Sheesham Wood and Its Significance

A lot of consideration goes into buying new furniture for your house; therefore, choosing the right type of wood can be a tedious task. In the furniture markets of Pakistan, you will find various different types of wooden furniture. A vast variety of wood is used for making furniture, and one of them is Sheesham wood.
Sheesham wood is widely used throughout the world for making furniture. In America, it is known as Rosewood. Sheesham wood is popular for its durability. Moreover, it is flexible, which makes it ideal for wood carving and wood turning., Pakistan’s smartest property portal has come up with a detailed account of Sheesham wood, its maintenance tips, and its pros and cons.

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Pros of Sheesham Wood


living room Sofa set made of Sheesham wood


Following are some of the advantages of Sheesham wood.


Affordable Price

One of the major advantages of purchasing Sheesham wood items (furniture/decorative items) is that they come at an affordable price, and are not heavy on the buyer’s pocket. Moreover, if you purchase one item, it will go a long way, making it a good investment.

Upon comparing its price with that of Teak wood, you will notice that there is no major difference between both. However, Sheesham is regarded as more luxurious than Teak wood, hence, a better option to spend money on.


Variety in Designs

Although Sheesham is considered a type of hardwood, most woodworkers regard it to be soft and flexible. Owing to its flexibility, carpenters can easily carve a variety of designs on it.

Moreover, it can be bent into any shape with ease, which is why we see a variety of decorative items, frames, and furniture made of Sheesham wood with delicate carvings on them.

In Pakistan, most of this wood comes from Chiniot, hence the locals commonly call the furniture “Chinioti Furniture.” If you go to the furniture markets in Pakistan, you will find a vast variety of sofas, beds, chairs, and tables with delicately carved patterns.

Decorative Carving

As mentioned previously, the flexibility of this type of wood makes it perfect for carving and wood turning. As Pakistan is famous for carving crafts, you will find a vast variety of Sheesham wood furniture in the country.

Moreover, it is durable and can stand intricate designs, including deep engravings, and carvings, without breaking or cracking.



Sheesham wood is passed through a series of processes before use, which enhances its strength and ability to resist cracks upon bending and carving.

Normally, it is dried in the sun for a period of about six months before being used to make furniture or any other item. This ensures its longevity and sturdiness.

Once it dries, the wood turns into lumber, which shows ideal sturdiness, and malleability for making furniture and other decorative items. Moreover, it boosts the age of the furniture item, making it long-lasting.


Cons of Sheesham Wood


Sheesham wood bed with bedside drawers


Now that we have talked about the pros of using this wood for making furniture, let’s discuss some of its cons.


Prone to Water and Pests

As we all know all the good things in this world come with a price, and so is the case with this type of wood. Even though it is one of the most desired types of wood used for making furniture designs in Pakistan, it comes with a few vulnerabilities such as being prone to water and pests.

If the wood is not processed carefully before use, it is vulnerable to water, as it has the ability to retain moisture which can be harmful to it.
This property of Sheesham wood makes it suitable for outdoor furniture items.


Original Sheesham is Hard to Find

Original Sheesham can be hard to find. Only those who are experts can differentiate between original Sheesham and fake Sheesham.

People can not find this difference easily and might get tricked unless they do prior research.


Maintenance of Sheesham Wood Furniture


a person polishing the surface of a wooden stool


To keep your Shesham wood furniture in good shape, you need to follow a few maintenance tips. Some of them are as follows.


Cleaning Sheesham Wood Furniture

Dusting the Sheesham wood furniture on a regular basis will help keep it clean. Make sure to avoid using a damp duster, as the wood might absorb moisture, which can warp it.

To clean the dust which has settled inside the cuts and corners of the wood, you can use a toothbrush.


Retaining Shine On Sheesham Wood Furniture

Over time furniture pieces tend to lose their shine. To bring back the lost shine of your furniture, use a solution of vinegar, olive oil, and water. Mix all three of them well and put the solution in a bottle.

You can apply this solution to the surface of the furniture using a soft cloth. It will gently clean the surface and help retain its lost shine.

Sheesham wood is popular in Pakistan and all around the world, for the production of furniture and other decorative items, such as photo frames. The malleability of wood allows woodcarvers to engrave deep, intricate patterns on it which makes it ideal for furniture.

However, its vulnerability to moisture, makes it unfit for outdoor furniture. In this blog, we covered almost all aspects of Sheesham wood, including its pros and cons, and maintenance tops.

For more information, visit the Graana blog.

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