PTCL Code List: Navigating Pakistan’s Telecom Network

Effective communication is crucial for any country, and Pakistan is no exception. One essential factor that comes into play in Pakistan’s telecommunication system is the PTCL codes. PTCL codes, also referred to as area codes, are numerical prefixes that specify different cities in Pakistan. These codes are added before the local telephone number to enable an organised and efficient communication system. Having a good grasp of PTCL codes is vital for seamless communication within Pakistan.

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Learn More will explore the PTCL code list for major cities across Pakistan, providing you with the information you need for seamless communication.


PTCL Code List




Here is the information PTCL Code List:

City NameArea CodeDialing Code
Abbottabad992+92 992
Attock57+92 57
Awaran856+92 856
Badin297+92 297
Bahawalnagar63+92 63
Bahawalpur62+92 62
Bajaur Agency942+92 942
Bannu / N. Waziristan Agency928+92 928
Barkhan / Kohlu829+92 829
Bhakkar453+92 453
Bhimber (AJK)5828+92 5828
Bolan832+92 832
Buner939+92 939
Chagai825+92 825
Chakwal543+92 543
Chitral943+92 943
D.I.Khan966+92 966
Dadu, excluding Kotri MC25+92 25
Dera Bugti835+92 835
Dera Ghazi Khan64+92 64
Dir, Lower945+92 945
Dir, Upper944+92 944
Faisalabad41+92 41
Ghotki723+92 723
Gujranwala55+92 55
Gujrat, excluding Sarai Alamgir Tehsil53+92 53
Gwadar86+92 86
Hafizabad547+92 547
Hangu / Orakzai Agy925+92 925
Haripur995+92 995
Hyderabad incl. Kotri MC22+92 22
Islamabad/Rawalpindi51+92 51
Jacobabad722+92 722
Jaffarabad/Nasirabad838+92 838
Jhal Magsi837+92 837
Jhang47+92 47
Jhelum incl. Sarai Alamgir Tehsil544+92 544
K.Abdullah / Pishin826+92 826
Kalat844+92 844
Karachi (Malir)21+92 21
Karak927+92 927
Kasur49+92 49
Kech852+92 852
Khairpur243+92 243
Khanewal65+92 65
Kharan847+92 847
Khushab454+92 454
Khuzdar848+92 848
Killa Saifullah823+92 823
Kohat, including F.R. Kohat922+92 922
Kohistan998+92 998
Kotli (AJK)574+92 574
Kurram Agency926+92 926
Lahore, including Muridke42+92 42
Lakki Marwat including F.R. Lakki Marwat969+92 969
Larkana74+92 74
Lasbela853+92 853
Layyah606+92 606
Lodhran608+92 608
Loralai824+92 824
Malakand932+92 932
Mandi Bahauddin546+92 546
Battagram997+92 997
Mardan937+92 937
Mastung843+92 843
Mianwali459+92 459
Mirpur Khas233+92 233
Mohmand Agy. / Khyber Agency924+92 924
Multan61+92 61
Musakhel828+92 828
Muzaffarabad (AJK)58+92 58
Muzaffargarh66+92 66
Narowal542+92 542
Naushero Feroze242+92 242
Nawabshah244+92 244
Nowshera923+92 923
Okara44+92 44
Pakpattan457+92 457
Panjgur855+92 855
Peshawar / Charsadda91+92 91
Quetta81+92 81
Rahim Yar Khan68+92 68
Rajanpur604+92 604
Sahiwal40+92 40
Sanghar235+92 235
Sargodha48+92 48
Shangla996+92 996
Sheikhupura, excluding Muridke56+92 56
Shikarpur726+92 726
Sialkot52+92 52
Sibi / Ziarat833+92 833
South Waziristan965+92 965
Sukkur71+92 71
Swabi938+92 938
Swat946+92 946
Tank including F.R. Tank963+92 963
Tharparkar232+92 232
Thatta298+92 298
Toba Tek Singh46+92 46
Umerkot238+92 238
Vehari67+92 67
Zhob822+92 822

Understanding PTCL Codes

Here are the PTCL codes of major cities of Pakistan:


Lahore PTCL Code

The PTCL code for Lahore is 042. So, if you are dialling a landline in Lahore, you should start with this code.


Karachi PTCL Code

The PTCL code for Karachi is 021. When making a call to a landline in Karachi, remember to use this code.


Islamabad PTCL Code

The capital city’s PTCL code is 051. When calling Islamabad, ensure you include this code before the local number.


