Is Smart Living a Luxury or Necessity?

Smart living is often thought of as a luxury. But in today’s world of ever-increasing technological advancements, it is not a luxury but a necessity.  Smart living refers to technological breakthroughs that allow people to live in a smarter, more efficient and cost-efficient manner by using innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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We are surrounded by technology in every part of our existence and no one of us can refute the indelible impression of technology on our daily life. Technology has become so enmeshed in our life that we rely on it on a daily basis. It’s critical to shift the narrative of smart living from being a luxury to a necessity. There was a time when today’s technology breakthroughs seemed impossible, yet now we live in a world where we can do anything with the touch of a button. The same is the case with smart living. 

Need for Smart Living

Rural migration and rapid urbanization into cities have put enormous strain on metropolitan cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. This makes it very difficult for the cities to sustain the pressure of such a great number of populations with limited space and resources. The current pace of life in the city requires efficient and fast-paced solutions. Here comes the need for smart living. Smart living is the solution to improve the living standard of people and optimize limited resources. The working class in metropolitan cities prefers a living space that is affordable and compact. They do not prefer big bungalows with a lot of wasted space but only want a space that can meet their requirements and has a less environmental impact.  

Advantages brings you a list of advantages of smart living. Smart living gives you access to high-tech functionality that was not possible before. Smart living has taken an entirely new dimension and meaning after Covid-19. The preferences, choices and the way people want their living to be have been significantly impacted. The smart living advantages will continue to increase as technology advances.


Smart living helps you track energy precisely. It offers a viable response to rising energy demands. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows for simpler monitoring of energy consumption and less human intervention. By keeping track of energy consumption, people can limit their usage and save a lot of money. A lot of times, an enormous amount of energy is wasted which adds to great bills. Also, the more energy required, the more harm is done to the environment. Typically, more resources are allocated than are required. This is not a cost-effective method and does is ethically wrong as well to waste the limited resources.

Better Functionality

Smart homes can also improve the efficiency of your equipment. By using automation technology to connect your appliances and other systems, you can enhance the efficiency of your equipment and make your home life easier. This is made feasible through a network of connected gadgets in smart living through device integration, with the majority of smart gadgets being compatible with one another in order to control smart technology in the house. Smart living is more of a necessity today as the advantaged it provides outweigh the cost of it. It solves economic, environmental and management issues and provides a better life quality.

Suitable for differently-abled individuals

It makes living easier and accessible for the differently-abled or older population. It can assist them with doing everyday activities that might be strenuous for them otherwise. It keeps everything under coordination.


Smart living provides a better solution to security threats than the traditional security tactics we employ every day. IoT technology provides the ability to monitor your house no matter where you are. Automated sensors, detectors and cameras can signal the residents of any security threat so that they can instantly take a preventive measure through a single click. It can also detect any fire, water or system malfunction timely which can prevent residents from a serious hazard.

Insights about daily habits

One of the exciting benefits is the ability it provides to track your daily routine and lifestyle habits. You can keep a check on how you spend your day and use your resources. It can tell you how many hours do you use different appliances and how much is your energy consumption. It can help residents to analyse their daily habits and modify them accordingly to a healthier lifestyle. People in the current world have access to a level of ease that they did not have a few decades ago. Hence, the home buyers of today purchase more than just a house, they buy a lifestyle that meets their needs and preferences. Smart Living makes life easier for people. It helps track energy usage, lower electricity bills, and lessen the carbon footprint along with many other benefits. Smart homes are not only smart because of the technology, but also because they are smart enough to cater to user requirements. 


Smart Living promises a more sustainable way of life. There will be a lower environmental impact with less energy use, optimized space utilisation, and smaller interiors. Smart living guarantees a balanced relationship between humans and the environment.  It leads to less resource waste and the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations.

There is a small segment of society that views smart living as a collection of gimmicky products or a passing fad, but this is not the case. It’s past time to change the narrative and raise awareness about the fact that it’s a necessity for the future. Nonetheless, Smart living is becoming more popular with each passing day and shows no signs of slowing down. If real estate agents want to meet the needs of today’s demanding buyers, they must embrace smart living. With a growing number of young individuals entering the real estate industry, smart living is the way of the future.

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