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Becoming a house owner can be a lifelong dream for many. A lot of people spend most parts of their lives saving up for the house of their dreams. But how would you find the right house that fits both; your needs and demands?

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Finding the right house can be really challenging at times especially if like most of us, you are also looking for a house for sale in Islamabad. However, you do not need to worry anymore as we have come up with the ultimate house buying solutions in the name of Graana Wanted Properties!

How to Find The Right House with Graana.com

We welcome you to try out the most convenient property hunt solutions by Graana.com! Find the perfect house for you while availing the option to choose from thousands of listings put up as a house for sale. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

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  • Go through available listings
  • Schedule a House Visit or avail a Virtual Tour of the properties you’re interested in
  • Become a homeowner

Popular Locations to Buy a House in Islamabad

Islamabad is not only the national capital of Pakistan but also Islamabad is the most beautiful city to reside in.  Islamabad is known for its breathtaking natural beauty as it is heavily equipped with abundant greenery, parks, gorgeous sights, forests, wildlife, and whatnot!

Buying a house in a city that promises to provide for all your family needs such as basic facilities, education, transportation system, security, retail shopping, top-notch healthcare, and abundant places to visit; life in Islamabad can be a true blessing for you!

Here are some of the most popular locations where you can buy a house in Islamabad:

  1. Houses for Sale in DHA Islamabad
  2. Houses for Sale in F-6
  3. Houses for Sale in F-8
  4. Houses for Sale in E-11
  5. Houses for Sale in G-13

 Houses for Sale in DHA Islamabad

Defence Housing Authority Islamabad is definitely among the most beautifully designed areas of the twin cities. It is also a true reflection of modern urban planning. There are various commercial centers, markets, schools, hospitals, restaurants in DHA that provide a great quality of life for its residents. 

Check out some of the handpicked houses for sale in DHA Islamabad:

house for sale in islamabad dha

 Houses for Sale in F-6

F-6 is undoubtedly one of the poshest areas of Islamabad. The sector enjoys a breathtaking view of the Margallas and is located in the central region of Islamabad. Islamabad’s famous Super Market is also located in this area. 

Here are some of the noteworthy listings in F-6 Islamabad:

house for sale in f-6 islamabad

 Houses for Sale in F-8

Located next to Faisal Avenue, F-8 is one of the most popular sectors of Islamabad. Home of some of the famous markets, F-8 enjoys a healthy and peaceful living environment. Islamabad’s famous F-9 Park is also easily accessible from this sector.

Have a look at some of the houses for sale in F-8 Islamabad:

house for sale in f-8 islamabad

 Houses for Sale in E-11

Situated in the middle of the beautiful Margalla Hills and located next to Margalla Road, E-11 is fairly new yet one of the most favorite sectors for Islamabad’s residents. There is an abundance of new and modern houses in this sector that add to its beauty.

Check out some of the houses for sale in E-11:

house for sale in e 11 islamabad

 Houses for Sale in G-13

Known as the ‘Gateway to Islamabad’, Sector G-13 is increasing in popularity day by day. It is one of the newly developed sectors of Islamabad and enjoys easy access to all basic and modern amenities.

Find a house for sale in G-13 from these significant listings:

house for sale in g 13 islamabad

Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Islamabad

Before you jump onto making a house purchase, we suggest that you have a detailed know-how of the following factors that play a vital role while buying a house:

 1. Research is Key

First things first; the only wise thing to do while buying a house is to do your research. You can always look up for trending house styles, popular locations, interior designs, and the like online or ask your friends and family for their opinions.

 2. Keep Your Lifestyle Needs in Mind

Make a list of your lifestyle requirements when it comes to a new house. Factors like your family size, need for the number of rooms you’re looking for, and what type of location suits you and your family members play a vital role here. 

 3. Know What You Can Afford 

Be very aware of your resources and how much would you be able to spend on buying a new house. Having a specific budget in mind is only going to make the house hunt easier if anything. 

An even wiser choice would be to go for a house that you can afford rather than the house you want but would have to borrow a lot of money for. Moving into a new house at the cost of a huge debt can be an unpleasant experience. Get to know banks providing home loans in Pakistan.

buying a house

 4. A Trusted Realtor Can Be Your Best Friend

It is very important to find a realtor that you can trust and rely on while buying a house. As they are experienced and know more about the real estate landscape; can guide about real estate better, their advice can save you from making the wrong choice with your house purchase. You should be aware of what common real estate investment mistakes to avoid.

Visit Graana.com to connect with the best realtors in Islamabad.

 5. Be Future-Oriented

You can’t go about buying houses every day which is why you should always consider the future prospects of the property you’re interested in for example house or apartment, which one is a better option. You have to realize that you’re not buying a house for the life you have today but for the years to come. 

 6. A House Is a Commitment 

A house is nothing less than a long term commitment. It is where you and your family members are going to reside for the next couple of years (if not more). Therefore, we suggest that you carefully consider the pros and cons of the house you’re buying before making a decision.

 7. Be Thorough About The Inspection

Vigilance is a trait that you really need to have before buying a house. It is your responsibility to carefully observe each detail of the house such as flooring, doors, security, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Inspecting the house will make you have a complete idea of what you’re getting yourself into and will help you make a rational decision rather than an emotional one. Get to know architect vs contractor – who you should hire for remodeling of a house?

 8. Purchase Price Won’t Be Your Only Expense 

While buying a house, you should know that the initial purchase price is not where you only have to spend money. When you move into a new house, there will be dozens of other expenses that you will also have to make such as the cost of moving and adjusting your new house as per your needs in terms of smaller interior updates. 

 9. Get to Know the Neighborhood

Before buying a house, it is important that you get an idea about the kind of neighborhood that you’re going to. Whether or not the area suits your lifestyle is one of the key factors in making your house-buying decision.

 10. You’re Not Always Required To Buy a House

Lastly, you have to remember that you don’t have to buy a certain kind of house. Some people can end up buying properties under peer pressure which results in mental stress for themselves and their families. We suggest that you should make a house purchase when you’re ready and have adequate savings and resources to support your decision. But if you are confused about whether to save or invest read saving vs investment which one is right for you? 

We hope that our suggestions for finding a house for sale in Islamabad were beneficial. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

To know more about available listings of houses for sale in Islamabad, visit Graana.com today.

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