customer support through its helpline number, which can be reached at 021-111-742. Additionally, you can also contact their regional offices or send an email to info@airsial.com for assistance with flight bookings, inquiries, or other concerns.


Can I book my AirSial ticket online?

 Yes, AirSial offers online booking facilities through its official website as well as partnered platforms. You can easily book your AirSial ticket online by selecting your desired route, travel dates, and preferred payment method. Additionally, you can also use mobile wallets, debit/credit cards, or bank transfers for online payments.


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