Exploring Malakwal: A Small Town in Punjab

Located in the province Punjab of Pakistan lies the unassuming town of Malakwal. Though it’s not well-known and is yet to be explored by the wider world, Malakwal vibrates with a rich cultural and historical legacy. This town captivates visitors who are interested in learning more about the essence of South Asia by skilfully combining a vivid tapestry of varied cultural traditions. This blog by graana.com will focus on the geographic centre of Malakwal, its population makeup, the rumours of its history, the colourful tapestry of its legacy, its famous sites, the forces of change that pass through it, the obstacles it faces, and the promise that shines ahead. 

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Parameter Value 
District Mandi Bahauddin 
TMA Headquarter Malakwal 
Location 32°55’0N 72°24’0E 
No. of Union councils 17 
Languages Punjabi, Urdu 
Population (2012) 40,626 app. 
Sex Ratio 104.2 
No. of Households 4995 app. 
Household size 6.7 
Growth Rate (%) 1.89 
Area (Acres) 2012 1100 
Density/Acre (2012) 37 
Important Crops Sugarcane, Rice, Wheat, Bajra, Jawar, Tobacco, Moong Masoor, Mash, Oil Seed, Gram, Maize 
Fruits Citrus 
Industry Rice Mills, Flour Mills and citrus packing and storage mill 



malakwal maps

Set in the city of Mandi Bahauddin of Punjab province, Pakistan, is the lively town of Malakwal. Located around 180 kilometres southeast of Islamabad, the capital, and 150 kilometres north of Lahore, the ancient city.  The Jhelum River, the lifeblood of the area, flows in the proximity to Malakwal, serving as a significant water source. 


How to Reach Malakwal? 

The city of Malakwal is in Punjab, Pakistan’s Mandi Bahauddin District and is roughly 180 kilometres southeast of Islamabad and 150 kilometres north of Lahore. Situated close to the banks of the Jhelum River, a vital water supply for the area, it is encircled by lush farmland.

Here are some ways to reach Malakwal: 

From Lahore 

The bus ride from Lahore to Malakwal takes about three hours and forty-four minutes. If you choose to take a taxi instead, it will take about two hours and twenty-five minutes. 


From Faisalabad 

It takes about 6 hours and 22 minutes to go by bus and taxi from Faisalabad to Malakwal. A taxi ride will cost approximately one hour and fifty-eight minutes. 



Malakwal is in Pakistan’s Punjab province’s Mandi Bahauddin district.  This community of about fifty thousand people lives in an area that is rich in agricultural land. The Jhelum River, which supplies vital water, flows close by and is the lifeblood of the area. It’s interesting to note that Malakwal is home to a diverse population, including Pathans, Kashmiris, and Punjabis. The town has a distinct personality because of this rich mixture of ethnicities. 


Popular Places Near Malakwal 

Malakwal, known for the famous Daffer Forest, and Mona Depot. In the following section you will find more details about them.

Daffer Forest, Malakwal 

Daffer Forest Malakwal 

Specifically, Mona Depot is well-known for its Arabian horses. The depot, which has more than 600 mares, is a full member of the esteemed World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO).  

It covers more than 7,000 acres in Malakwal Tehsil and has a semi-arid environment with hot summers and variable rainfall that is mostly received during the monsoon season.   

Until the late 1800s, the area covered with a dry tropical forest.  Reforestation activities were launched on the land in response to the need for environmental rehabilitation, and they were effective in creating a forest plantation.  

The Daffer Forest is now home to a diverse range of plants. Although mulberry and shisham trees predominate, other species like as eucalyptus, poplar, and even experimental bamboo plantations contribute to the landscape’s richness.   

About 300 acres of new forest are planted there each year, as part of a continuing effort to regenerate the forest. This emphasises the Daphar/Daffer Forest’s critical role in preserving the natural balance of the area. 


Mona Depot 

remount Depot mona

Remount depots, like Mona Depot, are establishments created specifically to breed and raise horses and other animals for the military. Scattered across an enormous 10,000 acres of land, it is the largest operational remount plant in the world, having been established in 1902.  

