Major Imports of Pakistan (Updated 2024)

These are some of the major imports of Pakistan.

Being the world’s fifth-most populous country, Pakistan is forced to import an immense quantity of resources to sustain its population. Since the country’s own resources consist of agriculture and raw materials, it has to rely on imports to fulfil other needs. Currently, the major imports of Pakistan comprise mostly fuels and machinery, along with other finished products.

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Major Imports of Pakistan in 2024

In 2023, the country’s import’s totalled around $55.8 billion. A large chunk of this number went towards oil and fuel imports, while the rest was divided between electronics, machinery, and other finished goods. Following is a list of imports items of Pakistan in detail.


Imported ProductsValuePercentage of Total Imports
Mineral Fuels and Oils$19.3 Billion27%
Electrical Equipment$5.99 Billion8.2%
Machinery$5.88 Billion8.1%
Iron and Steel$4.59 Billion6.3%
Pharmaceutical products$3.78 Billion5.2%
Animal and Vegetable Oils$3.60 Billion4.9%
Plastics$3.01 Billion4.1%
Organic Chemicals$3.00 Billion4.1%


Mineral Fuels and Oils


Mineral oil and fuels are one of the major imports of Pakistan.


With a population of 220 million, it comes as no surprise that the main imports of Pakistan are mineral fuels and oils. With infrastructure and development widespread, and over 10 million vehicles on the road, mineral fuels and oils are certainly essential for the country.

These imports make up 27 percent of the country’s total imports, amounting to approximately $19.3 billion in the year 2023. Pakistan’s top trade partners for this import are United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Qatar, and Kuwait.


Electrical Equipment


Electrical equipment is imported from South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.


Under the age of digitisation, having ample electronics and electrical equipment is a must for any country. Currently, electrical equipment is one of the major imports of Pakistan, amounting to 8.2 percent of the total imports.

The total value of these imports is around $5.99 billion, with a sizeable portion of this number going to China – the country’s largest electronics trade partner. Other import partners for these products are South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.




Machinery is one of the country's largest imports.


With more industries cropping up all over Pakistan, there has been a steep increase in machinery imports. A major portion of these imports goes towards nuclear reactors and boilers. In total, these imports amount to 8.1 percent of the country’s total imports.

Machinery imports have an approximate value of $5.88 billion, a considerable amount out of the total imports. Pakistan’s major import partners for these goods are two machinery hubs in Asia – Japan and China. A few minor partners are the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.


Iron and Steel


Iron and steel are important imports of Pakistan.


Iron and steel are other major import of Pakistan that are linked to the construction industry. Being the backbone of all infrastructure, these imports are essential for the development of the country. Therefore, almost 6.3 percent of the country’s total imports comprise iron and steel.

The total value of these imports amounts to roughly $4.59 billion, with major trading partners being China, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, and Germany.


Pharmaceutical Products


The pharmaceutical market in Pakistan is one of the largest in the world, mostly owing to the country’s massive population.


The pharmaceutical market in Pakistan is one of the largest in the world, mostly owing to the country’s massive population. Since local production of medicine is quite scarce, the country is forced to import a large chunk of its pharmaceuticals.

Currently, pharmaceuticals make up almost 5.2 percent of total imports, valued at around $3.78 billion in the year 2021. 50 percent of pharmaceuticals are imported from India, while the rest come from Western European nations such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium.


Animal and Vegetable Oils


Cooking oils are essential for a massive population.


Animal and vegetable oils are essential elements in food consumption, making them one of the major imports of Pakistan. These oils and fats are used in processed foods, along with other everyday household products such as soaps, lubricants, and cosmetics.

In the previous fiscal year, animal and vegetable oil imports made up 4.9 percent of the country’s overall imports, with an approximate valuation of $3.60 billion. Pakistan’s major import export partners for these goods are Brazil, Malaysia, and Indonesia.




Despite being harmful, plastics are still a necessity for most countries.


Despite being a major contributor to pollution and climate change, countries still tend to rely on plastics. Ranging from packages to machinery, plastics are all around us, making these goods one of the major imports of Pakistan.

In 2023, plastics made up almost 4.1 percent of the country’s total imports, valued at approximately $3.01 billion. Pakistan imports almost all of its plastics from within Asia, with trading partners such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Thailand.


Organic Chemicals


Organic chemicals are an important import for the country.


Used in almost all household products, organic chemicals are certainly a necessity, especially for a populous country like Pakistan. Moreover, these imports have applications in other areas such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biochemical, and bioengineering fields.

Out of the country’s total imports in 2023, organic chemicals amounted to almost 4.1 percent. These imports were valued at around $3 billion, with the largest trading partners being China, Ireland, the United States, and Germany respectively.


With Pakistan being one of the largest import markets in the world, it is essential to highlight the range of products that the country has to import to sustain itself. The country is expected to increase its exports and lower overall imports in the coming years. Till then, these products are set to remain the major imports in Pakistan. For more information, visit Graana blog – Pakistan’s first online real estate blog.

Major Exports and Imports of Pakistan

RiceLeading exporter of Basmati and non-Basmati rice varieties.Exports
KinnowsSignificant citrus fruit export contributing to agricultural exports.Exports
MangoesRenowned for exporting high-quality mangoes to various countries.Exports
Textiles and ApparelMajor player in the global textile market, exporting clothing and fabrics.Exports
FurnitureExport of wooden furniture, showcasing Pakistani craftsmanship.Exports
Cotton FiberExports raw cotton fiber globally, leveraging its cotton production.Exports
CementExports of cement contribute to construction industries globally.Exports
Tiles and MarbleKnown for exporting tiles and marble, reflecting geological diversity.Exports
Leather GoodsLeather industry exports include shoes, bags, and accessories.Exports
Sports GoodsExports various sports-related items, including footballs/soccer balls.Exports
CutleryExports high-quality cutlery and kitchenware.Exports
Surgical InstrumentsNotable export of surgical instruments.Exports
SoftwareContributes to the global software market through software exports.Exports
Carpets and RugsExports handwoven carpets and rugs showcasing traditional craftsmanship.Exports
Livestock MeatExports meat products, especially from livestock.Exports
Petroleum and Petroleum ProductsMajor import, including crude oil and refined products.Imports
ChemicalsImport of various chemicals for industrial and manufacturing purposes.Imports
FertilizerImports fertilizers to support agriculture and enhance crop yield.Imports
Capital GoodsImport of machinery and equipment for industrial and infrastructure development.Imports
Industrial Raw MaterialsImports various raw materials to support manufacturing processes.Imports
Consumer ProductsImports of goods for everyday consumption, ranging from electronics to household items.Imports
Machinery and EquipmentImport of machinery for various industries and sectors.Imports
Food ItemsImport of certain food products and items to meet domestic demand.Imports
Vehicles and Automotive PartsImports include vehicles and their components from different countries.Imports
ElectronicsImport of various electronic goods to meet the demand for technology products.Imports
Medical Equipment and PharmaceuticalsImport of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to support the healthcare sector.Imports
TextilesImport of textiles for various purposes, including raw materials and finished products.Imports
Construction MaterialsImport of certain construction materials to meet industry demands.Imports
Machinery PartsImport of specific parts and components for machinery and equipment.Imports

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