Current Interior Design Trends in Pakistan

Current Interior Design Trends in Pakistan

Feeling the need to revamp the look of your house this time of the year? We have listed some of the current interior design trends that will assist you in planning the new look of your home. From minimal décor ideas to colour themes, from multifunctional spaces to personal bedroom décor, we have got your back!

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Contemporary interior design trends revolve around the perfect match of comfort, style, and functionality. They have evolved from the pandemic-struck era towards a more sustainable and modernistic outlook whereby people prefer adding maximum comfort in the house design and using sustainable materials. has enumerated the top 15 current interior design trends in Pakistan that are making major headway.


Top Current Interior Design Trends in Pakistan

Ready to resuscitate the soul and spirit of your house with new renovations and touch-ups?

Let’s begin exploring!

  • Make Your Home Smart
  • Neutral Wall Paints
  • Classier Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Livelier Living Room
  • The Dawn of Multifunctional Spaces
  • The Chinese Influence
  • Sustainable Interior Design
  • Make Your Abode Greener
  • Mirrors of Different Shapes
  • Patterned Rugs and Matts
  • Spacious Wardrobes
  • Fashionable Shelves
  • Optimize Your Bedroom Look


Make Your Home Smart


Smart Homes Among Current Interior Design Trends


With the rise in home technology, the trend of incorporating smart security and control systems has become one of the top new interior design trendsSmart home apps, AI-based control systems, and robotic machinery is becoming an integral part of a modern home as our lives get busier and make home maintenance a time-costing activity.

Smart home apps and gadgets from Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Alexa, Ecobee, and so on have started to gain an attractive market in Pakistan. The smart home apps give an easy connection to all appliances and electric outlets in the house.

Balancing the light, air, and temperature of your home just from the screen of your phone or tablet is going to steadily dominate the future interior design trends! One of the top reasons why you should invest in smart technology!


Neutral Wall Paints


The Current Interior Design Trends Include A Lighter Shade of Wall Paints


Neutral colours as opposed to single-tone bright colours are among the top interior design trends in Pakistan. Soft hues of earthly tones like light green, a lighter shade of emerald, or aqua will add a soothing effect to your house.

Certain shades of beige, sage, and pine can also help elevate the aesthetics of your house. The dark furniture along with indoor plants will complement the neutral tones and make your abode look like a therapeutic haven.

Moreover, matte finishes are an up and becoming a trend for quite a while now in Pakistan’s interior design trends. It grants a more sophisticated and modern look to your rooms. The popularity of this trend is well-mirrored in the practice of making even home appliances with a matte finish!

If you contact any interior designer, you’ll find out that “matte and neutral” does it for this year!


Your Kitchen and Bathroom Need to be Classier


Sophisticated Kitchen Outlook Rule The Current Interior Design Trends in Pakistan


The kitchen and bathroom are the main style add-ons to your house and represent the core of your home maintenance and tidiness preferences.

When it comes to your kitchen, plain sleek cabinets, black countertops, panelled windows, mosaic tiles, and wooden floors are among the latest interior design trends for the kitchen.

Much like the bathroom interior design trends, bathrooms are quite spacious with wide mosaic tiles, elegant bathtubs or a glass wall shower separation, and big wall mirrors. The colour theme should be softer and more calming because this place in your home is all about skincare and self-love.


Copper and brass faucets


Vintage Outlook with Copper/Brass Faucets


Copper and brass faucets have made a huge comeback in the current interior design trends. They help grant a vintage look to otherwise a decent theme with a slight hint of a luxurious sense of style.

Brass and copper are sturdier than steel with a long-lasting life due to more corrosion resistance. Hence, not only does it enhance the personality of your bathrooms with its goldish hue but also helps lower your long-term costs.