It moved to its present site in Mona in 1902 from its original location in India. The station, renowned for its breathtaking scenery, which includes verdant meadows, elegant trees, and first-rate equestrian amenities.  

They serve as not only a breeding ground but also as a living museum and a well-known Pakistan Army facility.  

Specifically, Mona Depot is well-known for its Arabian horses. The depot, which has more than 600 mares, is a full member of the esteemed World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO).  

The carefully bred horses, renowned for their endurance, quickness, and agility, which make them perfect for use in the military. 


Education in Malakwal 

There aren’t enough government schools in Malakwal right now to accommodate the expanding population’s educational demands. There are only two boys’ and one girls’ high school, hence there is congestion in every grade level. This overpopulation makes it more difficult for pupils to get a good education.

The schools founded decades ago, when the population was much fewer, which has resulted in these constraints. The population growth of three times calls for the building of new government schools.

It is imperative to increase access to high-quality education, especially for residents from disadvantaged backgrounds who depend on public schools. More government schools would guarantee that more pupils have access to a solid education. 


Malakwal Railway Station 

Malakwal Railway Station 

One of the most significant and active railway stations of Pakistan is the Malakwal Junction railway station. Situated in Malakwal, it functions as a crucial railway station for multiple routes. Twelve trains pass via the intersection, including multiple Pdk Shuttle trains and well-known routes like the Chenab Express, Hazara Express, and Millat Express. 


Train Name Code Arrival Departure 
Chenab Express (Lala Musa to Sargodha) 136DN 17:10:00 17:20:00 
Chenab Express (Sargodha to Lala Musa) 135UP 10:00:00 10:10:00 
Hazara Express (Havelian to Karachi City) 12DN 22:10:00 22:15:00 
Hazara Express (Karachi City to Havelian) 11UP 09:20:00 09:25:00 
Millat Express (Lala Musa to Karachi Cantt) 18DN 11:43:00 11:55:00 
Millat Express (Karachi Cantt to Lala Musa) 17UP 16:40:00 16:50:00 
PDK Shuttle (Pind Dadan Khan to Malakwal) PDK-5DN 16:35:00  
PDK Shuttle (Malakwal to Pind Dadan Khan) PDK-4DN  10:45:00 
PDK Shuttle (Pind Dadan Khan to Malakwal) PDK-3DN  12:05:00 
PDK Shuttle (Pind Dadan Khan to Malakwal) PDK1UPDN  09:25:00 
PDK Shuttle (Malakwal to Pind Dadan Khan) PDK 2DN  08:00:00 
PDK Shuttle (Malakwal to Pind Dadan Khan) PDK-6DN  15:00:00 


FAQs on Malakwal 

FAQs on Malakwal, Punjab. 


Where is Malakwal located? 

Malakwal is the TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) headquarters in Mandi Bahauddin district, Punjab, Pakistan. 


What are the geographical coordinates of Malakwal? 

Malakwal is located at approximately 32°55’0N 72°24’0E. 


What languages are spoken in Malakwal? 

The primary languages spoken in Malakwal are Punjabi and Urdu. 


What is the population of Malakwal? 

As of 2017, the estimated population of Malakwal was 43,626.


What is the sex ratio in Malakwal?

In 2017, the sex ratio in Malakwal was approximately 104.2 males per 100 females. 

Malakwal is located where?

The TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) headquarters are in Malakwal, Punjab, Pakistan’s Mandi Bahauddin district.

What are Malakwal’s coordinates in terms of geography?

Malakwal’s coordinates are roughly 32°55’0N 72°24’0E.

In Malakwal, which languages are spoken?

Punjabi, the mostly commonly used language in Malakwal.

How many people live in Malakwal?

Malakwal had an estimated 43,626 residents as of 2017.


What are Malakwal’s principal agricultural products?

A wide range of crops are grown in Malakwal’s agricultural sector, including sugarcane, wheat, rice, tobacco, jawar, bajra, mash, moong, masoor, gramme, and maize. 


This was all about Malakwal. For more information, visit Graana.com. 

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