Peshawar PTCL Code

Peshawar’s PTCL code is 091. To contact someone in Peshawar, dial this code before the local number.


Faisalabad PTCL Code

Faisalabad’s PTCL code is 041. Include this code when making calls to landlines in Faisalabad.

Gujranwala PTCL Code

Gujranwala uses the PTCL code 055. When calling this city, remember to add this code before the local number.


Multan PTCL Code

Multan has the PTCL code 061. Include this code for efficient communication with Multan residents.


Rawalpindi PTCL Code

The PTCL code for Rawalpindi is 051, the same as for Islamabad. Ensure you use the correct city code.


Sialkot PTCL Code

Sialkot’s PTCL code is 052. If you have contacts in Sialkot, be sure to dial this code before their local number.


Sargodha PTCL Code

Sargodha uses the PTCL code 048. Include this code when making calls to landlines in Sargodha.


Hyderabad PTCL Code

The PTCL code for Hyderabad is 022. Dial this code before the local number for effective communication.


Gujrat PTCL Code

Gujrat has the PTCL code 053. When calling Gujarat, include this code for proper connection.


Quetta PTCL Code

Quetta’s PTCL code is 081. To reach someone in Quetta, you must dial this code before the local number.


Understanding these codes is crucial for anyone navigating Pakistan’s telecommunication landscape. Whether you’re reaching out for personal or business reasons, incorporating the correct PTCL code ensures that your calls connect seamlessly. Stay connected and communicate effectively across the diverse cities of Pakistan!


Conditions & Terms

  • +92 is Pakistan’s dialling code
  • All codes are stable & enduring
  • No supplementary code will function during dialling
  • Call costs will be subtracted from taxes
  • GST, AIT, and FED, and all tax varieties will be applicable
  • Obtain complete information regarding National Dialing Codes




1: What is a PTCL Code?

A1: A PTCL Code, also known as an area code, is a numerical prefix assigned to specific geographic regions in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). It is used to facilitate organised telecommunication services.


Q2: How do I use a PTCL Code?

A2: To use a PTCL Code, simply dial it before the local telephone number when making a call within Pakistan. This ensures that your call is directed to the correct geographic area.


Q3: Why are PTCL Codes necessary?

A3: PTCL Codes are necessary to organise and streamline the telecommunication system. They help in efficiently routing calls to specific regions, making the communication process more systematic.


Q4: Where can I find a complete PTCL Code List for different cities?

A4: You can find a complete PTCL Code List for different cities on official PTCL websites, telecommunication directories, or reliable online resources that provide updated information on area codes.


Q5: Are PTCL Codes the same for all cities in Pakistan?

A5: No, PTCL Codes vary for different cities in Pakistan. Each city or region is assigned a unique code to distinguish it from others, allowing for accurate and efficient communication.


Q6: How can I determine the PTCL Code for a specific city?

A6: You can determine the PTCL Code for a specific city by referring to official PTCL documents and directories or by searching online. Additionally, you can contact PTCL customer service for assistance.


Q7: Can I make a call without entering the PTCL Code?

A7: While local calls within the same city might not require a PTCL Code, it is recommended to include the code for accurate routing, especially for long-distance or inter-city calls.


Q8: What happens if I dial the wrong PTCL Code?

A8: Dialling the wrong PTCL Code may result in the call being directed to the wrong geographic area. To ensure accurate connectivity, it’s essential to use the correct code for the intended destination.


Q9: Are PTCL Codes only for landline numbers?

A9: PTCL Codes are primarily associated with landline numbers, but they may also be relevant for certain services or businesses that use landline-based communication systems.


Q10: How often are PTCL Codes updated or changed?

A10: PTCL Codes are typically stable, but updates or changes may occur due to expansions, new city developments, or other factors. It’s advisable to check for the most recent PTCL Code information when needed.


Q11: How do you initiate a call from a PTCL landline?

To make a call from a PTCL landline, simply remember the “Landline Number” of the recipient and the specific city’s National Dialing Code where the recipient resides. Refer to the city code above and input the city code before the landline number. By doing so, you will establish a connection seamlessly within a few seconds.

  • Dial the regional code in conjunction with +92
  • For instance, the regional code for Multan is 61
  • Subsequently, dial +92 61 (landline number)
  • This will connect you to the Multan number
  • The process is straightforward once you have the area code
  • Therefore, identify the area (city) code of your contact, append it as a prefix before their landline number, and initiate the call promptly without any complications

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