Your Living Room Awaits More Life


Living Room Ideas Among Current Interior Design Trends


The living room is the central stage in your house because it’s where you bring the family together, have a good laugh, and munch on popcorn while watching a movie together! Not only should it have ample sitting but also a top-notch design sense. Here are some latest interior design trends for living rooms:

  • Your couches and sofas need to be more vibrant and cosier. They should be a bit bulkier and give a feeling of utter relaxation at first look! Somewhere you just want to crash after a long day!
  • Add in the undertones of bright colours like dark turquoise, bottle green, sharper red, and shocking pink to otherwise neutral colours so that there is a popping theme.
  • Coffee tables with potted plants, some elegant yet funky bowls, and a stack of self-help books.  
  • A light shade of curtains with a plain pattern that rolls back onto wide-panelled windows.


The Dawn of Multifunctional Spaces


The Dawn of Multi-Functional Spaces Post Covid


The multifunctional inclination of interior design in Pakistan arises from the covid-19 “work-from-home” settings. People transformed their room corners or study rooms to create a working station for themselves.

This trend is now outliving the downfall of the pandemic as more and more people are prioritizing flexible working hours and remote jobs.

Hence, the most budding interior design trends include creating multifunctional spaces where one corner can be used for working from home, another for having a cup of coffee with a good book to read, another for a lounger for a quick nap, and so on. Many houses lack extra rooms so this multifunctionality grants an elite look to any cosy abode with the minimum usage of space.


Sustainable Interior Design


Current Interior Design Trends Focus on DIY and Sustainable Ideas


Now with increasing awareness regarding the hazards of unchecked waste and global warming, there is a rise in sustainable interior design trends as more and more interior designers and people advocate for sustainable choices.

How can you make sustainable choices?

  • Instead of buying furniture made from scratch, purchase second-hand furniture, and get it renovated and re-polished. This not only saves costs but also reduces the chances of wood waste.
  • Use of organic materials in home décor.
  • Reusing plastic waste and other such paraphernalia to create unique decoration pieces. It adds an individualistic touch to your home.
  • DIY rules all! There’s nothing more sustainable and bolder than something you make with your hands and that too through idle material sitting around in your house!


The Chinese Influence


Rising Chinese Influence in Interior Design


In the current interior design trends, you will find that people are also embedding Chinese interior design trends in their home décor. If you want to try something new in interior design, you should definitely check out the top Chinese interior designs;

  •       Furniture with meticulous latticework
  •       Various shades of reds as undertones to otherwise neutral colours as red is considered the most fortunate colour in Chinese culture
  •       Darker wood with sleek surfaces
  •       Lanterns with decorative patterns
  •       Highlights of black and gold in patterns


 Make Your Abode Greener


Home Décor Should Incorporate More Indoor Plants!


House plants are like shy pets that add more life to your house. They grant an aura of freshness and vivacity to your home. Not only do they look appealing to the naked eye but also enhance the quality of indoor air. 

You can make your home green by putting potted small plants on your working station, in the middle of a coffee table in your living room, or on the corner of your kitchen shelf!

Other interior design trends involve using “dried flowers” in home décor. These dried flowers look appealing and special to the eye. Like something long gone is stored in the essence of life. Couple it with some scented candles and minimally designed ceramic pots. It will make your place look more meaningful and sophisticated!


Mirrors of Different Shapes


A Hexagonal Mirror


Unlike the old trends of rectangular mirrors here and there, now mirrors of unique shapes dominate the current interior design trends. The shapes are now more irregular with bizarre geometrical shapes that grant a cooler look to your living room.

Mirrors enhance the lighting in your house thanks to their reflecting power. Their different shapes stand out on the neutral-toned walls and serve as an additional buzz to your “new home look”. 


Patterned Rugs and Matts


Rugs Enhance the Floor Aesthetics


Floor decor in your house needs as much attention as the walls and rooms. The best way to elevate the appearance of the floors is by adding patterned rugs and mats that complement the undertones of your furniture and décor.

