Latest Prices of Construction Materials in Pakistan

Latest Prices of Construction Materials in Pakistan

With the construction material costs rising in Pakistan, construction has once again become a major sector contributing to the economy. It employs about 8% of the total labour force and facilitates several allied industries as well, including different types of concrete, cement, forms of clay, different types of bricks, steel, paint, fixtures etc.


The Current State of the Construction Industry


After a 3-year decline in the construction sector, the State Bank of Pakistan stated growth of 85% (about Rs. 355 billion) in construction and housing finance in the previous year.

This is due to the increase in development activities, caused largely because of the different packages (with reduced taxes) that have been introduced by the government for private companies to incentivize construction.

Furthermore, recent trends have also boosted demand; for instance, consumption of steel bars and cement has particularly increased in Karachi as old houses of 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal are undergoing a complete renovation. 


Construction Material Costs in Pakistan

The different price points of construction materials in Pakistan have also risen substantially due to the rupee devaluation against the dollar, higher fuel and energy costs, interest rates etc., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled the latest range of construction material costs below. However, it is important to note that they may vary according to city, availability, brand, and any associated costs (like transportation charges, etc.). 


Construction Material Unit From (in PKR) To (in PKR)
Bricks per 1000 9,000 12,500
Cement per bag 590 610
Iron Bar (Sarya) per ton 105,000 120,000
Crush (Bajri, dumper rates) CFT 50 55
Sand (dumper rates) CFT 20 25
Marble SFT 35 300
Tiles S Meter 800 2,000
Sanitary Fittings (pipes) RFT 30 45
Sanitary Fittings (bathroom set) per piece 8,000 20,000
Sanitary Fittings (geyser) per piece 15,000 25,000
Electric Fittings (cable) R Meter 11 20
Electric Fittings (lights) per piece 300 3,000
Electric Fittings (fans) per piece 1,500 4,000
Electric Fittings (AC) per piece 30,000 100,000
Main Gate per piece 10,000 40,000
Doors (normal size) per piece 4,500 30,000
Windos (aluminium) SFT 400 600
Interior Wood works (with material) SFT 700 800
Interior Wood works (without material) SFT 125 175
Lasani Sheet (4″*8″) per piece 1,400 1,500
Lamination Sheet (4″*8″) per piece 2,100 2,200
Paint/distemper per bucket 1,000 4,000
Labour Grey Structure complete (w.o. material) SFT 250 300
Labour complete turnkey (w.o. material) SFT 400 500
Complete construction cost (with material) SFT 1,800 4,000


With several projects in progress, the downstream demand has also inflated, in addition to the construction material costs. Hence, there is cause for hope in the construction sector and its ancillary sectors.

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