Famous Chinese Restaurants in Lahore

Graana.com features a list of some of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Lahore.

The provincial capital of Punjab – Lahore doubles as the food capital of the country, renowned for its vibrant food streets and enticing cuisines. Despite the city’s specialty being local cuisine, Lahore is not short of exotic restaurants, offering a taste from around the world. However, Chinese restaurants in Lahore dominate this scene, bringing residents a taste of Beijing.

If you’re new to Lahore’s culinary scene, or you simply want to explore the city’s foreign delicacies, we have you covered. Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features a list of some of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Lahore.


Chinese Restaurants in Lahore

Be it Szechuan or Huaiyang cuisines, the city’s Chinese restaurants never fail to deliver. With so many Chinese eateries dotted all over Lahore, it can be quite the hassle to narrow down the best ones. Following are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore.

  • Yum! Chinese and Thai
  • Tai Pan
  • Fuchsia Kitchen
  • Mandarin Kitchen
  • Dynasty
  • P.F. Chang’s
  • The Rice Bowl


Yum! Chinese and Thai


Yum is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Lahore.


Since its establishment in 2010, Yum has maintained its position as one of the top Chinese restaurants in Lahore. Offering a traditional Chinese ambiance and an extraordinary service, the restaurant has won the hearts of Lahoris, as it won the Consumer Choice Award for Best Chinese Food in 2013 – and rightly so.

The restaurant’s menu comes studded with a variety of dishes, ranging from hearty appetisers to delectable main courses. Moreover, the eatery offers a few other Asian cuisines as well – most notably Thai food. Some of the must-try menu items are the honey chilli sesame prawns and chicken chop suey.

If you’re in the mood for some Thai, the Nuea Phad Bai Kra Praw should be your go-to, leaving you wanting more.


Tai Pan


Taipan is famous for its buffets and Hi-teas.


If you want more of a fine-dining experience, this Chinese restaurant in Lahore should be your best option. Tai Pan is located within Lahore’s most upscale hotel, the Pearl Continental. The restaurant’s interior certainly mirrors its surroundings, with its red and black theme offering a serene ambiance.

The restaurant offers a complete three-course menu, ranging from cosy soups and starters to authentic Chinese desserts. If you ever plan on visiting Tai Pan, the craw claw with shrimp mousse and sweet and sour lobster are definitely worth a try.


Fuchsia Kitchen


Fuchsia Kitchen is one of the city's premier Chinese restaurants.


Despite being predominantly Chinese, Fuchsia Kitchen offers a variety of East-Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese. With such an extensive array of dishes, you’re bound to find something enticing. With both outdoor and indoor sitting arrangements, the restaurant offers a casual ambiance, perfect for having dinner with family and friends.

Due to Fuchsia’s vibrant menu, it can be quite difficult to decide on what to eat. For those going there for the first time, the red snapper with Hoisin sauce and the Japanese Katsu Maki are a must-try. For a spicier alternative, you can opt for spicy Korean chicken.


Mandarin Kitchen


Mandarin Kitchen is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Lahore.


Famous for its Hi-tea buffet, Mandarin Kitchen is another Pan-Asian eatery in Lahore. With an extensive array of dishes from various Asian origins, there is certainly something for everyone here. This Chinese restaurant in Lahore also offers a live kitchen, allowing you to watch your food be cooked as you wait.

Most of the dishes are available in three options; chicken, beef, and seafood. However, the restaurant’s specialty is General Tsao’s Chicken, a must-try for a first-time visit. Moreover, their fried calamari is one of the best in town, perfect for a light appetiser.




Dynasty is located within Lahore's Avari hotel.


Located within Avari Hotel, Dynasty is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Lahore, studded with a traditional Chinese interior. The restaurant’s menu offers everything Chinese, ranging from crabs, prawns, and lobsters to a complete Asian-style hotpot.

With such an array of dishes, it’s quite impossible to decide on a single dish. For appetisers, start off with a prawn wonton soup, which offers a unique umami flavour. For the main course, opt for Peking Duck and Steamed Snapper – the restaurant’s specialties.


P.F. Chang’s


P.F. Chang's is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Lahore that offer customised bowls.


One of the few Chinese restaurants in Lahore that offer customised bowls, P.F. Chang’s has made a name for itself among the city’s food enthusiasts. With a décor that complements the theme and a cuisine that has something for everyone’s palate – an evening at P.F. Chang’s is surely one to remember.

The menu items range from noodles, steamed rice, poultry, and seafood, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s taste. Moreover, the menu offers a few Japanese and Thai dishes as well, such as Pad Thai and Sushi rolls. Some of the restaurant’s must-try are the Hunan Style Hot Fish and the Orange Peel Shrimp.


The Rice Bowl


The rice bowl is one of the first Chinese restaurants in Lahore to offer personal bowls.


As the name suggests, the Rice Bowl is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Lahore that offer a personalised bowl option. Since most Chinese eateries in the city offer 3-4 person platters, this concept caught the attention of the city, contributing to the restaurant’s success.

You can choose from pre-made bowls or opt for the ‘Make Your Own Bowl’ option, where you can choose your sides and mains. Some of the must-try mains are the Chicken Chilli Dry and the Chicken in Fire Dragon Sauce.


Over the years, Lahore’s vibrant food scene has incorporated many cultures and cuisines, turning it into a multi-cultural hub of delicacies. With Chinese culture being so influential, it comes as no surprise that the city has an abundance of Chinese eateries. If you’re ever craving something Chinese, go through our list and find the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore. For more information on restaurants such as restaurants in Bahria Town Lahore, visit Graana.com – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.


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