How to make your home office more productive

The outbreak of COVID-19 transformed the daily life practices as we knew them and introduced concepts like – Working from Home. 

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Over 2 years later, many are opting to work from home instead of commuting. However, working from home isn’t a new concept as a full-time freelancer or a part-time telecommute. Even though WFH restricted movement, it also limited social interaction that affected productivity.

Besides, WFH may be difficult if one doesn’t have a suitable space. Working from home used to conjure up images of a slouch in pyjamas, but those days quickly faded. Thanks to technological advancements and organizations wanting to cut expenses, more individuals work outside of an office than ever before. Flexibility, autonomy, and the comfort of working in your environment are all apparent advantages for workers. brings you how to get your workspace functioning well and looking great.

Designated Work Area

Designating a work area is an excellent approach to keep on track and get into the work mindset. Whatever location you pick, make sure it feels like a dedicated and productive workspace. That includes appropriate lighting, a comfortable chair, i.e. the right height for typing without strain, a seamless tech setup that allows you to take and make video calls without fiddling with plugs or cords, and a lack of clutter on your desk and in the immediate area.


It looks good, feels good, and provides fewer distractions for a clutter-free workspace. While there are several strategies for keeping a tidy desk, there is only one way to avoid desk clutter in the first place: don’t let it build up. And there’s no such thing as a “secret” to prevention. Simply, don’t keep anything on your desk that isn’t necessary. You might try setting aside an area for documents and other items you think you’ll need but don’t. It might be a box or basket on your desk, or better yet, in a cupboard nearby or your desk. You could try putting your junk on a different table. But, indeed, there isn’t a catch. To avoid clutter, you must be ruthless, which requires both determination and habit.

An Upright Chair

Your eyes should be approximately eye level with the top of the screen when you’re working on a computer. The screen or monitor is frequently set too low. That’s how you end up hunching over or craning your neck. There are two straightforward options. If you have a monitor or desktop computer in your home office, stack a few books under the base to raise it to a comfortable working height. When using a laptop, you’ll need a laptop stand (also known as a riser) as well as an external keyboard and mouse. The stand should add a few inches of height and tilt. Try not to type on a laptop’s keyboard while it’s on a stand, as this can result in further damage to your wrists and shoulders.


It doesn’t take much to look good in video calls, and it’s well worth the effort. The most critical consideration when making video calls from home is lighting. Try to get some natural light from a window to brighten your face during the day. Make sure your back isn’t facing a window or a bright lamp, as this will completely obscure your face. Close the blinds or pivot the blinds at least 90 degrees. If you’re working in a dark environment, place a simple table lamp with a shade to the side or behind your computer or laptop, e.g. ring lights can help with lighting.

Install mirrors

Installing mirrors in your home office helps brighten the space by reflecting light. It can also make small spaces appear more prominent and spacious than they are, allowing you to expand your workspace.

Charging Points

Keep the chargers you need for your devices in your workspace. You won’t have to go around the house hunting for a cord if the battery in your phone, headphones, or laptop starts to run low. In an ideal world, you’d have a drawer in your desk where you could keep your chargers. A beautiful box or even an empty coffee mug that you like could be the next best thing. To keep distractions to a minimum, keep those charges close by.

Set Mood

This is your chance to create a motivating environment. Things like scented candles aren’t permitted in your office, but you get to set the rules at home. Aromatherapy diffusers are another alternative if you’re concerned about curious children or pets. And instead of earbuds, your playlist can now quietly drift overhead. Set out some healthful snacks to avoid trips to the refrigerator, and munch away. It’s okay if your home office feels like your home, and it’s especially vital today to indulge in certain creature comforts that nourish your spirit and make you feel calm and motivated.


Nature’s influence must never be underestimated. Adding plants in your home office space can make it look much better. The proximity to nature, such as workplace plants and windows with views of outdoor sceneries, influences productivity. Plants can boost productivity and improve mental health. 

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