Key Investment Features of Florence Galleria – Pakistan’s First Luxury Boutique Mall

Florence Galleria - Mall and luxury hotel - real estate project to invest, Pakistan’s smartest property portal brings you yet another extravagant and luxurious investment opportunity in the form of Florence Galleria, Pakistan’s first luxury boutique mall. 

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Marketed by, a paragon of grandeur and opulence, Florence Galleria, is about to launch in Pakistan. Located at the prime location of Main Grand Trunk Road, Florence Galleria is an epitome of timeless elegance and class.

Being the fastest-selling project in twin cities, Florence Galleria is a perfect investment opportunity for people who want to diversify their investment portfolio.

Florence Galleria

Located at the prime location of Main Grand Trunk Road, Florence Galleria is the first boutique mall in Pakistan. The carefully picked retail shops and outlets in the mall are best suited to meet the needs of people who want to experience class and luxury. 

The design and architecture of the mall are inspired by renaissance art, a form of painting, sculpture, and architecture produced during the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries in Europe.

The detailing and finesse of the architecture add more grace to the mall. If someone wants to experience the true colors of renaissance art, Florence Galleria is the perfect place to be. 

There are three basements, one lower ground floor and ten floors of the mall. Moreover, Florence Galleria has a land size of 24,570 sq ft and a covered area of 261,962 sq ft.

Why Florence Galleria? 

Many of you might be thinking about why they should invest in Florence Galleria in the first place?

Think no more because we have jotted down all the advantages and rewards of Florence Galleria as an investment opportunity.

Advantages & Rewards of Investing in Florence Galleria

  1. First Mover Advantage
  2. Low Capital Requirement
  3. High Returns
  4. Secure Investment
  5. Multiple Amenities
  6. Buyback Policy


florence galleria - Mall and luxury hotel - real estate project to invest


 1. First Mover Advantage

Florence Galleria is Pakistan’s first luxury boutique mall. It is one of its kind in the market. The Renaissance-inspired architecture, grand vibes, and remarkable outlook make Florence Galleria stand out from the rest.

It is not only a mall but an experience that everyone will cherish for sure. The mall undoubtedly will be an attraction for the masses.

If you want to experience a modern and revamped version of commercial investment opportunity in Pakistan, visit Florence Galleria today.

Florence Galleria architecture

 2. Low Capital Requirement

Despite being a luxury mall, Florence Galleria is affordable, especially for people who do not have high capital at hand. The investment in the mall starts from Rs.18.25 Lacs. Amazing. Isn’t it? 

It is a golden opportunity for new investors and for the people who want to secure their hard-earned money in the long run.

 3. High Returns

Remember, one of the most crucial things in a good investment is its ROI.

What if we tell you that this lucrative investment opportunity will not only allow you to enjoy the ownership of a tangible asset at a prime location but will also ensure incredible estimated annual returns. 

What else do you need in a great investment?

You are getting a tangible asset, secure investment opportunity, full ownership, and high returns which can appreciate over time. 

We bet you will not find anything of the sort in the town.


 4. Secure Investment

We believe in transparency and great customer service. is known to deliver top-notch quality services to its valued clients. As a trustworthy real estate brand in the market, ensures safe and secure investment opportunities for all. 

Having said that, Florence Galleria is a 100% safe and secure investment opportunity, approved by DHA.

By investing in Florence Galleria, you will have a peace of mind and will not have to worry about financial risks and losses. 

 5. Multiple Amenities

Florence Galleria is nothing like regular shopping malls. It is a one-stop-shop for people who crave and appreciate luxury and timeless class. 

Apart from luxurious shopping centers, the mall also features an international three-star hotel. In short, at Florence Galleria – an international hotel and luxury mall, people can relax after a hectic shopping spree. 

Apart from the hotel, the mall also features a series of aesthetically pleasing cafes, eateries, Harley center (designated space for beauty and health-related facilities), and suites.


 6. Buyback Policy

If you wish to return your investment, we will buy it back from you. 

Hard to believe. Right?

But at, we strictly believe in customer satisfaction. If your investment is 6 months old and you wish to return your investment, we will buy it back from you. Not only that, apart from the principal amount that you will get, you will also receive an appreciation on your property accordingly. 

So, these were some of the benefits of investing in Florence Galleria. If you have any queries or if you wish to invest in this lifetime opportunity, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Simply visit – Florence Galleria today and our team will guide you further. 
Or call Graana real estate experts today.

Happy Investing!

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