Japanese Government to Provide Grant of $2.16M for COVID-19

Japanese government to provide grant of $2.16m for Covid-19

Islamabad: On 1st April 2020, the Japanese government has generously provided a grant of $2.16m to Pakistan in order to fight against the deadly virus. While $1.62m will come through Unicef and $540,000 through the International Organisation for Migration.

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It will help reduce and delay the transmission of COVID-19, to minimize serious disease due to COVID-19 and reduce associated deaths, to ensure ongoing health services during epidemic peak periods and to minimize the socio-economic impact.

The grants will in return help Pakistan to cover the cost of the virus by preparing quarantine halls, manufacturing of the masks, medical suits and ventilators.

With the support of UNICEF and IOM necessary equipment/material will be provided to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and technical assistance by considering the situation on the ground on the request of the government of Pakistan.

Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan MATSUDA Kuninori commended the tremendous efforts by the Government of Pakistan and its people against the COVID-19 as the issue is becoming even more serious worldwide.

The Japanese government would like to cooperate again with the Pakistani government in its fight against the novel coronavirus infections.

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