Pros and Cons of Buying a House on a Hill

A beautiful house on a hillside

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions that a person makes in their life. Whether it’s a getaway, a permanent living space, or a retirement home – a house on the hillside may seem like a far-fetched dream. However, with the real estate market expanding, buying a house on a hill is now much closer to reality.

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Before buying a house on a hill, you should consider a few important aspects to avoid any regrets. To help you make the right decision,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features everything you need to know about living on a hillside.


Pros of Buying a House on a Hill


A beautiful house on a hillside


A property on a hillside can be a fantastic idea for several reasons, which have been listed below.


A beautifully constructed wooden house on a hillside over looking a lake

 Scenic Views

The most prominent charm of buying a hillside property is the picturesque view. Panoramic views from the mountains of the ever-stretching vistas and landscapes can help charge you with positive energy and a peaceful mindset. 

The breathtaking grandness of it all stands unparalleled when the whole city lies at the foot of the hill. The monetary value of a priceless view can never be calculated which is evident from the rising costs of hillside homes.


 Access to a Fresh Environment

A clean atmosphere may or may not be a major selling point, but due to the rising levels of pollution in all major cities of the country, fresh air is very hard to come by. The pollution-free, refreshing air you get to breathe on a hillside has thus become an invaluable experience. 

The appeal of living in a breathable environment has further nudged people into considering buying a home on the hillside.   


Freedom of Construction

Construction laws and other policies in housing societies sometimes restrict the kind of infrastructure you want, especially the elevation.

A hillside house, on the other hand, can be a projection of the house of your dreams, freeing you from the monotonous, single-patterned, repeating elevations of houses.


 A secluded cabin house on a hill.


A Perfect Recluse

The peace and serenity that hillside homes bring with them have no equal. It can serve as a perfect home for people who prefer solitude, or simply a much-needed getaway from the hustle of city life.


Large Yard Spaces

You will rarely see a cluster of homes on a hillside – another reason why one should buy a house on a hill. The additional appeal of vast outdoor spaces and yards associated with your house and the supplementary levels of privacy that follow with it are exceptional qualities to consider.


Cons of Buying a House on a Hill

 Despite offering several benefits, buying a house on a hill can also come with a few cons, which have been listed below.

Lack of Efficient Drainage Systems

Rainy seasons can flood these houses, especially if they have a basement. A house situated right next to yours with a poor drainage system can also contribute to damage to your property. It is thus imperative to ensure that the house you buy or build has a pump and drainage system installed in it.


Erosion and Landslides

Landslides are common in hilly areas, mostly caused by heavy rainfall. The resulting landslides will lead to the destruction of any property in its way. Landslides can also result from deforestation as well as earthquakes.

Furthermore, insurance may not cover the cost of the entire damage caused to your house and property. Thus, it is up to the homeowners to make a calculated decision considering the risks involved with building a house on a hillside.


Limitations of a Non-Urban Life

Unlike city life, where grocery stores and food chains may be available at your doorstep, living on a hillside demands that you drive all the way to the main city for groceries and basic supplies for your house. There is also a lack of doorstep delivery services in such solitary spaces.


Limited Sources of Entertainment

You will hardly find any sports matches being played on a hillside, which is a perk you get to enjoy if you are living in a city. Hanging out at your favourite coffee place at 2 am, or enjoying some time with your friends can become impossible if you’re living on a far-off hillside.


Ease of Access

The snow freezing on the driveways can pose a major hurdle in the winter season.  Moreover, the disabled and old will particularly find it challenging to walk on tilted surfaces. The incline is already a challenge and can be more of a hassle in cold weather with ice on the surface making the climb more difficult.


Buying a house is an extremely important decision especially, if you’re considering buying a house on a hill. Consider the above-mentioned factors and make your decision after a thorough evaluation as buying a property can sometimes limit your options.

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