These rugs and carpets serve as the “finishing touches” to your home décor canvas. Go for smaller rugs, with decent patterns, that don’t disturb the overall theme of the rooms. You can slide in a rug under the coffee table, in the front of your bed in your room, or in the centre of your drawing room.

Lastly, rugs add a vintage and luxurious touch to an otherwise decent look. Hence, they will complement the overall neutral paint tone that dominates the current interior design trends. They last longer and give you more options to shuffle things around now and again!


Fashionable Shelves


Shelves to Optimize Storage


Shelves with the right style and elegance can take the entire look of your room, especially the living room, to another level. Stylish shelves with unique box designs covering the whole wall with elegant narrow drawers rank high among the current interior design trends.

You can centre a TV among the shelves, some potted plants here and there, a bundle of books, and some big mugs with quotes on life on the shelves. Huge shelves being back is a good sign because they offer more storage, a chance to flaunt home décor pieces, and add more classiness!


Spacious Wardrobes


Spacious Wardrobes Always Add a Neater Look!


Wardrobes are becoming more spacious with a more optimized storage sense. The exterior of the wardrobe should be neat, aligned, and spacious. The interior should optimize storage with ample hanging spaces and folding shelves, depending upon your preferences.

The lower portion of the wardrobe can be equipped with long narrow drawers with simplistic handles. Drawers can be further optimized to hold your documents. You can optimize portions to hold the rolled bundles of your socks and undergarments. Some tiny compartments to keep your cufflinks and ties, or any other minute stuff!


Optimize Your Bedroom Look


Revamp Your Bedroom Look with Neutral Tones


The focus of your bedroom should not be “a sleeping place” but a safe haven where you can have a little world of your own. Trends aside it should reflect your personality and taste in life.


Bold Stripes and Neutral Shades


Stripes are back in latest interior design trends!


As for the current interior design trends, bold stripes have made a huge comeback that you can add to your headboard or a portion of your wall. It’s not about vertical or horizontal lines alone but also parallel lines angled at various degrees. In other words, just play around with stripes!

Furthermore, neutral shades as mentioned before, are also dominating the bedroom design. They will enhance the stripes and make the room’s atmosphere more calming.


Multi-Purpose Sitting Space


A multi-purpose bedroom corner


The prime characteristic of a multi-purpose sitting area is “relaxation”. Therefore, soft sofas in L-shape or a comfy couch in the corner can look great. You can further add minimalistic art on walls and a headlamp to accentuate a perfect sitting spot.

If sofas or couches aren’t your things, then you can throw in a bean bag, some comfy chairs, or trendy ottomans. The purpose is to have a place where you can half-lie half-sit. Or where you can read a book, or act like a couch potato while munching on chips and watching a season of friends!


Headboards That Make a Statement


Headboards that Make a Statement


Headboards instead of upholstery or a velvety back to your bed are now becoming the central pieces of décor in your room. When a person enters your room, they should know that your headboard is making a statement.

You can throw in the “bold stripes”, a strong shade of your favourite colour, or any other pattern that reflects your personality in the headboard design. The rest of your bed should be simpler with one-tone pillows and sheets.


Box Rooms – Your Small Escape to Your Dream World


Small Box Rooms Among Popular Interior Design Trends


Yes, you read that right! Small box-shaped rooms are scoring high in the current home design trends. The room can have darker shades of paint, some bold artworks, an eccentric lighting concept, or such design ideas that trigger the feeling of  “surprise”!

Box rooms are back because they grant interior designers in Pakistan an opportunity to play cleverer in aesthetics, create a surprise element, and represent a “little world of escape” for the people!


Here, we end our list of current interior design ideas that we specially concocted for you! With the help of this blog, we hope that you get a better idea about how to incorporate the latest interior design trends in your new home look!

If you’re looking for more unique ideas to upscale the environment of your house then you should check out more home décor blogs on!

Comment and let us know what you think about these décor ideas. 


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