IMARAT Design Studio Launches Series on ‘Design Trends’, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features an introduction to IMARAT Design Studio’s interior design series on Design Trends.

Interior design encompasses a vast range of complex topics and dimensions, some of which are commonly found in our everyday living spaces. For those that are unfamiliar with this field, understanding the complexities of interiors can be quite intimidating. Keeping these factors in mind, IMARAT Design Studio (IDS), for the first time ever, has launched a comprehensive series on design trends.

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Covering a wide range of compelling topics, the series offers an insight into the basic dimensions of interior design, allowing you to explore the beauty of interiors.

To provide a glimpse of what’s to come,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features a brief introduction to IMARAT Design Studio’s interior design series.

Explore the Various Dimensions of Design with IMARAT Design Studio

Explore the Various Dimensions of Design with IMARAT Design Studio

The design series is in line with the studio’s philosophy of ‘Design Beyond Imagination’, as it takes you on a journey of creative discovery. To offer a small peek of what the series entails, some of the dimensions that will be covered have been listed below.

Experiment with Colour Schemes

Colours are an essential element in interior design.

Colours encompass the basics of design, as evident from their widespread use in interiors. Based on the scientifically-backed colour wheel, colour schemes guide interior designers in choosing the right palettes and hues. 

IDS’ design series covers these harmonious color schemes in-depth, allowing you to realise the potential that colours offer in making your living space stand out.

Discover Mood boards

Mood boards can help in starting your design project.

A collage of images and ideas in its simplest form – a mood board serves as a visual representation of your ideas and visions for a design project. It allows you to set up all your ideas in one place, letting you look at the overall colours, style, and mood that you have created.

To get you started on your interior design project, IDS will touch on some of the basics of this essential tool.

Enhance Interiors with Lighting and Accessories

Lighting has the potential to elevate a space by several folds.

Often overlooked in interiors, lighting and accessories are two elements that have the potential to elevate your interior spaces by several folds. Don’t know where to start? IDS has you covered, as the studio’s interior design series talks about uplifting your space with accessories in considerable detail.

Get Creative with IMARAT Design Studio

Take on a journey of creativity with IDS’ design series and get in touch with your inner designer. This design trends series will take you on an immersive experience of exploring the basics of interior design, empowering you to transform your living space into a haven of artistic expression.

For more information on interior design trends, visit Graana blog.

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